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Preparing for Black Friday Part 1: Handling High Traffic Events


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Black Friday, Christmas, peak travel season—no matter what the event, there will come a time when your API infrastructure needs to meet increased business demand quickly. Without the proper, load-tested infrastructure in place, your IT team won't be able to meet the demand with the speed and agility required.

Learn how to prepare for the high traffic events. This webcast will get you started on a preparedness checklist and include best practices to help you start the planning and testing process.

We will discuss:
- planning for availability, scale, and capacity
- how to forecast load for peak events
- how to leverage analytics to detect when you are approaching full capacity traffic
- where security fits in

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Preparing for Black Friday Part 1: Handling High Traffic Events

  1. 1. Black Friday Preparation, Pt. 1: Handling High-Traffic Events Webcast Thursday, May 7, 2015
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Brian Pagano David Padgett
  3. 3. Apigee Edge – Nov 27th to Dec 1st, 2014 • Experienced zero downtime • Supported 6 of the top 10 retailers • Handled a 263% annual increase in API calls • Managed over 8000 TPS peak loads for a single retailer • Tested for 5x more capacity than required • Proactively alerted customers of 50+ problems with their stack 4
  4. 4. Before
  5. 5. Review & Prepare • Optimize Existing APIs • Add Caching • Leverage API BaaS • Security Checklist 6 Apigee Target Endpoint App Response Cache Apigee Assign Message Extract Variables KVM Java Callout Python Extract Variables Spike Arrest Apigee KVM Operations Extract Variables Spike Arrest Datastore Location queries Push Notification s Connection s/Social User Data API BaaS
  6. 6. Estimate • Multiplier – Assume 10x Increase in Traffic • Base API Traffic Estimate on Prior 2-3 Years • Leverage Analytics & Insights • Ask Questions 7
  7. 7. Test • Why? Understand behavior under load • What? – Performance (Stress, Load, Soak, Spike) – Operational (API Health) – Functional (Use Case) • Where? • When? • Who? • How? • And… 8
  8. 8. During
  9. 9. Monitor • Analyze API traffic statistics • Pro-actively open a Support Ticket with Apigee • Review the Apigee Escalation Process new/files/ApigeeSupportTicketandEscalationProcess.pdf 10 Statistics Collector Message Logging Statistics Collector Statistics Collector Message Logging Message Logging
  10. 10. Test • Operational and Functional Testing • In PROD because that’s what the Customers sees • Continuously • By your DevOps/Operations Teams 11
  11. 11. After
  12. 12. What’s Next? • Cyber Monday • Day After Christmas • End-of-year Clearance • … • Pre-Black Friday sales in 10 months 13
  13. 13. Finally
  14. 14. We’ve done this a few times… 15
  15. 15. Questions? Brian Pagano David Padgett
  16. 16. Thank you