Cyberwalk Manesar, 9654953105, Cyberwalk Manesar Project


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Cyberwalk Manesar, 9654953105, Cyberwalk Manesar Project

  1. 1. CYBERWALK MANESARBOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ---:==:::=::-- MANESAR, GURGAON --- infopack
  2. 2. CYBERWALK MANESAR01 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON---- The DevelopersAarone GroupAARONE GROUP is a leading Delhi based , real estate development group, with over 20 yearsof experience in developing residential and commercial projects , with a diverse portfolio of over100 completed projects. The Group is continuously striving to reach greater heights byimplementing niche projects. CYBERWALK - the greener pastures is our latest attempt atcreating a niche Office Space Development with a unique green environment , keeping therequirements of corporate end users in mind.CYBERWALK, a LEED Gold certified green development , shows our commitment towardscreating an environment friendly, efficient and lower operating cost facility in line with thespace requirements of a corporate office occupier.Invest in the greener pastures to experience nature blended into the office environment.A FEW OF OUR COMPLETED PROJECTSSelect CITYWALK, New DelhiSelect CITYWALK, is a vibrant, upscale, unique shopping & leisure environment in the heart ofSouth Delhi, Saket. Housing, some of the most exciting Indian & International brands under oneroof, it combines luxury and high street shopping , together with destination cafes, bistros,restaurants and bars. A 14 lakh sq ft mixed use development comprising of a Shopping Center ,Cinemas, Serviced Apartments, Offices and Saanskriti - outdoor landscaped plaza in the heartofDelhi, itis the flagship project of the group developed in JVwith the Select Group .The Shopping Center has won various awards and accolades including the prestigious MostAdmired Shopping Center of India (ISCA), for 4 consecutive years, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.Countywalk, IndoreA 250 acre fully integrated Garden City in Indore , comprising of plots, villas & garden-houses,group housing, mall, clubhouse, school & a hotel. It is being recognized as one of the mostpromising townships of Indore.Boutique ResidentialAarone group specializes in developing Boutique Residential Properties across South andCentral Delhi for the last 20 years , which are a perfect blend of style and comfort . Themesmerizing interiors and artistic exteriors have made our apartments a preferred choiceamong elites. aarone~ group
  3. 3. CYBERWALK MANESAR02 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON---- Project SnapshotAbout CyberwalkIn all earnestness, a cubicle farm is no place to draw inspiration from. And it doesnt take anEinstein to figure that out. No trees, No Greenery, No Character.Its time to Head to the Greener Pastures.CYBERWALK. An ultra-modern officedevelopment in Manesar.Conceptualized as a Technology park, full of trees, plants and lush greenery, its far away from themethodical office environment made of bricks and mortar only. Every now and then the chirping ofthe birds will soothe your frayed nerves, helping you function 24X7 in your office with increasedefficiency.The Greener PasturesMan belongs in nature. That is how he has been designed to function. And thats how the notionof CYBERWALK was born- bringing man and nature together, once again.CYBERWALK, situated at IMT Manesar, within a 150 acre IT & R&D hub, is the latest attempt byAarone Group to create an environment friendly, efficient and lower operating cost office spacewhich addresses all the needs of a Corporate effectively.Key Highlights• 30minsfrom IGIAirport20minsdrivefrom IFFCO Chowk Completion Date• Located right on NH-8, KMP(Kundli-Manesar-Pawal) expressway and Dwarka expressway Q1 FY 2012-13 (NPR - Northern Peripheral Road)• LEED Gold certified green campus by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)• 1.4 Million sq It of offices, serviced apartments and retail areas with parking facility• Part of 150 acre dedicated IT Hub• Home to Agilent Technologies, Bharti Group, HCL Technologies, Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Denso and other multinational giants• 25000 - 38000 sq. ft. floorplates
  4. 4. CYBERWALK MANESAR03 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ---MANESAR, GURGAON--- Location Map LOCATION MAP~I.JQC~~,t_LK _ _,_-!-i.W>Ii-- .""_,"_,rum~.. .~;~"Suru~ • """"CT",_"",, Delhi §""-," .-"""._" · • "C,,~",,~,,~, • • ",,",,","", • I~"",~""· •
