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Make fun and delicious recipes with your family! Kids Fun Recipes is a collection of simple and easy to follow recipes that kids of all ages will enjoy. Over 100 fun Recipes they will enjoy.

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Kids Recipes

  1. 1. ==== ====120 Fun & Delicious & Easy Kid Recipes tips ====Junk food just looks good doesnt it? I mean its colorful, cream-filled, and just down right pleasingto the eyes. Take for example what my kids want for breakfast every morning. Without doing anyname dropping here - its cream-filled, has sprinkles and has the word sundae in it. I mean comeon, what kid wouldnt want that first thing in the morning, right?We, as parents, have a lot of competition out there when it comes to trying to get our kids to eathealthy. Instead of caving in and throwing our hands up in frustration, lets get creative shall weand make healthy recipes for kids?Think about the foods that your kids beg you to buy at the grocery store. How can you make thesame thing that is fun and yummy looking, right at home with healthy ingredients instead? It ispossible! Part of it is just the packaging. Oh, those cute little characters they throw on there thatour kids just cant resist. Or those free little toys that you have to buy 5 boxes AND send in moneyfor shipping and handling. You just gotta love those advertisers!So, maybe we cant create cute little boxes and bags with free toys inside. (Well, I guess youactually could if you wanted to, but who has the time for that!) What we can do is make food fun.Here are 3 quick and healthy recipes for kids that I think your little ones will eat up in no time. Theycan also make these with you, which in their eyes will make it taste better already.Fruit Kabobs - Now this is one colorful recipe and so much fun to make!Small cluster of green or red grapesTangerineBananaApple (any kind)Wooden SticksTake the grapes off of the stem, split the tangerine into sections, slice the apple and banana.Alternate pushing each piece of fruit onto the wooden stick. Lay the sticks on a decorative platterand serve.Monkey Mix - This is an on-the-go snack. Its great for kids lunches too.3 cups Cheerios
  2. 2. 1 cup banana chips1 cup flaked coconut1 cup chocolate chips (substitute raisins if youd like)Mix all the ingredients together. Keep it stored in a gallon Ziploc bag.Fish in a Pond - This is such a fun recipe to eat. Finally kids can play with their food!Goldfish crackers4 celery stalks, cut off leafy tops½ cup cream cheese (low-fat is good to use)1 drop blue food coloringPut the cream cheese into a bowl and add the drop of food coloring to make it look like a pond.Put goldfish in a separate bowl. Give the kids a piece of celery and let them dip it into the creamcheese pond and then go fishing by sticking it into their bowl of goldfish. Make it a game to seehow many fish they can catch.Those are some fun recipes arent they? Try them out and definitely get your kids in on the action.Next time your little monkeys gets hungry, tell them to go grab a scoop of monkey mix.Tanner Bradstreet is a wife and mother of three children who challenge her on healthy eatinghabits daily and her organizational skills. Click here for even more healthy recipes for kids.Article Source: ====120 Fun & Delicious & Easy Kid Recipes tips
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