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New Age of Hearing


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Call Us Today (310) 773-4453 Technological advances are in every area of our lives, and with hearing aids that is no exception. It is a great time to be alive and still have hearing loss.

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New Age of Hearing

  1. 1. (310) New Age of Hearing
  2. 2. (310) 773-4453 Technological advances are inevery area of our lives, and withhearing aids that is no exception.
  3. 3. (310) 773-4453 Sure, you’ve heard the phrase,“Everything’s going digital”. Now hearing aids are digital too!
  4. 4. (310) 773-4453 The digitization of hearing aidsallows sound to travel through the hearing aid and be accuratelyreproduced and amplified into the ear canal.
  5. 5. (310) 773-4453 www.Hearing-Aids-Manhattan-Beach-CA.comThe digital hearing aids can be perfectly modified andcustomized to suit the hearing needs of either ear, or any patient.
  6. 6. (310) 773-4453 Think of it as a cochlear implant outside the ear and without allthe extra equipment and surgical implantation.
  7. 7. (310) 773-4453 This means that you no longer have to fool with your hearing aids to get them to the rightvolume and make sure they are in the correct ears.
  8. 8. (310) 773-4453 www.Hearing-Aids-Manhattan-Beach-CA.comComputer controlled and adjusted in your audiologist’s office, the digital hearing aids are checked and rechecked regularly.