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healthcare energy transition renewable energy energy barriers sustainable city future cities cybersecurity sustainability automated driving policy evaluation public policy implementation platform studies public management transportation studies policy packaging walking and cycling walking cycling active transport public policy development environmental policy and governance agent based simulation policy analysis and decision making policy analysis/policy studies socio-technical systems complexity virtual environments decision making it-mediated crowds virtual labour policy studies policy cycle policy tools acceptance trust policy making generative ai urban planning urban policy regulation and governance policy measures public sector machine learning policy transfer policy learning case research fakenews fake news high tech emerging technologies multiple streams framework platform realist synthesis international health medicine maternal health child health unintended consequences asean southeast asia health ageing long term care china uber ridesharing development liability data social media agenda setting public policystudies public policy instruments information communication technology policy development computer aided conceptual design agent-based modeling competition collaboration management of innovation policy mixes systems thinking and problem solving problem solving systems thinking political science systems engineering open innovation developing countries design thinking gaps cnn gan fake videos detection deepfakes deep learning drones utaut practitioners adoption challenges complexity theory communication complexity science complex systems ai race political process local governments central local inclusivity digital disruption managament inclusive development lobbying genai science and technology studies political economy big tech social capital off-grid philippines islanded communities community energy social impact assessment community participation rural communities sustainable energy transition community development renewable energy adoption partnerships private sector civil society universities governments corporations spatial planning digital economy digitalization capital accumulation capitalism security data privacy and ethics smart city applications biometric security ethical data usage privacy in smart cities biometric data processing biometric data collection big data in smart cities surveillance technology biometric authentication biometric identification digital ethics biometric data welfare state and health globalization and health health policy instruments policy impact analysis health evidence synthesis systematic literature review health outcomes nato model global health policy sustainable development goals health system performance big data regulatory standards vulnerable populations scoping review physical distancing social distancing covid covid-19 data sharing digital platforms digitalisation blockchain blockchaintechnology blockchains platform governance governance of ai responsibleai trustworthyai trustinai conferences conference policyadvice regulatory tools financial insruments financial tools policy entrepreneurs policy capacity driving factors e-delphi delphi research policy science policy international collaborations r&d research and development create research–policy partnerships energy research energy and environment policy success policy innovation computation text analysis bibliometric review bibliometric forth industrial revolution natural language programming nlp policy translation policy mobility ascn knowledge transfer knowledge management knowledge grab code repositories open source application programming interface api internet injury case powered micromobility pmd personal mobility micromobility systematic review msf ict eu gdpr adaptive governance child mortality globalisation smoking politics international development international cloud adoption cloud computing cloud japan south korea asia wave tidal energy ocean thermal energy ocean renewable energy energy security legal laws aging infrastructure fcv fuell-cell vehicles battery electric vehicles bev diffusion hydrogen change management project management indicators strategy framework renewable energy support air pollutant abatement carbon dioxide emission wind energy solar energy city drivers motivations conceptualisations technical bias algorithm industry insurance agent based complex systems science labor markets egovernance climate change policy climate change adaptation climate change policy implementation graphical user interfaces human computer interaction crowds environmental engineering active transportation multiple criteria decision making (mcdm) mcdm network analysis collaboration technology online education education and labor markets assessment in higher education education policy ict in education educational research open access higher education peer assessment non-formal education educational technology education e-governance networks visualization circular economy sharing peer to peer networks peer-to-peer economics of innovation development studies development economics economics egovernment deliberative democracy design innovation information communication virtual labour markets
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