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Please take time to read over the October 2012, ACS newsletter it is filled with great articles, information on our programs and upcoming events.

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Oct 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. Family October 2012 Times October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Presidential Proclamation--National Domestic Violence Awareness MonthDuring Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we recognize month to the resources needed to reach safety. I encouragethe significant achievements we have made in reducing victims, their loved ones, and concerned citizens to use thisdomestic violence in America, and we recommit ourselves to hotline for more information at 1-800-799-SAFE or visitthe important work still before us. Despite tremendous www.TheHotline.org.progress, an average of three women in America die as aresult of domestic violence each day. One in four women and This is not just a job for government; it is a job for all ofone in thirteen men will experience domestic violence in their us. Vice President Joe Bidens "1is2many" initiative remindslifetime. These statistics are even more sobering when we us that everyone has a part to play in ending violence againstconsider that domestic violence often goes unreported. youth. By engaging men and women, mothers and fathers, and schools and universities in the fight, we can teach our childrenThe ramifications of domestic violence are staggering. Young about healthy relationships. We are asking everyone to play anwomen are among the most vulnerable, suffering the highest active role in preventing and ending domestic violence, byrates of intimate partner violence. Exposure to domestic stepping up to stop violence when they see it. During Nationalviolence puts our young men and women in danger of long- Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we recommit to makingterm physical, psychological, and emotional harm. Children sure that no one suffers alone, and to assisting those who needwho experience domestic violence are at a higher risk for help in reaching a safer tomorrow.failure in school, emotional disorders, and substance abuse,and are more likely to perpetuate the cycle of violence NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of thethemselves later in life. United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, doMy Administration is working not only to curb domestic hereby proclaim October 2011 as National Domestic Violenceviolence, but to bring it to an end. Last year, we announced Awareness Month. I call on all Americans to speak out againstan unprecedented coordinated strategy across Federal domestic violence and support local efforts to assist victims ofagencies to prevent and stop violence against women. We are these crimes in finding the help and healing they need.empowering survivors to break the cycle of abuse withprograms to help them become financially independent. We IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand thishave prevented victims of domestic violence from being third day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousandevicted or denied assisted housing after abuse. And we are eleven, and of the Independence of the United States ofpromoting tools for better enforcement of protective orders, America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.while helping survivors gain access to legal representation. BARACK OBAMAIn addition, as part of the Affordable Care Act, theDepartment of Health and Human Services announced In This Issuehistoric new guidelines that will ensure women receive Director’s Corner………………..………………….....2preventive health services without additional cost, including Newcomers/ACS Directory……………..….................2domestic violence screening and counseling. The Affordable AFAP/AFTB/MRT.…......…..………..………….........3Care Act also ensures that insurance companies can no longer ERP-Asking for a Raise………………………….........4classify domestic violence as a pre-existing condition. FAP/EFMP SHARP/SOS……………………………..5 FRP-Payday Loans…………........................................6Last December, I reauthorized the Child Abuse Prevention Halloween Safety………...............................................7and Treatment Act, giving communities life-saving tools to Relo/Mob/Dep….…………..........................................8help identify and treat child abuse or neglect. It also supports Wellness Corner…...….....................…………………9shelters, service programs, and the National Domestic Calendar……………….....................………………..10 AFAP Issue Book…………………………….......11-14Violence Hotline, linking tens of thousands of victims every
  2. 2. Director’s Corner Fall has arrived and the weather is beautiful, enjoy it while it last. At the end of this month’s ACS Newsletter you will find attached, the AFAP Issue Booklet, it contains the Prioritized Issues from the 2011 Survivor Outreach Services Conference, the Youth Conference, and the AFAP Conference. This booklet outlines the Scope, the Recommendation, and the Status of the Issues submitted in 2011 from all three conferences. If you have an issue or suggestion to improve the quality of life in the Army, fill out an AFAP Issue Form at the following locations: Army Community Service, Barber Shop, Belfour Beatty Communities, Bowling Center, Child Development Center, Community Club, Fitness Center, ID Section, Post Office, Reserve Center, and Visitor Control Center. If you prefer, submit an issue on- line visit: http://www.hamiltonmwr.com/afap_form.php. Have a great Columbus Day! Carmen E. Borrero, ACS DirectorACS Programs & Staff New to Ft. Hamilton?ACS Director Family Advocacy/EFMPCarmen Borrero Vincent DiMaira718-630-4457 718-630-4460Army Emergency Relief Financial Readiness718-630-4754 718-630-4754Army Family Front Desk/InformationTeam Building & ReferralJohn Mapes Magda Lawrence718-630-4498 718-630-4754Army Family Action Plan Lending ClosetJohn Mapes Madeline Pastorella Attend Our Newcomer’s Orientation718-630-4498 718-630-4754Army Volunteer Corps Relocation Readiness October 25, 2012Joseph Gamez718-630-4756 Madeline Pastorella 718-630-4462 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.Deployment Readiness Sexual Assault & ACS Conference RoomMadeline Pastorella Victim Advocacy718-630-4462 Vincent DiMaira Bldg. 137-C Poly Place, 1st Floor 718-630-4460Employment ReadinessJoseph Gamez Survivor Outreach Followed by a complimentary lunch718-630-4756 Services 718-630-4754 at the Fort Hamilton Community Club! Please call to reserve your seat (718) 630-4754
  3. 3. Army Family Action Plan AFAP…Voice of the Community! What is Army Family Action Plan?Have you ever thought, if the Army would just ask me how to fix this I could tell them. The AFAP Programgives you the chance to do just that! The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is one of the Armys principleprograms put in place to ensure that standards of living in the Army keep pace with changing times. AFAP gives Soldiers (Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve), Retirees, DA civilians, and their Familiesthe opportunity to let Army leadership know what is working and what isn’t and their ideas about whatwill fix it. If you have an idea which you believe would be beneficial and would like to submit an Issue on-line visit: http://www.hamiltonmwr.com/afap_form.php or stop by at any of the following locations to fill outa submission form: •Army Community Service •Fitness Center •Barber Shop •ID Section •Belfour Beatty Communities •Post Office •Bowling Center •Reserve Center •Child Development Center •Visitor Control Center •Community Club AFAP Program Manager John Mapes 718-630-4498, email john.e.mapes2.civ@mail.mil Army Family Team Building Learn, Grow, Lead Strong Minds, Strong BodiesMRT is a key component of the Comprehensive SoliderFitness (CSF) Program. The concept behind the CSFprogram, as it relates to resiliency, is simple: being Army The AFTB mission is to educate andStrong is much more than being physically fit; it is about empower members of the militarymental and emotional strength as well. community to develop skills and behaviors that strengthens self-reliance,What does the MRT Program do? promote retention and enhance readiness.•Enables Family members to "bounce back" fromadversity and grow from current or past adversities Army Families face AFTB strives to provide pro-active,•Introduces Family members to their true potential forward thinking support for todaysFocuses on "Hunting the Good Stuff" families and ensure the strength•Develops the ability to understand the thoughts, of tomorrows Army.emotions and behaviors of self and others•Enhances effectiveness and well-being by teaching For more information please callcompetency skills For more information please call 718-630-4498 718-630-4498
  4. 4. Four things to consider when asking for a raiseArticle from moneymanagement.orgSubmitted by Employment Readiness ProgramEven the most confident person in the world can bereduced to a bumbling bundle of nerves when it comesto asking for a raise at work.The following are some tips to help you through theprocess:Know your worth. When asking for a raise, it’simportant to know what you bring to the table. Make a and train a new employee. That being said, there arelist of your accomplishments and contributions to help certain times when your company’s finances are tighterstrengthen your case. Quantifiable measures (for than others, and there are times when the budget ismoreexample, the percentage you have helped increase sales, receptive to change. Be sure to take into considerationor, the amount of money you have helped the company your employer’s financial outlook when planning to asksave by implementing a certain procedure). Emails from for a raise.coworkers and clients praising your work are socialproof that you are worthy of a raise. Think win/win. The relationship between employee and employer should be based on mutual benefit. When youDo your research. Consult with others in your industry discuss your salary with your employer, try to keep thisand conduct research online to find out what the going balance in mind. Be assertive in asking for what yourate is for your position. Be sure to consider your level think you deserve, but leave ultimatums like “give me aof experience, education, and city of residence as all of raise or I quit” out of the discussion unless you arethese factors will have some bearing on salary. really ready to move on to a new job. Timing is everything. Before asking for a raise, Remember, even if your company cant grant yourconsider your organization’s finances. It is often less request for a raise right now, increased benefits andexpensive for a company to pay slightly more for an vacation time are other “wins” that your employer mayemployee who already knows the job than it is to hire be willing to discuss in lieu of a higher salary. So give it a shot! Fort Hamilton Army Community Service Army Volunteer Corps Employment Readiness Program Offers: Make a difference….Volunteer Meet New People Job Search Assistance Become Active in Your Community Resume Development Gain New Job Skills Career Planning Feel Good About Yourself Vacancy Listings Enhance Job Opportunities Job Search Training Gain Experience Computer Lab Network TO REGISTER please call To Schedule an appointment (718) 630-4756 please call (718) 630-4756
  5. 5. Sexual Assault Has No Place in the Army Sexual assault can reduce the strength of your entire unit. You have a responsibility as a soldier to work to prevent sexual assault from occurring in your unit. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program reinforces the Armys commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability. Army policy promotes sensitive care and confidentialreporting for victims of sexual assault and accountability for those who commit these crimes.The goals of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program are to:Create a climate that minimizes sexual assault incidents, which impact Army personnel, Army civilians, and familymembers, and, if an incident should occur, ensure that victims and subjects are treated according to Army policy.Create a climate that encourages victims to report incidents of sexual assault without fear. Establish sexual assaultprevention training and awareness programs to educate Soldiers. Ensure sensitive and comprehensive treatment torestore victims health and well-being.Ensure leaders understand their roles and responsibilities regarding response to sexual assault victims, thoroughlyinvestigate allegations of sexual assault, and take appropriate administrative and disciplinary action. If you are a victim of a sexual assault, please contact the ACS Assault Response Coordinator at 718-630-4460 or347-452-4302 24/7. Exceptional Family Member Program Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things anyone can go through. In its commitment to the Families of the Fallen, the United States Army has developed a comprehensive Survivor Outreach Services EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that (SOS) Program. works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, The mission of the Survivor Outreach educational, housing, community support, and Services (SOS) is to provide long-term personnel services to Families with special needs. support to Families of our Fallen Soldiers by offering assistance with any concerns or For any questions concerning the Exceptional issues, providing information on services Family Member Program, please contact Vincent and programs, and connecting Families to DiMaira, Family Advocacy Program Manager at outreach organizations both inside and 718-630-4460 outside the Department of Defense. To enroll your Family Member in EFMP, contact If you would like more information, please call 718-630-4754 Nola Francois at Keller Army Community Hospital in West Point Phone: 845-938-6881
  6. 6. The Ugly Truth About Payday LoansArticle from http://www.moneymangement.orgFinancial Readiness ProgramFamilies without bank accounts are on the rise,according to a survey by the Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation (FDIC). The agency reported that one- The payday industry justifies its business by stressingquarter of households in the U.S. lack a checking or that they are only used for the occasional emergency.savings account. However, that’s rarely the case.Unfortunately, many of these consumers are turning to It’s reported that nearly seven in 10 people who usehigh-interest alternatives, such as pay-day loans, title payday loans, rely on them for recurring expenses, suchloans and pawn shops, to satisfy their banking needs. as food, rent, utilities and car payments. In fact, the WallAnd while these may be convenient options – the cost Street Journal reports that the average customer of aof convenience is staggering. payday lender makes 11 transactions a year. And one can only imagine how quickly the interest on that manyAccording to Consumers Union, the fees for payday transactions could snowball.loans can be as much as $17.50 for every $100borrowed. But it’s the interest rates that are downright So in reality, payday loans actually create moredirty! problems than they solve. And who needs more problems?For example, the interest rate for a one-week loan ismore than 900 percent. You read that right – nine So rather than resorting to a payday loan, considerhundred percent. And if you’re interested in a two- opening up a checking or savings account at an FDIC-week loan, you’ll have to pony up 456 percent. insured bank or credit union. These financial institutions are beginning to offer more options for small loans, Financial Readiness which would be the ideal alternative to using a payday lender. Program Plus, opening up an account at a reputable institution will allow you to build an emergency savings account – which should be easy to do, now that you’re not paying triple-digit interest rates. You should aim to save at least an amount equal to three months of your salary – ideally it should be six months. And depending on the financial institution you choose, your savings will earn interest over time – so your money will be making its own money! It’s a win-win. Finally, remember that when facing a debt crisis, there is no “quick fix” that’s going to solve all of your financial issues. So anyone promising one should be scrutinized thoroughly. For more information And if you need assistance putting together a long-termPlease call 718-630-4754 solution to pay down debt, seek out a nonprofit organization, such as MMI, to get you on the right path toward a stress-free financial future!
  7. 7. Stay Safe this HalloweenSubmitted by William HanselSafety OfficerAnytime a child has an accident, its tragic. Having your childget hurt any day of the year would be horrible but the last for treats unless your parents are with you and say that itsthing that you want to happen is for your child to be hurt on a okay. There are some people in life that arent very nice toholiday, like Halloween. It would forever live in the minds of kids and you have to be careful. Always make sure that yourthe child and family, ruining that special time of year. mom or dad is within sight when you go out trick-or-treating.Everyone wants to have a safe and happy Halloween for •Be careful when you cross a street. Make sure to look in boththemselves, their guests and especially their children. Using directions and make sure that there are no cars coming. If yousafety tips and some common sense can help you make the have a little brother or sister with you, take their hand andmost of your Halloween season, keeping it as enjoyable for help them get across the street, too. If the street has a stopyour kids as it is for you! There are lots of simple ways to light, wait until the cross walk light tells you that its okay tohelp keep your child safe on Halloween, when accidents and cross now, but still check before you cross, look both ways.injuries are more likely to occur. • If you are an older kid or young teen, and going out withThe excitement of children and adults at this time of year can friends, make sure that your parents know where you aresometimes make them not as careful as they would normally going and who you are going with. This may seem like a painbe. This article is filled with suggestions that can do a lot to but they are your parents and they love you. They just wantstop tragedies from happening and help make the most of you to be safe.everyones favorite holiday of the year... Halloween! •Vandalism is never cool! Throwing eggs at cars and housesBy keeping Halloween a fun, safe and happy holiday for you is not cool. Someone has to clean it up and it could be you, ifand your kids, youll look forward to many happy years of you get caught. You can also be arrested and punished as aHalloween fun! By keeping good memories for your kids, juvenile. So, dont think that its fun only if you can get awaytheyll be more likely to carry on the traditions that you have with it. Its never the right thing to do! Think about how youtaught to them with their own families some day! would feel if someone did that to your house and how bad it would make you feel.•Heres some tips that we have just for you kids, to help keepyou safe on Halloween night! Some of these ideas are called Have fun on Halloween but keep it safe, have some good,"common sense" ideas, that means that they are things that clean fun and your parents will trust you for manyyou should know and use every day in life. You are never too Halloweens to come! Showing them how responsible you canyoung to learn! be will give you a feeling of pride and make them see just how adult you really are.• Never, ever go into a strangers house or even ring their door Serving those who serve their countryIf you’re a Service member in crisis, or know a Service back on track. Crisis feels different for everybody and can bemember who is, confidential support is only a phone call, associated with a wide range of situations. Some Serviceclick, or text away. The Military Crisis Line is staffed by members are coping with stress, anxiety, PTSD, or othercaring, qualified responders from the U.S. Department of effects stemming from their military service. Many haveVeterans Affairs (VA)—many who have served in the Military difficulty with their relationships or with the transition backthemselves. They understand what Service members have to civilian life.been through and the challenges members of the Militaryand their loved ones face. Whatever’s got you down—chronic pain, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, anger, or even disturbingThe Military Crisis Line, online chat, and text are free to all memories of your tour —a Military Crisis Line responder canService members, including members of the National Guard provide support, day or night.and Reserves, and Veterans, even if you are not registeredwith VA or enrolled in VA health care. Hundreds of men and Confidential Support is available 24/7 Military Crisis Linewomen in the military call us every day—and start to get (1-800-273-8255) Press 1, online chat & text (838255)
  8. 8. Waiting Families Military Youth on the Move Paint Your Own Pottery Stay Safe - Online Predators Chat rooms, instant messaging, and other social October 20, 2012 networking sites are fun, quick, and easy ways to stay in touch with people after you move. You can have conversations, send each other pictures, and stay 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm connected. But at the same time, its important to remember that there are other people on the Internet who are up to no good. Be wary of any strangers online. People arent always Meet at who they say they are. Stick to talking to only people you know, and do not agree to meet up with people from the Army Community Internet. You never know who youre dealing with. Service Do not use your real information. Do not provide people with your real name, address, phone number, or any Bldg. 137C, other information that can help someone identify who you are or where you live. 1st Floor Get your parent involved. If someone you dont know is trying to communicate with you online, tell your parent and do not communicate with this person. Avoid unsafe websites and scams. If something pops upPlease call to reserve your seat!! on your computer and asks you to sign up for a free prize or put your information onto the site to win something, dont do it. Most of the time, this type of thing is a scam Phone: 718-630-4462 and you dont want to give your information to strangers. Immigration & Naturalization Assistance: This service offers information on Immigration and Naturalization policies, procedures and forms. Are You Departing or Arriving to Due to the high demand of this service, appointments are Ft. Hamilton Without preferred. Your Household Goods? Provided to Active Duty,Come to the ACS Lending Closet for Retirees, Service members on Temporary use of Household Title 10 Orders & their Dependants Essentials you may Need. To schedule an appointment call (718) 630-4462
  9. 9. Wellness CornerSubmitted by Bilqis BenuFamily & MWR Fitness CoordinatorTransitions Seasons change and so does the uncooked plant foods are great regulators of metabolic processes body. One of the core overlooked sources of enzymes. Bromelain is too. These are controlled by transitions occurs in the found in pineapples while papain centers in the brain. When the metabolism. It’s how food is is concentrated in papayas. So, go body’s processes are not converted into energy. It’s shopping today for papayas, functioning optimally a Yoga class affected by our environment, our pineapples, sprouts, raw nuts and and or a Reiki Session can help. daily consumption and our daily seeds. Transition with the season These two alternative methods activities. into better habits for example, shop (amongst many) are keys to outside the inner lanes in the balancing the mind and thus the The body works very hard to supermarket and avoid processed body, along with proper food and obtain energy from what you foods. exercise. consume. Enzymes are the speed behind the chemical breakdown of Hormones, including insulin, Reiki and Yoga are utilized by the food. They are the movers and glucagon, and epinephrine, are Military and recognized as shakers of the metabolism. Eating valuable therapeutic options. It varied food will provide the body has also led to a decrease of with these precious helper medication use. Fort Bliss, Fort enzymes. Eating healthier will Riley, Fort Hood, and Fort also keep the fall cold bug away! Hamilton offer these services because of the following benefits: So, make sure your eating diverse Relaxation, Pain Management, & colorful fresh fruits, vegetables, Reduced Anxiety, Improved Sleep, lean protein and low to no Accelerated Surgical Recovery, processed foods. Virtually all Reduce Side-Effects from fresh, organically grown, Radiation & Reduces Blood Pressure.Join our upcoming Wellness Fair A venue for better health and inner Chiropractic Care, Wellbeing Wellness Fair peace. We will have a variety of guidance and Fitness tours. Location: Fitness Center wellness sessions for you to sample. Free samples and refreshments will A listing on some of the many be served to the first 50 people. Date: 2012 October 27th services on this day are: Reiki, Time: 1000-1300 hrs. You are cordially invited! Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage,Contact: Ms. Benu, Bilqis - Fitness Coordinator P: 718.630.4935Fort Hamilton Sports and Fitness Center E: Bilqis.z.benu.naf@mail.mil402 MacArthur Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11252 FB: BrooklynFmwr
  10. 10. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 13 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-160014 15 16 17 18 19 20 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS Waiting Families 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Painted Pot Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 1400-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 Meet at ACS21 22 23 24 25 26 27 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS Newcomer’s ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0830-1130 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab ACS Conf Rm. 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-160028 29 30 31 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 Happy Halloween