  5. 5. CYBERWALK MANESAR04 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON---- Location BenefitsLocationCyberwalk is located in Manesar , Gurgaon, rated as one of the key growth areas in India .Cyberwalk is at the junction of 3 major highways passing through NCR . Giving your employeesa stress free drive to workAdvantage Manesar• Under the Gurgaon master p lan 2021, Manesar is a part of Gurgaon , which is already the single largest destination for multinational and Indian corporations• CYBERWALK enjoys the locational and infra structural advantages and a neighborhood that boast of IT/ITes powerhouses• Situated in the 3000 acre Industrial hub at IMT Manesar , on the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)• 150 acre dedicated IT hub, already home to companies like HCL, BhartiAirtel &AgilentTechnologies• Large integrated townships spread over more than 3500 acres are under development in 1Okmsradius• Multinational giants such as Maruti Suzuki , Honda, Mitsubishi, Baxter, Denso etc. have already inked success stories in IMT Manesar• Best in class infrastructure with adequate power, water supply , wide roads, super specialty hospitals, golf course, hotels, helipad and moreAccessibility and Connectivity• Just 30mins from Delhi IGI Airport, 20min drive from IFFCO chowk• Connected via NHS, KMP expressway and NPR Dwarka expressway to entire NCR• Delhi Metro route proposed up to Manesar• ISBT proposed at Manesar• Wide signal free roads and best in class infrastructure
  6. 6. CYBERWALK MANESAR05 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON----Location Layout
  7. 7. CYBERWALK MANESAR06 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 --MANESAR, GURGAON--Project Layout A - Evergreen Tower B - Eco Tower C - Eco Suites
  8. 8. CYBERWALK MANESAR07 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON---- Evergreen TowerEvergreen Towers• The exclusive skyscraper with a unique cutout is an architectural marvel. Designed with a unique sloping roof pattern, it gives you access to green open areas even in a skyscraper• Four -floor cutout in the center of the building, maximizes Feng-Shui benefits and houses a large 6,000 sq ftopen air cafeteria• Spectacular view ofthe green landscaped central plaza of the campus visible from every floor• Situated on the west side of the campus, the building climbs to 300 ft in the south west direction ensuring strong VastuBuilding Specifications• G+16 storey Evergreen Tower• Average floor plate size of30000 sq ft (approx)• Large column free spans from 8-11 meter• Floorto floor height of4.2 meter (Clear height - 3.6 meter)• Ground floor height4.8 meter (Clear height - 4.2 meter)Amenities And Features• Large green terraces on 6th, 12th to 16th floor• Exclusive elevators for executives and CEOs• 10 Mitsubishi passenger elevators with speeds of 1.75 m/s• Earmarked server areas strengthened with loading of 1000 kg/sqmeter• Interesting mix of Retail, F&B and recreational zone on the ground floor• 3 floor high sunlit atrium and grand entrance with world class interiors overlooking the central plaza
  9. 9. CYBERWALK MANESAR08 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON---- Eco TowerEco TowersThe Eco Towers in CYBERWALK allow you to enjoy greenery both inside and outside youroffice. Exclusive terrace gardens seamlessly merge the indoors with the outdoorsBuilding Specifications• G+9-storey twin towers• Average Iloor plate size 0124000 sq It (approx)• Large column Iree spans 018 meter• Floor to Iloor height 014 meter (Clear height - 3.4 meter)• Ground Iloor height 4.8 meter (Clear height - 4.2 meter)Amenities And Features• Food courts and caleterias on the ground Iloor &rooltops• Plug & play business center planned on the 1st Iloor• Special stilt parking lor senior management and executives• Landscaped rooftop caleterias with 300 people seating capacity• Commercial/retail areas are located on the ground Ilooroveriooking the central plaza• Pre-strengthened server areas with designed load 011000 kg/sq meter• Terrace gardens on 51100rs• Creche lacilitylor bet!erwork-lile balance
