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  1. 1. ffiffiwwwffi........#m ffi Wffiffiffiruwffiffi mm ffiffi w-p ffiffmpm ffim #w'ffi. #pquot;m mmm w. m Springhill Suites - Napa Valley ror Gateway RoadEast,Napa,CA g+SS8 (Zoil 253-19oo Saturd.y, March 28, zoog Join us for this exclusive, powerpackedevent,with Special GuestSpeakers: #Fmmqv;fldffimqe d#ad ffig# ffi &'n*:fugn trrffi -smpJmp#ff g:goam... ..Registration roarn - rz:3opm..... Leadership Training Breakfor lunch 2:3opm... ..Kangen WaterrM Presentation f i,quot;vp.ler.lquot;ttr iiquot;Jrt .[ quot;/ , h quot; }i;r dI'rros g{:s: I fquot;,.ruquot;rq $ *,ferprc*r t,t''eu rquot; ?quot;*:u:fan {,*, nrufngygy ;4$.fgrpcf ?'#trs #'.r'*rd,r' i.frr't*f,'./-equot;que dluffg$;.. r-ig ,.4 ^'r#ru:rtrr{el-+- . Kangen Watert'M . Chemical Additives In Your Tap Water . Renttonsand Benetits Why ll/e Drink Knngen Watefl'r . Acid and Alkaline . Harmful Properties of Bottled lV'ater . Anti-Oxidant In Your Tap Water . How To Bring Yonr Bodv Into A State of Balance . Acidic Drinks And Our Kids is Kangen water,M un Eco-Friendly l{ater, and many muny more... 'llhy quot;Drinking electrolyzed water enhances good health and prevents lifestyle - related diseases, which in turn significantly cuts riedical costquot; By:International Environment Earth (IEEU) USA& Japan April lg. 2004 University - Founder:Prof. Dr. Linus Carl Pauling,Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistryand for peace v
  2. 2. SpringHillsuitesNapavalley: spacious hotelaccommodations Napa in Page1 ofl SpringHlll Suitcs@by ilarrtott@ Napayalley 101Gateway Road Na96, East Catifornia 94S58 USA Phone:1-707-253-1900 : 1-707-253-0170Sats: Fax 1-707-251-4050 Maps& Transportation Fromregional airports localbusinesses historic to mapwill helpyou to attractions, interactlve our get there with ease. c, tb $leqr is d ry 3d6 E '47 z -4- '4 I Gere'ra1Fo % d la + q tt le.n,J,$ - & E i Mr'srr. J 6oovds *ffi Parking . Complimentary on-slte parking Area Airportg SanFrancisco SFO - Phone: 1 650 821 8211 Hotel direction: 52 miles NE Driving Directlons: San Franclsco- Take 101 North toward San Francisco11 ml, sltght right onto Hwy 80 toward Oekland / Bay Bridge for 32 mi, exit Hwy 37 toward Napa, then exit Hwy 29. Proceed6 miles. Turn left onto Alrport Road, right onto Dev|n and right onto Gateway Road East, This hotel does not provide shuttle seruice. . Alternate Transportation : Evans Transportation . Bus seruice, fee: 45.00 USD (one way) . Estimated taxi fare: 90.00 USD (one way) Oakland - OAK Phone: 510 563 3300 Hotel direction: 45. 1 miles NW Drlvlng Directions: Oakland Airport - take 880 North toward Oakland 5 mi, then 580 toward San Francisco6 mi, then I-80 toward Sacramento for 20mi, exit Hwy 37 toward NAPA,then exlt Hwy 29. Proceed6 miles. Turn left onto Airport Road, right onto Devlin and rlght onto Gateway Road East. This hotel does not orovide shuttle seruice. Sacramento lnternational Airoort - SMF Phone: 1 916 874 0700 Hotel directlon: 58.7 miles S Driving Directions: I-5 North toward Woodland, Exit 537 toward CA-113 South Woodland/ CA- 113 South toward Davis, Merge onto I-80 West, take CA-12 toward Napa / Sonoma, Mergeonto cA-7?l Other Transportatlon Bus Ststlon (5.5 Napa Station miles) Bus Featurlng Microsoft Mappoint technology. Terms of Use i-l Privacv Statement ,: 3/15/2009