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ERPNext Open Day August 2012 by Anand Doshi - On Open Day, all team members present what they did in the month out of their own initiative. What features did they make or what documentation they wrote, or test cases, or a new product, or a new marketing initiative. It could be anything that adds value to ERPNext.

All the Open Day presentations are made public on the ERPNext blog.

This also means Open Sourcing our management. So look forward to our presentations at the end of the month and follow us to understand how this experiment is working out for us.

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ERPNext Open Day August 2012 by Anand Doshi

  1. 1. open day august anand doshi
  2. 2. what’s • supplier quotation [released] new # new feature • newsletter [send newsletters to customer contacts, leads or blog subscribers] # new feature, unicode branch
  3. 3. fixes • check permissions in tree view • save report filters in forms having multiple fields with same name # bug fix • password reset # unicode branch • optimized patch to repost stock due to packing list bug
  4. 4. in-house - users who are halfway into their erpnext trial • auto-send reminder emails to - paid users whose accounts are about to expire [mails are also stored in communication and tagged against serial nos.] • auto-create lead on trial account setup • blog - how erpnext uses erpnext
  5. 5. [ver. 3] headway • refactored - doc, controller, mapper, utils and purchase requestwhat’s • complete purchase cycle • versioning, audit trail next • print formats - server side • a better HR • reports
  6. 6. some • Document is abehavior -of dict and dict] [doc has dual subclass objecttechnical dictionary elements and object attributes # coding is less verbose as python auto-segregates details DocList is a subclass of list • [doclist has dual behavior - object and list] # filtering a doclist is very intuitive • DocListController parent class is the gatekeeper - controls loading, validations, saving of a doclist # better document integrity
  7. 7. didn’tquite get that? Salman with bodyguards Salman is now a bodyguard
  8. 8. thoughts store difference as json • versions for masters, transactions [doctype, name, modified, modified by, difference] # effects: audit trail, knowledge base more wiki like, allow on submit option deprecated, cancel deprecated, auto-save after the first save, revert to previous version • print formats - server side using jinja templates, can inherit / include other print formats # effects: predefined styling can be applied to any print format, recurring invoices sent using selected print format
  9. 9. little shifted to permissions, instead of doctype • allow email, allow print, allow copy should bethings • default print format option to be shifted to a checkbox in the print format form • address / contact to be a child table of party, lead, employee • refactor db schema generation • email thread as a component of contact mark / create contact based on raised by against support ticket
  10. 10. wish-list • visual representation using d3.js)data with interactivity (possibly of report • in developer mode, edit docfields from within the form (possibly a form builder) • wiki pages / knowledge base - tree style display • print format editor with draggable elements • scheduled reports