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Repurposing Software to an eHealth Game


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In this presentation, we discuss aspects pf repurposing photo curation software for an eHealth application. We focus on the development process, documentation, and assumptions.

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Repurposing Software to an eHealth Game

  1. 1. SRS from Software to Health App Brock Dubbels PhD. Liz Zelinski PhD.
  2. 2. ElderWork/ ElderTech
  3. 3. Repurpose means . . .
  4. 4. A box
  5. 5. The Developers
  6. 6. Requirements
  7. 7. The SMEs
  8. 8. Accommodations in each residential area (independent, Assisted Living and Supportive Care) at Charter House support and embrace those with memory loss. A unique and innovative day/evening program called The Memoir Project becomes the anchor (gathering space) of support for a memory care inclusive campus.
  9. 9. • Filmmaking • Picture sorting • Storytelling • The theatre (movies, memoir projects, showings) • Small Group Sharing (show and tell sort of model) • Writing Room • StoryCorps (audio taping of life story) • Music Room (what era resonates with you) • Prop Room • Make-up Studio • News Room – News of your era • Rest and Relaxation Suite (perhaps the sight, sound and • small of being on a beach, at a lake home, fishing, walking • in nature, an imax sort of an experience)
  10. 10. • • • • •
  11. 11. The Admin
  12. 12. To keep persons experiencing memory loss living as independently as possible in an environment that enriches wellbeing, accommodates personal choice and honors the strengths, dignity and inherit self- worth of each person.
  13. 13. The users
  14. 14. The Care Givers
  15. 15. How would you like to tell your story?
  16. 16. Contact G-ScalE Game Development and Testing Lab School of Engineering Department of Computing and Software McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Rita and Edward Polusky Chair in Education and Aging Professor of Gerontology and Psychology Leonard Davis School of Gerontology University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
  17. 17. Team McMaster University University of Southern California Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic Fluid Media