Property Sale on Catalan Coast


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Apartment Barcelona is set to expand its portfolio of apartments for sale to meet the growing demand for property in Catalonia by foreigners.

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Property Sale on Catalan Coast

  1. 1. The sale of holiday homes to international buyers revives the real estate market on the Catalan coast. More and more non-Spanish residents are purchasing properties on the coast of Catalonia. According to recent statistics from the Spanish Ministry of Development, in the last year the sale of properties in Catalonia to foreigners has increased by 22%. Records show that most are opting for a second home on the Catalan coast, especially in the city of Barcelona and the Maresme areas, as well asthe Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada.Apartment Barcelona, a leading short and long-stay rental company based in Barcelona, is nowoffering a wide range of apartments for sale in Barcelona to meet this growing industry trend.The Tripadvisor-recommended agency is increasing its number of properties for sale, both inthe city of Barcelona and in other areas of interest to foreigners such as the Costa Brava, theCosta Dorada, Sitges and the Catalan Pyrenees.Russian families: The new buyer profileWhile Britons are still the leading property buyers in Spain, the Russian market has seen thelargest increase in the purchase of property in Catalonia, accounting for 8% of the total realestate sales in the region last year.A new trend has also been detected in the Russian buyer profile. Previously, purchasing asecond home was reserved for affluent investors. Now, more and more Russian families areattracted by the competitive pricing of properties along the Mediterranean coast. InCatalonia, more homes are purchased in the south of the Costa Brava due to its proximity tothe city of Barcelona.Moreover, demand for property in Catalonia has also risen in the French market, and after therecent bursting of the property bubble, French citizens have been drawn by the attractiveoffers on properties on the Catalan coast.There has also been a change in the French buyer profile. Whereas previously the mostcommon buyers were retired French citizens, now many families, especially with youngchildren, are choosing a second home in Catalonia in which to enjoy the holiday periods.
  2. 2. China’s interest in the Spanish property marketChina could become a new source of real estate buyers in Spain, according to several experts.Families and investors alike are said to be attracted by the culture, climate, cuisine and the factthat Spain has a large Chinese community.In addition, the Spanish government recently announced that the process of obtainingresidency in Spain could be greatly accelerated for those who purchase property with a valueof more than 160,000 Euros. While this plan is currently stalled, the possibility of a fasterresidency application process has proven to be attractive to potential Chinese buyers, who arealso taking into account the competitive pricing of properties in Spain in comparison to thoseof many large cities in China.About Apartment BarcelonaApartment Barcelona is an online travel company specialising in apartments to rent by days,weeks, months and years, as well as properties for sale. The company offers a wide variety ofvacation rentals in various locations in central Barcelona, from luxury apartments in Barcelonato studios, and from beach apartments in Barcelona to apartments near Las Ramblas. For moreinformation about the company, plus discounts and offers, more information, contact:Marina PuigMarketing and Communications Dept. Apartment