Your Questions About About Katy Perry Biography


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Your Questions About About Katy Perry Biography

  1. 1. Your Questions About About Katy Perry BiographyMandy asks…What are some movies where one of the characters or some of thecharacters are celebrities?I don’t mean like documentaries or biographies or those movies like the katy perry one. I justwatched the movie Tonight You’re Mine, any movies like that or whatever you think I don’tknow I need some suggestions I’m bored.Big Arn answers:Hannah MontanaJust WrightTropic Thunder 1/7
  2. 2. Laura asks…How can Katy Perry not be making any money like other famousstars?I was reading in a magazine that she admitted even though her song was a huge hit that themoney hasnt come her way yet. How is that? And they said that Rihanna had money but notthat much like Miley Cyrus. How does she have way more money than Rihanna?Big Arn answers:I’d probably break it down like this.Low:Katy Perry – one catchy song that ticked off a lot of Catholics and homophobes, one mediocreCDMedium:Rihanna – several decent CDs, many #1s (in the digital download department as well as on theradio), concert headliner, on ad campaign for makeup [?] lineHigh:Miley Cyrus – CDs aimed at her target audience of teens, TV show, upcoming biography,concerts people will pay thousands of dollars for, tons of merchandise(Miley will be a millionaire by the time she is 18) 2/7
  3. 3. Richard asks…when did katy perry write her very first song ?I have to right a biographyBig Arn answers:In 2008 she wrote hot n cold 3/7
  4. 4. Robert asks…Is there a biography on Katy Perry?I know there is one on Amazon my Jo Berry, but is this a legit author/story? Like is it authorizedbye her?Big Arn answers:Http:// byeKen asks… 4/7
  5. 5. which celebrity do you hate and love at the same time?i love jim morrison because he was so talented and sexy but he was such a crazy bastard.i read his biography a few years ago and i had to stop half way… too disturbing…what about you?Big Arn answers:Katy Perry.Musically I can’t stand her, and I really hate most of what she stands for, yet in an odd way…She’s attractive.Same with Lebanese pop singer Haifa Wehbe.Sharon asks… 5/7
  6. 6. Ok so I need to find 2 songs based on literature but i can’t findany good ones…can someone PLEASE help me?I’m pretty much into all types of music but I’d like some modern now-a-day songs. A couple ofbands or artists I like are Creed, A7X, Lonestar, Papa Rouch, Eminem, Katy Perry, SaraBareilles, Lady Gaga, Plain White T’s, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Paramore, and so on. Anythinghelps but ones based off actual books or poems would be ideal.Big Arn answers:Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick isn’t based on literature but it has a lot of fairy talemetaphors. Cinderella, 3 little pigs.The Cure- How Beautiful you are. Retelling of “Les Yeux du Pauvre” a poem by CharlesBaudelaire from “Le Spleen de Paris”Time to Dance – Panic! At the Disco based on Palahniuk’s Invisible MonstersNovember Rain- Guns N’ Roses is loosely based on Del James’s short story “Without You”Who Wrote Holden Caulfield- Green Day is based on Catcher in the Rye by J. D. SalingerLove Song- Taylor Swift references Romeo and JulietIf you want to stretch it you could do Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield. The literature wouldbe a biography lol.Sorry for nothing too current. I couldn’t think of a single thing. 6/7
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