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Presentación familia ingles

  1. 1. 2011 was a year of opposite flavors for the family becauseit is true that God gave us the opportunity to achievemany successes and receive many blessings, but it is alsotrue that there were some difficulties on several fronts.But the most sad and irreparable one was the fact thatour mother and grandmother, Lola, is gone to enjoy God´scompany, leaving a big hole in our home and in ourextended family.
  2. 2. Juan Carlos and Mariana, continued their work andfamily life in Sao Paulo, with great care for thedevelopment of Santiago and Martin, who thank God hasbeen growing and developing very well. Santiagochanged school, continues with its mixture oflanguages, more awake each day, showing his temperand his personal conviction about how to do things.Martin completed its first year, very large and with agentle temperament even though he is a blonde-blondechild. Juan Carlos finished his professional career atJohnson & Johnson. Mariana continues to workintensively on their professional activities in J & J. Theyattended many visitors in their apartment in SaoPaulo, who enjoyed all their attentions. They traveled forwork and pleasure to several cities in the U.S. and Brazil.They will be during the end of the year in Cali, and wewill have the opportunity to share with them a few daysat home.
  3. 3. Alejandro, Selma and Gabriel had a very good year.Alejandro completed his cycle in the Municipal HealthSecretariat, with many achievements for thecommunities. Then he presented as candidate to bePresident of the University del Valle, but he did not getthe required support, and since October is working asExecutive Director of FES. Selma continued its activitiesin the areas of Nutrition and Yoga and several of herBosnian and American friends visited her. In thesummer along with Gabriel was able to visit her motherin Oregon. Gabriel changed his school and in the LuisHoracio Gomez he has felt pretty good. He remains as avery clever boy, very friendly, with very good relationsand very active on several activities . They madeseveral trips in the United States and in Colombia.Alejandro was invited to Tuxtla Gutierrez in Mexico andPortland State University in Oregon. The end of the yearbrought them a new car , that will facilitate their ruralroutes.
  4. 4. Rodolfo had in his enterprise a very good year, as theirtennis tournaments: Corona, Gatorade, Bogotá BeerCompany; the coach education programs, and theGatorade Cup soccer, worked quite well. The activitiesof athletic scholarships and the promotion of FloridaInternational University also had a good development.Tennis Foundation of Colombia reaches 53 childrenwith scholarships and ended the year with an eventwith 500 participants. He was at the Miamitournament, but this time he could not enjoyConstanza’s company due to the Lola´s Illness. Sincemid-have he has his own car, which will greatly facilitatehis operations. He will be with us throughout theChristmas and year-end season.
  5. 5. Constanza, as always being the helmswoman of allfamily activities and providing support to those whoneed some help. With Patricia was responsible for theentire process of careful and loving attention to Lola inher last days , both in Bogotá and in Cali. Patricia alsoshared with her the nursing care for Gladys ´surgeryrecuperation. She traveled to Brazil to support JuanCarlos and Mariana in the care of Santiago and Martin.She supported Alejandro and Selma in many activities,especially in the care and guidance of Gabriel, and is thegreat "Abue” for Gabriel. She was indebted to Rodolfo,because she did not have time to go to Bogotá to help insome things from his apartment. She coordinated all theimprovements that were done to the house and to thecountry house,. With Rodrigo traveled to Washington,Egypt, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia andEstonia. In her dressmaking group was fairly active andparticipated in the trip to Boyacá.
  6. 6. Rodrigo continued his academic activities at the UniversityIcesi. For academic reasons had to travel toEcuador, Peru, Chile, Jamaica, Barbados, Chile and manyColombian cities. Lolas death coincided with thedevelopment of XXI Latin American Congress onEntrepreneurship which, situation that was quite difficultto manage. During his trip to Europe he suffered anarrhythmic symptom and he had to be hospitalized inPoland and Estonia, which has forced him to take thingsmore calmly.
  7. 7. Iván graduated from high school and started atUniversidad Icesi his Business Administration programand in the first semester did well. We are waiting forArcenia´s apartment and hopefully she will get it byChristmas. We wish you peace and joys in this Christmas season ,and we ask the Lord for his protection and shelter for the coming year, that we expect to be full of happiness and successes, for you and for us .Juan Carlos, Mariana, Santiago, Martín, Alexander, Selma, Gabriel Omar, Rodolfo, Iván, Constance and Rodrigo.