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Avinash CV


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Avinash CV

  1. 1. AVINASH KUMAR Discipline: B.Tech Address: Branch: Instrumentation & Control Engineering Aadarsh Mohulla Maujpur Delhi-53 GCET, Greater Noida Mobile: +91-9013122223 Email: ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE B.Tech- Instrumentation & Control Engineering Institution- GCET, Greater Noida Semester University Marks Obtained (%) Year VIII UPTU, Lucknow 85.8 2015 VII UPTU, Lucknow 74.8 2014 VI UPTU, Lucknow 68.9 2014 CAREER OBJECTIVE: “TO BECOME ONE OF THE MOST REPUTED AND ETHICAL PROFESSIONAL OF THE ORGANISATION I WORK FOR, AND GROW MANIFOLD ALONG WITH THE ORGAINSATION.”
  2. 2. V UPTU, Lucknow 67.3 2013 IV UPTU, Lucknow 62.2 2013 III UPTU, Lucknow 63.5 2012 II UPTU, Lucknow 62.9 2012 I UPTU, Lucknow 61.7 2011 Aggregate percentage up is 71.38 SCHOOL LEVEL Class School Year Percentage 12th R.P.V.V Yamuna Vihar 2011 85.2 10th R.P.V.V Yamuna Vihar 2009 89.8 SUBJECTS OF INTERSEST  Biomedical Instrumentation  Industrial Instrumentation  Digital Signal Processing VOCATIONAL TRAININGS  Organization- Power Grid Corporation Limited,Ghaziabad. o Subject of training- “ Study of 400/220KV Substation ” o Duration- June 19.-2014 to July 31.-2014 o Brief Description- During thisongoingtraining, familiarization with the transmission of power supply and GRID system.Furthermore, the applicationof devices Breakers,Relays ,Switches,transformers etc is studied in detail.
  3. 3.  Organization- Chahal Boilers Pvt. Ltd.,Haryana o Subject of training- “ Operational Function Of Power Boilers ” o Duration- September 29,2013 o Brief Description- During the Industrial Visit , I was introduced to the Working Operation and Control Functions of Power Boilers and its Process Planning. PROJECTS  Automatic Irrigation Control System Brief Description:- To Adapt Efficient Irrigation Methods According To Moisture Content of Soil.  Design Of Sub Optimal Controller Using Reduction Technique Basic description:- To Minimize The Large Linear Equations Into Smaller Equation ACHIEVEMENTS / AWARDS  Won Gold Medal In District level football tournament .  Won 2 nd postion as team in GCET’s inter-college cricket tournament.  Creative Writer of facebook page “FAKING NEWS” HOBBIES  Reading story books and Writing stories  Playing cricket, football.  Gardening PERSONAL DETAILS
  4. 4. Nationality:- INDIAN Date of Birth:- MAY 27,1994 Sex:-MALE Father’s Name:-RAJENDRA SINGH Mother’s Name:- MUKESH DEVI I hereby declare that all the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge. Date: Place: (AVINASH KUMAR)