Advantages you get from yii framework


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Advantages you get from yii framework

  1. 1. Advantages You Get From Yii FrameworkYii (“Yes It Is”) read as “Yee”, has emerged as a powerful framework amongst PHPplatforms. This high performance platform is best for Web 2.0 applicationdevelopment. Based on the scripting language – OOPs, Yii is quite simple and easy touse. Its designed to be flexible, modular, efficient, and extensible. It significantly reduces development time and can be used for any web development project, from a simple web app to the most complicated web portal. Yii framework comes with numerous features such as DAO, MVC, integration with jQuery, scaffolding, skinning and theming, authentication, and role-based access control, caching, testing, etc. These features along with other AJAX based widgets offer numerous advantages of developing web development in Yii framework.Major advantages of Yii Framework  As based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, Yii makes web development a systematic activity through clean separation of concerns (SoC).  Yii makes the process of creating forms, which can take inputs and validate the data, quite simple and effortless. The wide range of widgets and validators of Yii collects form input and validates it.  With built-in authentication functionality and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) supported authorization, Yii makes web development much easier and faster.  Being one of the most secure PHP frameworks, Yii safeguards websites from hackers. The various security mechanisms prevents major attacks on the web application such as XSS, SQL injection, CSRF, tampering with cookies etc.  Yii removes the long and complex task of writing repetitive SQL queries, by allowing programmers to transform database in terms of objects.  Loaded with a rich set of AJAX enabled widgets, Yii helps developers to design highly efficient User Interfaces.
  2. 2.  Handling errors becomes quite simple and quick with Yii framework. The log are saved systematically and can be accessed categorically.  Yii has excellent tools that support PHP programmers to generate code quickly without any errors. It gives great power with standard code controlling.  With Yii core team releasing a lot of new features regularly, developers get the benefit to use these features and create innovative solutions for their clients.  The scaffolding features of Yii are much effective in application development.  Being an open source framework, Yii provides an extension library that includes numerous user contributed components. This surely opens up a never ending feature list to Yii platform.  Yii framework has very good compliant with third party codes. It means that code from other PHP frameworks can be easily used with Yii language without any complications.These ample of advantages are just enough to prove that Yii is best framework. Moreover, ithelp developers to build highly interactive and sophisticated web designs for their clients.Article Source: Articles:Business Benefits of Yii FrameworkHow Yii Framework Development is Beneficial for Business ? For more information & updates, please visit: