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How did you use new media technologies In The construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?


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How did you use new media technologies In The construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

  1. 1. How did you use new media technologies InThe construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Bio - The Evaluation
  2. 2. • In Research... Throughout the research, planning and the evaluation stage many forms of technology were used to aid us. In research we began by • We then moved on to using Youtube to research similar using the camera to horror films. We watched some record ourselves trailers to be able to gain a completing a zombie perspective of what these films were make-up test. This was like. We then knew what types of done to ensure we could shots, lighting and editing were make the film look popular amongst this genre. Click realistic. The camera we Here used to record this was a Canon 1100D. Click Here to view • We also used the We then used Microsoft Word camera to take to write out our rough pictures of our narrative for filming. This location scouting. gave us direction when We then used the We used Google in general to filming so that we didn’t photo sharing search for zombie related begin to change to much as website ‘Flickr’ to events and films to gain further we filmed. upload and share perspective on the genre. We them on our blog. found theme park events and Click Here ‘Zombie Walks’ across the world, with the possibility of filming these we could have made the film on a big scale, however the only one happening at the time was in Toronto. We found horror film posters and trailers to see what aspects we needed to include.
  3. 3. In Research...We used IMDB (international movie database) to search Before the year was starting we for other zombie films to had a transition period in which see what ideas had already we practiced using iMovie We used the website been used. We then made before starting out on the to view sure we didn’t copy these coursework. This gave us a past horror film posters ideas but used many ideas chance to get used to the before moving on to makeput together to create a new program and then when we our own. This helped us zombie movie idea. Click came round to using it to edit when taking the photos for Here our trailer footage we were not the poster. We knew what coming in to a new program sort of lighting we needed not knowing how to use the and what sort of shot was basics. used amongst most horror posters. We used Blogger to blog everything we did throughout all stages. We used it during the research stage to document everything we had found useful. We also used it to link up all of our workWe then used Microsoft Word across Youtube, Blogger and to write out our rough Flickr to allow people to view narrative for filming. This our work easily. Every week gave us direction when we would use the blog as a filming so that we didn’t diary to keep people up tobegin to change to much as date with what we were we filmed. producing. Click Here
  4. 4. In Production... We used Youtube and a We used the Canon camera video to sound converter toagain in production to film the take the backing music from footage for our trailer. We the ‘Dead Island’ video used the Canon instead of an game trailer and then we actual video camera because were able to use this music the Canon had 720p HD as a backing track to our filming where as the video trailer. We also used the cameras available only filmed converter to take zombie in standard 420p. This gave sound effects from anotherour film trailer a better image video game video. We then quality and therefore offered continued to use easier viewing for our GarageBand to edit this audience. We went to one of sound clip and cut out the the locations on our location one sound effect that we scout to begin filming. were going to use. We also used Adobe Photoshop to create our production team logo. We found a base image on Google Images and then We then used iMovie to put all of put this into Photoshop our footage together and decide to edit the colours and what clips were good enough to add text to match the include in our trailer. We cut out logo with our company the bad shots and used these to name. create an out takes video. With the good footage we managed to organise the shots into a flowing trailer explaining the movie.
  5. 5. We used Adobe Photoshop to In Production... create our poster for our film. To create our magazine Our billboard poster was also created using Adobe The poster was created using front cover we used Photoshop, again using anan image taken at the make-up another image from the image from the make-up test that we did, using the make-up shoot and test. We used photoshop toCanon 1100d camera. We then again used Photoshop add blood stains on the put this image into Photoshop to add lots off blood to walls to create the feel ofand toned down the colours to the image to add to the death and danger, also create a darker image, ‘Horror Special’ issue. commonplace in horror common in other horror We used Empire posters. We also added posters. We also used a magazine as it is a well major reviews from process in which we added known film review magazines to further enticedifferent colours and effects to magazine. We also our audience in to watch the add a 3D effect to the poster added other Horror film film. The lighting was also so that when wearing 3D names and darkened adjusted to create a darker glasses the image appears to the original image. image. come out at you. This is because 3D is becoming more popular in films and it added to the horror due to the fact the zombie is coming out at the reader.
  6. 6. In Evaluation... We used Keynote in the evaluation process in order to complete the question “How Did You Use New Media Technologies We used iMovie for the question In The Construction, Research, “In what ways does your media Planning and Evaluation Stages?” product use, develop or We used Keynote because it challenge forms and conventions allowed us to easily link images of real media products?” We to certain pieces of work and used a video camera to film allowed the explanation to flow ourselves talking about easily. We then used ‘Slideshare’ conventional work and how we to change the format of this used these to develop our presentation so it was able to be products. We then put the viewed on our blog. footage onto iMovie to cut it down to the pieces we wanted and then added a filter to make it look like a hostage video. We added text to the video for the For the question “ What have audience to follow it more easily. you learned from your I also edited the sound so that it audience feedback?” we could be heard more clearly. used a website called ‘’ to changeFor the question “How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text to words through an texts?” we used Microsoft Word to animated character. We chose for the character to be a voodoo doll as it fitted quite nicely with the horror genre. This made the evaluation more interactive and interesting so that the audience would find it easier to follow.