Google Analytics: 10 Game-Changers You Need To Know


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Here are 10 quick tidbits of information about Google Analytics for Marketers, Bloggers and Beginners that I wish I knew years ago. From what a healthy bounce rate is to why 'average time spent on site' always seems so low.

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Google Analytics: 10 Game-Changers You Need To Know

  2. Google Analytics is an incredible tool that helps you make your site great. Here are 10 interesting little tidbits that will make your site even more great. @AmberHorsburgh
  3. 1 Bounce rate: the amount of people that leave your site after only viewing 1 page A high bounce rate is not always a bad thing
  4. A Healthy Bounce Rate varies from 10% - 98% Website type Example Ave bounce rate Service Task Rabbit or Rdio 10 - 30% Retail Amazon or ASOS 20 - 40% Lead Generation National LGBT Museum or Dadaab Stories 30 - 50% Content VICE or Huffington Post 40 - 60% Landing Page Every site 70 - 90% Blog The Sartorialist or Humans of New York 70 - 98% Source: Google Analytics
  5. 2 Unique Visitors show the number of distinct individuals that come to a site
  6. BUT beware! Unique Visitors are not always people This metric counts the cookies dropped in a browser. Unique visitors does not equal unique browsers, people or computers.
  7. 3 Average Visit Duration is thought to show how long people spend on your site on average
  8. But, it is grossly inaccurate. The way it is calculated underestimates the real length of time. It does not count the time a visitor spends on the last page they see. Page #1 Page #2 10:00:00am (T1) 10:00:30am (T2) Enters site Page #3 Exits site 10:00:50am (T3) Time spent on Page 1 = (T2 - T1) = 30 seconds Time spent on Page 2 = (T3 - T2) = 20 seconds Time Spent on Page 3 = (unknown) = 0 Seconds Time on site = 50 seconds
  9. 4 ‘Direct’ Traffic is usually assumed to be people typing a site’s URL directly into the address bar
  10. There are more sources of ‘direct traffic’ than meets the eye 9 common sources: 1. Visitor came through from bookmarks bar 2. Hyperlink from a Word or Powerpoint doc 3. Link was in Skype, G-Chat or AIM 4. Click-throughs from Mobile apps like Twitter 5. Link was in Javascript - this is a problem with banners 6. Link was in a flash application 7. Link was on an intranet 8. Redirect pages 9. Site was set as the users homepage or pinned tab
  11. 5 Referral traffic shows the visits to your site from those that came from site sources other than a search engine
  12. Referral traffic helps track improvements in SEO Referral traffic shows number of backlinks exist to your site. Backlinks help you gain trust and reputation in the eyes of Google search engine. This helps SEO ranking.
  13. 6 Site Search shows the most common things people look for in the search field on your website ** Obviously my site could do better with search
  14. Site Search makes for great content ideas This metric is a great indicator of what people organically want out of your site. Use these themes and keywords to create content for your site. This will be interesting to your audience
  15. 7 When measuring loyalty, most people look at New vs. Returning users. But frequency & recency reports give a better snapshot.
  16. Frequency & recency reports are valuable to content sites, which exist to build long term readership and loyalty.
  17. 8 To find the best type of content your site has look to your top Landing Pages from social traffic report
  18. The top landing pages via social referral show the content that is organically interesting to social audience. Repackage this type of content to get more use.
  19. 9 The maximum session time = 30 mins. Users will be timed out after 30 mins.
  20. This is important to note if your site demands the attention of users for longer than 30 mins. E.g.: educational training sites and audio/video streaming.
  21. 10 Google Analytics is not 100% accurate
  22. It does not catch data if: The Analytics ID tracking code is not pasted on every single page on your website. People disable nd Javascript or disallow a cookies.
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