Pecha Kucha | Biennale of Sydney 2010


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'Too much distance not enough space' a look at clusters and precincts in Sydney's CBD.

20 slides for 20 seconds each.
Presented at the superdeluxe@artspace project, part of the BoS17, on 3 June 2010.

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  • Here to talk about space and distance, in Sydney we have plenty of the later, and less of the former.
  • The harbour is spectacular, the one thing it does well, besides inflating real estate prices is keep people apart. It’s a silence, a space, a pause.
  • And you’re doing fine if you’re hanging around on the beautiful edges. But it is the middle bit that’s uneven, where we need to do a whole lot better
  • We still have a city dominated by trucks and deliveries and people moving about.
  • In the past we have separated everyone to the detriment of the street and the civility of urban life. No footpath, no shops. Plenty of parking though!
  • Sydney has relied on it’s fantastic natural assests, the beach, the bush, a place you came to look at things. Still do. BridgeClimb, speedboat tour, go up Centrepoint, look at Bondi, look at Animals and the Harbour. We need to get more sophisticated in our offer, both to ourselves and to visitors.
  • Jeffery Smart appreciated it nearly 50 years ago, when we built our first real motorway, and the first tunnel in Australia under the Botanic Gardens.
  • We have been doing some research and investigation for the City of Sydney on laneways.
  • In Sydney we need to do something different, better, perhaps go up, multilevel, underground. Be the Asian Money City, while Melbourne is the European Cultural city.
  • Everyone knows how hard it is to do the MCA and the AGNSW in one day. Or get down to Walsh Bay from Town Hall. Or the trickiest of them all—get something to some noodles after going to the Opera House.
  • The city needs to be uncontested territory. A canvas for all sorts of things to happen in, we need more opportunity for artists, the creative industries, entrepreneurs, raconteurs. Walsh Bay is a terrible bit of city and place making. Nothing happens there, except during the Sydney Writers Festival.
  • Sydney runs on money and fireworks. If there is a outcome or a marketing opportunity, it is easier to get some funding—that for the smaller events.
  • Pecha Kucha | Biennale of Sydney 2010

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