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Zombie run, llc


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Zombie Run is a zombie-infested 5k obstacle race

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Zombie run, llc

  1. 1. ZOMBIE RUN, LLCZombie-infested 5k obstacle race
  2. 2. When hell is full andthe dead walk theearthZombie Run is a 5K obstaclerace for the end of times. Butyou’re not just running againstthe clock — you’re running fromflesh-eating, virus-spreading, bloody zombies.ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  3. 3. You’ve made it to the safe zone - now what? A flimsy fence separates you from hordes of flesh-eating zombies. It is just a matter of time before you are over run. There is only one hope: a mile and a half away there grows a plant that contains a serum that will save humanity. Can you overcome obstacles, retrieve the plant and make it back to the safe zone alive?ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  4. 4. BASIC SURVIVAL Before the race, you will be given a flag belt These flags represent your health. The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains. If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  5. 5. WHAT YOU’RE UP AGAINST• Throughout the 5K obstacle race, there will be a series of man-made and natural obstacles for you to complete.• There will be zombies. Their job is to chase you and eat you — but mainly go after your health, in the form of your flag belt. Avoid the zombies to keep your health flags.• Use speed, strategy and your intact brains to make it to the FINISH LINE “alive” with at least ONE FLAG INTACT and the serum- giving plant.. If you finish with zero health flags, this means the zombies have successfully transformed you into the “undead”.ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  6. 6. HOW YOU’LL DO IT• There will be a start line, and a finish line, but what happens in between is up to you. There are multiple routes to reach the finish. Choose wisely, or your 5k might turn into a 10k.ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  7. 7. THE ZOMBIES• These aren’t your fathers’ zombies. Today some zombies have evolved from the bumbling, slow creatures from B movies past to fleet footed and agile predators.• Our zombies will do what they can to get your health flags. Brain-eating is discouraged.• There will be hoards of zombies. Expected survival rate of runners is <25%ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  8. 8. OBSTACLES• There will be a series of man-made and natural obstacles that will be physically challenging, but not impossible. There will be mud, water and maybe some blood. You will need to climb, crawl, duck and dive your way to the finish line.• Oh, and there will be a bunch of flesh- starved undead on your tail.• Participants who cannot or choose not to finish an obstacle will be able to finish the race, but his/her time will be posted as “Zombie,” and he/she will not be eligible for awards.ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  9. 9. WHAT YOU GET• BESIDES BRAGGING RIGHTS, ALL RUNNERS WILL RECEIVE:• A cool t-shirt• Racing medal• Admission to the Apocalypse party• A beer on us, if over 21• Advanced training for the actual apocalypse, date to be determined.ZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC
  11. 11. THE VENUE• Champlain Valley Exposition• October 20, 2012• Nothing is quite as creepy as a deserted fairground. The exposition offers premier facilities, lots of terrain to run, good fences to keep out zombies, lots of food, beer and parkingZOMBIERUN.COMFACEBOOK.COM/ZOMBIERUNLLC