  11. 11. AFAP Issue Book United States Army Garrison – Fort Hamilton The Face of America’s Army in New York CityPrioritized issues from the Survivor Outreach Services Mini AFAP Conference on 9 August 2011, the YouthMini AFAP on 30 August 2011 and the AFAP Conference on 8 December 2011.ISSUE #: FH-11-001: Inconsiderate Housing Area OccupantsScope: The effect of privatized housing has resulted in a reduction of quality of life in military housing due to lack of enforcementof rules/policies. Residents (military and non-military) are not following rules/policies set in place by property management(Balfour Beatty Communities). Specifically policies of noise ordinance, parking, garbage (take out & clean up), curfew of youthand fire/safety (BBQ grills on balconies) are not being followed.Recommendation(s): Revise policies so that when violations are committed enforcement/consequences are implemented bygarrison command instead of property management (regardless of the privatized agreement).Status: Completed/ This issue has been brought to the attention of our property management staff. Every effort has been, andwill continue to be made towards the enforcement of these policies, which are all incorporated into the Resident Guide that ishanded out to each new resident. Additionally, if residents notice blatant violations, they have the ability to call and notify theproperty management staff who will then take the appropriate course of action, based on the type and severity of theviolation/infraction. Those residents that are found non-compliant with any policy are given proper notifications ranging from a“Discrepancy Notice”, “Letter of Caution”, “Letter of Warning”, “Letter of Eviction.” Any issue that cannot be reasonablyresolved through the efforts of the property management staff and the Ft. Hamilton Housing office are brought to the attentionof the Garrison Command Group.ISSUE #: FH-11-011: Benefits for Gold Star ParentsScope: Gold Star Parents are currently not receiving the same benefits as surviving spouses and children. For example, there areno preventive medical benefits for Gold Star Parents. Lack of matching benefits create hardships and isolation of Gold StarParents from the military family.Recommendation(s): Provide equal benefits for Gold Star Parents that mirror benefits of surviving spouses and children.Status: Unattainable/ Elevated to Military District of Washington (MDW) AFAP Conference—The Delegates from this conferencefelt services are currently available: Survivor Outreach Services (SOS), Veterans Administration and Military Family LifeConsultants offer free services. This issue was not forwarded to the Dept of the Army.ISSUE #: FH-11-012: Survivor Preferential Hiring StatusScope: Next of kin are not given the same preferential hiring status as spouses when applying for government positions. Oftentimes the next of kin (i.e. Gold Star Parents) have more qualifications than the spouses, but are not considered for employmentdue to lack of equal preferential status. Therefore the government is not benefiting by the employment of the most qualifiedcandidate. Gold Star Parents should be allowed to offer their dedication, experiences and educational backgrounds forconsideration of employment on an equal par with military spouses.Recommendation(s): Provide Next of Kin the same preferential hiring status that are offered to spouses.Status: Unattainable/ Elevated to MDW AFAP Conference—A representative from the Judge Advocate General’s office told theconference Delegates that if benefits were not given to a family member prior to the Soldiers death then benefits could not beoffered after the death. This issue was also brought forward at the SOS conference earlier this year and was not considered thereeither. This issue was not forwarded to the Dept of the Army.ISSUE #: FH-11-014: Recreational fun for teensScope: There aren’t enough recreational activities for teens on post. The younger teens are not allowed off post; meanwhile theolder teens who are allowed off post participate in reckless behavior/activities. The lack of recreational activities affects theentire youth population on post.Recommendation(s): Provide new recreational activities such as an indoor roller rink. Provide additional equipment at alreadyestablished recreation sites, such as more swings at the Ocean View Park and a waterslide at the Community Pool. Initiatequarterly Teen Forums in the Child, Youth and School Services sphere to discuss additional requests for recreational activities.Status: Completed/ Youth Services will hold quarterly Teen Forums to discuss recreational activities and other teen concerns.The Teen forums will be held 3rd Tuesday of each month (Mar, Jun, Sept and Dec)
