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Public transport

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Public transport

  1. 1. Smart In your Hand Smart ServicesPublic Transportation Schedule and Ticketing
  2. 2. Overview The main goal is to offer easy access to services by mobile applications. The starting geographical point is in Brasov – Romania. Services are mainly those regarding all kind of needs in a city (this case, Brasov). The first target was the public transportation schedule. After that, parking places – public or private. Continuing with offering a guide for incoming or outgoing tourists.
  3. 3. Project conception history Venture Lab asignment – to transform a bad business idea into a good one. Finding a bad idea – renting phones. Transformation by changing the targetet customer – mainly tourists/ travelers. Adding a plus value by offering with the rented phone, acces to needed services by mobile applications.
  4. 4. Project conception history After testing the business idea by interviewing possible customers like tourists, business travelers or students, the business centerpoint moved. From renting phones to the preinstalled mobile guide.
  5. 5. The Present Situation The next phasis, after conception was to make a prototype. It was made by starting from one point, one need. Which is Public Transportation schedule. The result was the first application as it can be seen:
  6. 6. The Present Situation This moment the application is not published on the market because it has to be adapted for various types and sizes of devices. And we are speaking only about Android, yet. Meantime, looking for partners, colaborators – discussing with two persons in order to get a plus value to the product.
  7. 7. Milestones for next few months Until end of May: Optimize and publish the applic ation on the market. Viral adds on Facebook Until end of August Finding ticketing solusions by mobile, for public transportation Partnership with Public Transportation Company
  8. 8. Market estimation Last year - the number of traveling tickets were about 55.601 billion. - with value : 25.861 billion euro. The smartphone using rate was about 20% of the population. 25.861 x 20% = 5.172 billion euro
  9. 9. Any help is welcomed! Contact info: Site address: transport-brasov
  10. 10. Any help is welcomed! Contact info: Site address: transport-brasov