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Published on - What Could ASEA Do For You?

The New Key To:
- Protecting, Repairing And Replacing Cells Efficiently.
- Enhancing Your Immune System.
- Repairing Cellular Damage.
- Reducing Oxidative Stress.
- Increasing Efficiency Of Your Antioxidants More Than 500% (SOD and Glutathione).

Natural Healthy Energy Essential For Today’s Lifestyle

Call 416-335-4716 To Order Or Join ASEA

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Asea Brochure

  1. 1. The Worlld s Onlly RedoxThe Wor d s On y Redox ASEA IIs A Quantum ASEA s A Quantum Siignalliing Product S gna ng Product Leap iin Sciience Leap n Sc ence A product so unique and effective it is going to make you and everyone you know feel and perform better. - The only product in the world with stabilized reactive molecules required by The Sciientiifiic T h e Sc e n t f c every cell in the body to function Bre a k t h ro u g h Breakthrough properly. Supported by independent research. That Was Thought That Was Thought - The first and only source of crucial Redox To Be IImpossiiblle To Be mposs b e Signaling molecules outside the body. - ASEA is patent-protected scientific breakthrough with 16 years of foundational research. - With a unique, caring business culture Now You Have A Choiice Now You Have A Cho ce and solid business practices, ASEA is behind you.Redox Signaling is a communicationsystem based on a group of molecules - We welcome new representatives whoproduced in the bodys cells. Redox wish to help others with their health.Signaling alerts cells when damage occurs Antioxidants alone will not trigger repair, and if that fails, alerts the Only ASEA can supplement theimmune system to replace the damaged body with what it needs the most.cells.- ASEA is highly patented, is the only Learn More Aboutt The Learn More Abou The product that has stabilized the native Compan y,, And The IIncrediiblle Compan y And The ncred b e reactive molecules. Research Off ASEA Research O ASEA- ASEA contains the reactive molecules Callll For Semiinar Dattes Thiink Beyond Nutriitiion Th nk B eyon d N utr t on Ca For Sem nar Da es native to the body and consistent with its natural chemical balance to efficiently A S E A IIs U n iiq u e ASEA s Un que protect, repair, and replace cells. - NOT a vitamin or mineral supplement- Studied, tested, and proven beneficial for cellular health, the immune system, and Danny Ang - NOT made from sea vegetables cellular balance. - NOT a herbal formula Independent Representative Opttiimiize Your Healltthy (416) 335-4716 or 416-829-2290 - NOT an exotic fruit or berry energy juice Op m ze Your Hea hy To Learn More About ASEA, visit: Cellllullar Communiicattiion C e u ar C o m m u n c a o n - NOT an over hyped antioxidant formula And Perfformance 501 Passmore Avenue, Unit #33, Toronto, Ontario. - NOT a novel delivery system And Per ormance Canada. M1V 5G4
  2. 2. The Science of ASEA At the cellular level, the body produces two What Could ASEA different types of reactive molecules that support virtually all of the functions of the immune system Athletes Do For You? and tissue regeneration response. These reactive molecules are naturally created in the body during Dramatically Increase* Boosting the cell s communication, the metabolism of sugar that produces ATP, the bodys primary source of energy. They participate Your Personal Best allowing it to protect, repair, and in intra- and inter- cellular damage control replace cells efficiently. communications, activation of antioxidants, cellular* Repairing cellular damage. protection and defence against toxins and free radicals, and in the healing response.* Helping the body produce reactive molecules critical in the activation of The human body is constantly working to maintain cellular health by balancing these reactive antioxidants to fight free radicals.* Minimizing the production of inflammatory compounds.Research has shown that ASEA: * Scientific trials show increased time to* Supports virtually all functions of the Ventilatory Threshold 12% - 30%. immune system. * The science and the studies verify the molecules to rid the body of harmful components* Enhances the bodys natural and to clean up the oxidative stress and free athletes experience. antioxidant defence system. radical damage that occurs at the cellular level. * An independent lab test measured* Protects and fortifies healthy cells. When these reactive molecules are in proper oxygen intake, CO2 build-up and heart balance, the immune system and healing process* Reduces oxidative stress. function at their optimum levels. rate during a strenuous endurance* Increases efficiency and production Every day more research and published articles test. The results are extraordinary. of the bodys own antioxidants, are appearing about this "Redox Signaling" * Free of banned substances, UCI legal. including Glutathione and SOD by process, making it one of the fastest growing Help Your Cells Become The Perfect more than 500%. research fields in science. ASEA is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of these Machine They Were Meant To Be Redox Signaling reactive molecules that exists We could pedal harder longer and recover from outside the body and can be used to help repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short maintain proper balance inside the body to intervals. Road Bike Action support the immune system and healing process. The last time I completed an Olympic decathlon my In independent studies, it was shown that: finish time was 2:55:00. That day it was 2:08:55! I ASEA when in contact with living cells came in second place overall. In previous races I increased the efficiency of some of our bodys never broke the top 100! I recommend ASEA to most important native antioxidants, Glutathione every person I meet! Jonathan Hollar, Ironman Triathlete (GSH or GPx) and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), more than 500% and also increased their rate of production. Increase Your Natural Natural Healthy Energy ASEA was shown to enhance the signalling Energy, Performance And Essential For Today s processes involved in damage control. This show that ASEA helps protect healthy cells by Endurance At Home, Lifestyle empowering antioxidants and simultaneously supports the immune system to detect and repair Work, Or Play damaged cells.