  12. 12. ISSUE #: FH-11-024: Running track on postScope: There is no designated area for Soldiers outdoor running PT. Lack of running track increases disruption in traffic flow,accidents and injuries. Proper running track will increase moral and physical readiness.Recommendation(s): Build a track around the ball field or another location.Status: OPEN/ Funding doesn’t exist for a new track, however, Poly Preparatory School next to Fort Hamilton may allow use oftheir facilities. DFMWR will research this option.ISSUE #: FH-11-026: Improve Recycling ProgramScope: Garrison Residents/Tenants are not fully engaged in the current recycle program. The environment is affected by lack ofparticipation from users. The garrison is not meeting the established base line standards.Recommendation(s):1) Aggressively market current recycling program2) Demand 100% participationStatus: Completed/ Recycling outreach was conducted to all housing units, including memo from the Garrison Commander.DPW started briefing OMA activities on proper recycling procedures on 13 December 2011 and so far has met with PAI, Safety,FMWR, PAO, DOL DPTMS, NEC and CAC. Environmental Division is continuing the recycling briefing to all OMA and tenants on theinstallation. We are also briefing the newcomers at the Newcomer’s Orientation.ISSUE #: FH-11-032: Energy Conservation Awareness TrainingScope: Lack of energy awareness notification to the Garrison. Lack of awareness results in not meeting energy reduction goals.Meeting energy reductions goals saves dollars that can be used towards mission critical activitiesRecommendation(s): Coordinate with Garrison energy POC’s to provide mandatory Energy Conservation Awareness Training.Status: OpenISSUE #: FH-11-033: Emergency Notification SystemScope: The current Emergency Notification System utilized on the installation does not reach all intended parties (tenants andresidents.) It also appears that a large portion of the installation population are unaware of the Roam Secure Alert Network(RSAN.) At the time of an emergency the Fort Hamilton community may not receive notification or be aware of a potentialthreat, which may lead to an increase in injuries or death.Recommendation(s):1) Broaden the Fort Hamilton knowledge base of RSAN capabilities and ensure that the information is provided in a timelymanner to all residents and tenants.2) Install internal intercom capabilities within all buildings on the installation.Status: Completed/ The Director of Planning, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) has contacted both the ArmyCommunity Services (ACS) center and the Public Affairs Office (PAO) for assistance with this requirement. ACS has provided timefor the Emergency Management (EM) manager to speak during the installation’s Newcomer’s orientation and the PAO is workingwith the EM to develop a way to use the command information system to promote Fort Hamilton’s ability to get RSAN alerts onpersonal electronic devices. DPTMS has sent out mass emails to promote the use of RSAN by the community. Additionally DPTMShas conducted a briefing for the United States Army Corps of Engineers Safety Managers to encourage usage of RSAN within theCorp. Installation of internal intercom is being reviewed to determine the best system for the structures at Fort Hamilton.ISSUE #: FH-11-034: Lower rank Service Members, Civilian Staff, and Family Members are unaware of any emergency responseplan at Fort Hamilton.Scope: This affects mission readiness and preparedness in the event of an emergency.Recommendation(s): Discover and utilize additional channels of communication and be more aggressive in distributinginformation to military community.Status: Completed/ The EM is currently tasked with reviewing and revising the Fort Hamilton emergency preparedness trainingprogram. Communication of an event/incident has been identified as a National shortfall. Currently we are using the previouslydescribed means to better inform the community. Additionally the use of “Social” networks has been incorporated. Visitation bythe installation staff to “tenant” units to review their plans/SOP and providing assistance with updating and exercising will beincluded in the Fort Hamilton Exercise Plan.ISSUE #: FH-11-035: Non DOD affiliated civilians can make reservations at the Ft. Hamilton lodge, even though they would notnormally have access to the installation. Why is it that they are allowed to get on post with just a reservation? Scope: This degrades the security of the entire installation. A terrorist can access the installation in a vehicle with nothing morethan a credit card.