  10. 10. CYBERWALK MANESAR09 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON---- Eco SuitesEco Suites• Two identical towers house the serviced apartments. They are developed keeping in view the "walk to work" concept and cater to the increasing lodging requirements of the modern day business• 147 serviced apartments• Connecting corridor at the ground floor houses the reception lobby• Spectacular views from every room• European styled coffee shops• Fine dining area• Conference and training facilities• Fitness center & spa• Swimming pools on the terrace floors with bar• Large sunlit atriumsRetail Areas• Innovatively-designed mix of retail stores on the ground floor of every tower with a frontage towards the beautifully landscaped central plaza• Convenience store/supermarket/stationery store/banks/ATMs• Food courts /24 x 7 cafeterias/coffee shops/multi cuisine restaurants• Apparel/footwear/kids zone• Pharmacy & health care unitPlug n Play Business Center• Airconditioned furnished offices• Full secretarial services• Internet, printer & fax services• Travel desk, car rentals• Communication equipments such as teleconferencing, video conferencing, IP telephony• Common conference rooms, meeting pods• Facility management by a reputed agency
  11. 11. CYBERWALK MANESAR10 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 --MANESAR, GURGAON-- Floor Layout Eco Suites Eco Tower Evergreen Tower Floor Plan1 Evergreen Tower Floor Plan2
  12. 12. CYBERWALK MANESAR11 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 --MANESAR, GURGAON-- Floor Layout Evergreen Tower Floor Plan 3 Parking
  13. 13. CYBERWALK MANESAR12 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ----MANESAR, GURGAON---- Behind The SceneThe DevelopersAARONE GROUP is a Delhi based, real estate development group, with over 20 years ofexperience in developing residential and commercial projects, which has a diverse portfolio ofover 100 completed projects. The Group is continuously striving to reach greater heights byimplementing niche residential and commercial projects.A Few Of Our Completed ProjectsSelect CITYWALK: 14 lakh sq It mixed use development comprising of a shopping center,cinemas, serviced apartments, offices and Saanskriti (outdoor landscaped plaza), in the heartof Delhi, is the flagship project of the group. It has been awarded Indias Most AdmiredShopping Centre for 3 consecutive years.COUNTYWALK: A 250-acre fully integrated Garden City in Indore, comprising of plots, villias& garden-houses, group housing, mall, clubhouse, school & a hotel. It is being recognized asone of the most promising townships of Indore.Project TeamARCHITECTS Arkiplan Consulting Architects and Engineers - Dubai, UAE Design Forum International- New DelhiPROJECT MANAGEMENT COMPANY Synergy Property Development ServicesSTRUCTURAL CONSULTANTS BMSF Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd.STRUCTURAL PROOF CONSULTANT Jaitly AssociatesSERVICES CONSULTANTS Spectral Services Consultants Pvt. Ltd.LANDSCAPE DESIGN Integral DesignsLEED/GREEN BUILDING CONSULTANTS Environmental Design Solutions
  14. 14. CYBERWALK MANESAR BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ~~13 ~ CYBE~;Yntbu~ -----MANESAR, GURGAON ----- Payment Plan(Min.Area 500 sq ft)Basic Selling Price Rs 6600/- sq ftDiscount Rs 600/ sq ft (valid for 1st 100 Bookings)Effective B.S.P Rs 6000/sq ft.Plan A: Assured ReturnAssured Return @12%P.A Till Possession & for 4 years after Possession*On application for booking 15% ofBSPWithin 45 Days 80% ofBSPOn Possession 05% of·BSP + Others Charges**Plan B Flexi Assured Return PlanOn Application for Booking 15% ofBSPWithin 45 Days 25% ofBSPIn next 30 Days 25% ofBSPIn nest 30 Days 25% ofBSPOn Possession 10% of BSP + Others Charges***First Lease Guaranted Ie:;; .•_ ••••Developer will offer 12%Assured Return for Four years from the date of offer of possession or till theCommencement of first lease, whichever is later.**Other Charges:IFMS(Interest Free Maintenance Security){ mft,s60/ sq ft.Applicable HSIIDCCharges & Registration CostClarification:1. If the first lease is below" 12%" then Developer will be liable to pay remaining amount for the period of FOURyears from the date of offer of possession. In case lease is more than the" 12%" , excess thereof shall be shared between Developer and Allottee in the ratio of 50 :50 for the period of FOURyears from the date of offer of possession.2. For Plan B: Developer will offer" 11%" Assured return on 50% of Payment received. Allottee Will have to make rest 50% payment as per the Plan. Thereafter, Allottee will be entitled for 12%Assured return for FOURyears from the date of offer of possession or till the commencement of first lease, whichever is later.3. In case the booking is made after the date of possession/Occupation certificate, the return shall be given till the expiry of the unexhausted period of the 4 years or till the Commencement of first lease whichever is later.4. Date of offer of possession, shall be deemed to be the date of obtaining occupation Certificate from HSIIDC.
  15. 15. CYBERWALK MANESAR14 BOOKINGS AT 9654953105 ---MANESAR, GURGAON--Actual Site Images Evergreen Tower EGOTower 1 EGOTower 1 (Left to Right) Evergreen Tower & EGOTower 1