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WordUp Pompey- March 2018


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Introductory slides for the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup - 15th March 2018. Includes 4 problems associated with the website.

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WordUp Pompey- March 2018

  1. 1. Welcome to WordUp Pompey! 15th March 2018 Agenda 19:00 Networking – disclose your problems 19:30 Clinic 20:45 Wrap up 21:00 Social at Sovereigns @wppompey #wp-pompey
  2. 2. Disclose your problems Improve styling of the title for the next event on the homepage @wppompey Most recent posts not appearing at top of list for CATEGORY: WORDUP POMPEY! @wppompey needs updating @wppompey Review the Privacy policy for @wppompey
  3. 3. 19 Apr – GDPR - Abha 17 May – Hacked off? - Tim Nash 21 Jun – TBC News - Still no plan for WordPress 5.0 - My PR for the Gutenberg WSOD bug will be merged in v2.5 Finally Thanks to our venue sponsor redIT In May 2018 Europe upgrades to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the biggest overhaul of data protection and privacy since 1995. ● ● If you do business in or with Europe, GDPR applies to you, even if you are not located within Europe. It will also apply to UK businesses trading within Europe regardless of Brexit. The rules apply to the data you collect and use within your business as well as the data you collect and use in your web sites and apps. ● ● A healthy approach to data protection and privacy will protect your business as well as your users in these politically uncertain times.