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  1. 1. YYo o u a re SY o îi a /re 0 0 0
  2. 2. tt u u m aThe visionary knows all about perfume. Scents have always played acentral role in his life. Above all those with famous names. In the years thatfollowed, stars from the worlds of art, sport and culture had their very ownperfumes created. Millions of fans wanted to use these scents, leading to anunparalleled success story.But all of this was not sufficient for the visionary - he wanted more. Hewanted a perfume that would make anyone feel like a star; one that is just asunique as the person wearing it. Throughout all this he never lost sight of thegoal of making this luxury affordable for everyone.How was this accomplished? What was the answer?The first step was to develop a machine that would turn the vision intoreality. In a development phase spanning two years and a building phaselasting a year and a half, a perfume machine that spans over 200 feet longwas created. Unmatched anywhere in the world, this system automaticallyproduces up to 36,000 unique items every day. And today you are amongthe first to experience the box• A fragrance customization concept like no other• A perfume that is as individual as you• Unprecedented successblue box
  3. 3. B ^ e e o m .e u o u r o u m jt e r ftimer. tiFascinatingly simple - simply fascinating. Your individual scent is only a couple of steps away. Alternatively, select a scent recipe from our 32 instant scents8
  4. 4. Why would you use a perfume that bears someone elses name? Select one of the 20 cartons and add yourindividual text to it. Elegant, fashionable, sporty, romantic or extravagant. You will find something just right herefor every taste or occasion. JULIX
  5. 5. Your personal scent identification number is printed on the rear of the carton. By registering your scent ID atw w w .m, you can be sure to be able to reorder your individual scent for the next 5 years.