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Can A Vlog Help My Business - Social Media Online Course

  1. 1. Can a Vlog Help My Business? 5 Questions To Ask
  2. 2. A vlog, or a video blog, is a powerfultool for humanizing your business. All businesses could benefit from increased social contact, but thequestion is – will vlogging help you do it?
  3. 3. It’s certainly not the easiest form offan-to-business communication, but itdoes stand to cause quite an impact if done right. Let’s explore these 5 crucial questions when deciding whether or not vlogging is what you need.
  4. 4. #1: Do You Have a Face For Your Business?
  5. 5. A vlog is not a brand brought to life, it’s a person that works for the brand, owns it, or represents it online. Doesyour business have a single person or a team that can do that? This will be anongoing thing – much like a blog, video posts will need to be made often.
  6. 6. Your business will need a face. Someone who will project the rightmessage to your fans, and will still be wildly entertaining.
  7. 7. #2: Do You Have a Sustainable Budget?
  8. 8. Video blogging requires so much morethan a person, a camera and some free time. It needs to become part of yourmarketing efforts, and this will require capital investment and a marketing budget.
  9. 9. There is no point starting a vlog, if you can’t afford to keep it goingindefinitely. Work out how much it will cost you, and see if you can make it work. Weighing up the pros and cons usually helps.
  10. 10. #3: What Is The Best Case Scenario?
  11. 11. Once you’ve carefully laid out a planfor your vlog, what is the best case scenario? In other words, how will having this vlog improve your marketing efforts?
  12. 12. Will you earn more money, get moreclients, be seen more online? List thebenefits and then add numbers to the best scenario possible. Is it worth it? The only way this vlog will help your business, is if you can exceed your expectations.
  13. 13. #4: How Could You Use The Vlog?
  14. 14. Every niche has its own set of social rules. A real estate company mightfind it very useful to use vlogging tocreate personal videos of homes for sale.
  15. 15. Before you decide that a vlog is anoption, you need to brainstorm. What are the best ways that your business could use vlogging to make moremoney? If it’s something inspiring and creative, it’s more likely to work online.
  16. 16. #5: Will Your Vlog Improve Your Online Persona?
  17. 17. At the end of the day, your vlog willhelp complete your brand. If it doesn’t contribute to your brand’s success, it doesn’t have any business being partof your campaigns. Vlogging is hard toget right, and harder to keep on track.
  18. 18. Each video will need to be promoted, which takes time and costs money.You’ll need to decide if driving traffic to your vlog is better than driving traffic to your business website.
  19. 19. Answer each of these questions, andyou’ll get a better idea on the realities behind video blogging. You want something this challenging to be worthwhile! A vlog can help attract new communities and clients, but itmust be done professionally – with an end goal in mind.
  20. 20. Its fun, but it will also become akeystone in your marketing campaign. Divert too much time and effort toyour vlog – and if it fails, so does your marketing campaign.
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