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Marina of the zabbaleen


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Marina of the zabbaleen

  1. 1. Marina of the Zabbaleen Report By: Angel Lahoz
  2. 2. The Zabbaleen People  The Zabbaleen are a minority religious group of Coptic Christians in Cairo, Egypt.  They are set in the Muqqattam village in Cairo.  Zabbaleen in Arabic means “Garbage Collectors” or Garbage People”
  3. 3.  They are a community that lives with recycled products; 85% of what they use is recycled.  They are known as the informal garbage collectors as they make their living with their waste management system.  They recycle and dispose most garbage and whatever can’t be recycled they feed to the pigs.
  4. 4.  Another part of their economic system is to feed the non-recyclable items to their pigs in order to fatten them up. Afterwards, they sell the pigs.  The Egyptian government gave government contracts to sanitation services so the Zabbaleens circumvented this by collecting the trash before the sanitation services came in.
  5. 5. Marina  The main character in this story is a 7 year old girl named Marina.  She is in school in hopes to become a doctor, one of the only ones in the village in school.  Although in a poor family where her mother is constantly worried about their landlord evicting them, she is a rather innocent girl riding flying elephants, befriending mystical pigeons.
  6. 6. Zabbaleen Coptic Christians  In Egypt, Christians are a minority group where there is an 85% Muslim population; in this community, the Christians and Muslims get along.  Religion is a central part of the community as Marina’s school is taught in a Christian manner.  Kids of the Zabbaleen community are forced to get tattoos of the cross to always remember their original religion; this originated from Roman persecution of Christians.
  7. 7.  Near the end of the documentary there was a festival celebrating the Virgin Mary where they believed the Virgin Mary appears as a white dove.
  8. 8.  Near the end of the movie Marina’s family almost got kicked out by their angry landlord who had a rather colorful rant, but weren’t evicted in the end.  This documentary was filmed during the summer of 2005  In 2009, the Zabbaleens were wiped out of their village due to the H1N1 virus (aka: Swine Flu)  The pigs were taken from the Zabaleens by the Egyptian government.
  9. 9.  Marina and her family still remained in the village, however their future remains uncertain.