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All About The Drawings Of Manga


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Since late 1940s after World War II, the drawings of Manga or Japanese comics has been synonymous with the Japanese where they worshipped as part of their culture just like what we do to magazines, newspapers and internet.

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All About The Drawings Of Manga

  1. 1. All About The Drawings Of MangaSince late 1940s after World War II, the drawings of Manga or Japanesecomics has been synonymous with the Japanese where they worshippedas part of their culture just like what we do to magazines, newspapersand internet.But with the rise of TV from 60s to 80s, Manga gradually becomes a verypopular form of literature in Asian countries in both comics andanimated series. Series like Astro Boy, Go Go Speed Racer, Yamato etc.Despite of Japanese superiority over their US counterparts in drawings,graphics, special effects and storylines, it might come as a surprise tomany people that there are not much differences in their approachs andtechniques.While US are focusing more on superheros or normal humans withextrodinary powers like Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc, the Japaneseare trending towards sophisticated technology of robots withtransformation capabilities such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross andTransformers.Before internet, they are the only ones being involved in animation andmost drawings are done manually. But after internet, other countries likeTaiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China are also involved.Since anime and manga is such a big part of Eastern culture as you canfind Manga bookstores everywhere, it tends to be more broad in thetopics covered. Topics such as sports, sex, secret societies, romance,politics, military and comedy have all been the subject of animation.While the Americans tend to be straightforward and single-minded onthe battle between heros and villains, the Japanese are more
  2. 2. broadminded in their elaborated details of how heros and villains cameabout in the first place.Some of the most interesting features of Manga is their use of dialogueswithin the dialogues. This is commonly seen in Gundam and Macross.As a particular scene unfolds, there will be commentary from thenarrator providing a third person perspective of the characters involvedin the plot whether they are good or evil. If doing all these still does not give you whatyou expect or want in drawings, you ought to check out my site on HowTo Draw Manga Faces. If you find doing all these takes a lot of time, youmight consider automate the entire process quickly and easily withManga Studio software tools.