  13. 13. Recommendation(s): Ensure that unauthorized civilians do not enter the installation with just a lodge reservation.Status: Completed/ In order to obtain a room at the Holiday Inn Express Fort Hamilton, the potential guest must be able to gainaccess to the installation. The lodging staff informs every potential guest that the lodge is located on a military installation andthey will need proper identification to enter. Additionally DES insures/validates all guests have more than just a reservation. Amilitary identification card and/or affiliation is required for entry onto Fort Hamilton.ISSUE #: FH-11-036: Priority for Soldiers & Families @ Guest House LodgingScope: There is a lack of priority lodging for PCS/TDY service members and their Families. This creates an increase in transporttime, a financial burden to the service member and stress to the Family members. Increased stress compromises missionreadiness.Recommendation(s): Provide priority to Service Members and their families at privatized lodging on military facilities.Status: OPEN/ Elevated to MDW AFAP Conference—The conference Delegates recommended this issue go forward to the Deptof the Army AFAP General Officer Steering Committee meeting.ISSUE #: FH-11-038: Waste of ElectricityScope: There are many lights left on after business hours. This negatively affects the Garrison’s budget. Funds are being divertedfrom mission critical programs to fund higher than necessary electrical bills.Recommendation(s): 1) Install occupancy sensors in OMA buildings 2) Increase energy awareness (lights) 3) Offer incentives to save energyStatus: Completed/ Occupancy sensors will be installed in buildings that currently do not contain them as a modification to the8A Energy projects contract.ISSUE #: FH-11-043: Workforce ReductionsScope: Due to drastic and arbitrary reductions in the DoD work force, directorates are not able to complete their missions. Forinstance, DES has been mandated to be reduced by 9 officers which does not meet the daily man power requirement. Thisdirectly affects the readiness, welfare and development of every Service Member, Family Member and DoD Civilian on theinstallation.Recommendation(s): Ensure that every directorate has enough qualified Military and civilian personnel to accomplish theirmission and provide services to the current standard.Status: Completed / Due to budget constraints across the entire Army we may be required to reduce our staffing level. TheCommand is working very hard to ensure that we can cover all required missions. If a reduction in staffing levels results in notbeing able to complete a mission, then the Command will have to relook and adjust mission requirements.ISSUE #: FH-11-044: Insufficient Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)Scope: Currently BAH is based on the location of the installation. Housing in the surrounding communities however, does notpredominantly meet on post conditions. Consequently soldiers have to spend more than their BAH amount to secure safe andquality housing for their families.Recommendation(s): Provide BAH to reflect the markets equivalent to on post living.Status: Completed / Data is collected annually for over 350 Military Housing Areas in the United States. Three components areincluded in the BAH computation: median current market rent, average utilities (including electricity, heat, and water/sewer)and average renter’s insurance. Collectively these components establish the total housing costs. From 2007 thru 2011, Ft.Hamilton BAH rates have had a steady increase. Ft. Hamilton’s average BAH has risen from $2052 in 2007 to its current rate of$3005 in 2011. Based on the significant increases in BAH, and the surrounding area market rental rates, Ft. Hamilton’s currentBAH rates accurately reflect those rental costs associated with the surrounding markets.ISSUE #: FH-11-045: Ft. Hamilton Community Activities CenterScope: Current Community Activities Center does not meet the soldiers need and is inadequate. The concentration is currentlyon the outside community and is not soldier friendly. Soldiers are forced to go off post for after hour activities, and when alcoholis involved, it can be detrimental.Recommendation(s): Establish appropriate after hours Community Activities Center for Service members.Status: Unattainable / The Fort Hamilton Installation Planning Board has plans to build a Community Activities Center, however,funding has not been allocated for it at this time. As soon as funding is approved, work on building a Community Activities Centerwill begin.
  14. 14. ISSUE #: FH-11-046: Cross Training Military and Civilian PersonnelScope: Many military and civilian personnel are not aware of nor trained in specific elements and technical knowledge in orderto complete their mission. For instance, DES training officers may need to know aspects of the DPW, like GFEBS, in order to gettraining equipment. This lack of knowledge hinders productivity and mission completion.Recommendation(s): Create focus group sessions on cross training Military and Civilians to distribute relevant technicalknowledge throughout the work force.Status: Completed/ Cross Training is being conducted at the local levels. Additionally there are Professional DevelopmentTraining opportunities for civilian personnel wishing to expand their skill sets beyond their current job classifications. Thisincludes TDYs to other installations and the Fort Hamilton University.ISSUE #: FH-10-058: Housing Recycling ProgramScope: Housing currently has no recycling program. This negatively impacts not only the installation but the entire environment.Wrongly discarding recyclable items causes harm to the environment. Recycling saves the community money.Recommendation(s): Provide a Recycling Program for Fort Hamilton Housing.Status: Completed/ The Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division in conjunction with our Fort Hamilton housingpartner, Balfour Beatty Communities, have implemented a housing recycling program.Issue from the 2009 AFAP Conference:ISSUE #: FH-09-064: Provide a Coffee Establishment on PostScope: Fort Hamilton lacks a good socialization area such as a coffee shop. It also provides employment for Teens. It is a safervenue for Teenagers to gather, as opposed to going off post. Off post is an urban environment that can be dangerous. A coffeeshop would provide a good social networking place for the Community.Recommendation(s): Establish a coffee shop on PostAction: AAFES management is looking at companies to bid on running a Coffee Shop on post.Status: OPEN