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3 the macfarlane group


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Published in: Business
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3 the macfarlane group

  1. 1. The Macfarlane Group Mark Curry Macfarlane Group
  2. 2. Mark Curry Macfarlane Group  The Macfarlane Group began in 2010 by Mark Curry, a business leader with over 20 years of leadership experience in the executive level. Curry comes with an enviable record within the growth and development of business organizations which are efficient and profitable within the consumer finance industry. The MacFarlane Group Curry is devoted towards the enhancement of the best of customer support models, back-office support, innovation in product and service models, and technological resources. In 2014, the organization was a leader in the industry using the founding of “Reform Online Lending” which is a program that is designed to find and expose financial services “scammers” who victimize the unsuspected in the financial services industry. The program primarily encourages employees to “speak up and speak out” when they see illegal practices occurring. Curry also founded the “Online Lenders Alliance” that is a leading trade association founded to carry in the highest in ethical standards and quality plan to customers.
  3. 3. Mark Curry Macfarlane Group  The organization provides a number of services to the customers through a very perceptive consulting platform combined with an intuitive design model. The company provides a highly trained call center support for business, where professional and experienced people will answer the phones using the utmost concern for the way callers perceive the client, always in the best light. Macfarlane can provide 24/7 support in this area. Macfarlane also offers high level management in the human resources areas. This is always an increasing need in companies where growth happens quickly, and Macfarlane can part of in the center of the chaos, and never miss a beat within the flow of hiring, training, and all sorts of other human resource duties. Other areas where Macfarlane can help client information mill in the categories of Marketing, analytics, information technology and public relations. Macfarlane truly offers a concierge service that can be made to meet immediate in addition to long-term company needs.