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Software Testing Pitfalls

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Software Testing Pitfalls

  1. 1. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 1 Yegor Bugayenko Software Testing Pitfalls JPoint 2019
 Moscow, Russia
 5 April, 2019 @bloghacks
  2. 2. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 2 2.1K yegor256 Zerocracy Zold Elegant Objects
  3. 3. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 3 Quality
  4. 4. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 4 Q = F F + U
  5. 5. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 5 Rex Black, 2009
 Defect Detection Effectiveness
  6. 6. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 6 Capers Jones, 1996
 Defect Removal Efficiency
  7. 7. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 7 Programmers Testers
  8. 8. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 8 “A good programmer will produce fault-free code, while a bad programmer will produce code that is fault- ridden.” Good Coder = Less BugsWrong!
  9. 9. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy Pipeline Repository 9 ProductionStagingDevs
  10. 10. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 10 James A. Whittaker: “Software testing is the process of executing a software system to determine whether it matches its specification and executes in its intended environment.” Wrong!
  11. 11. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 11 Boris Beizer: “If your objective is to demonstrate a high probability of working, that objective is best achieved by not testing at all!”
  12. 12. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 12 Glenford Myers: “despite the plethora of software testing tomes available on the market today, many developers seem to have an attitude that is counter to extensive testing. Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors.”
  13. 13. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 13
  14. 14. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 14 1 Testers are not second-class citizens.
  15. 15. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 15 Cynthia Cohen: “The lack of status and support makes the tester’s job more difficult and time consuming, as the struggle for recognition becomes part of the job itself”
 Managing Conflict in Software Testing, Communications of the ACM, Volume 47, Issue 1, 2004
  16. 16. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 16 John D. McGregor: “Being a good tester is harder than being a good developer because testing requires not only a very good understanding of the development process and its products, but it also demands an ability to anticipate likely faults and errors.”
  17. 17. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 17 Salaries More! Seniority
  18. 18. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 18 Junior Middle Senior Tester
  19. 19. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 19 2 Testers don’t tell us when to release.
  20. 20. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy Repository 20 ProductionStagingDevs Testers
  21. 21. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 21 David West: “Software is released for use, not when it is known to be correct, but when the rate of discovering errors slows down to one that management considers acceptable.”
  22. 22. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 22 Devs Testers PM
  23. 23. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 23 Xihui Zhang: “The software testing process is inherently adversarial, setting the stage for inevitable developer-tester conflict.”
  24. 24. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 24 GitFlow by Vincent Driessen
  25. 25. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 25 Testers
  26. 26. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 26 3 Testing is finished when enough bugs are found.
  27. 27. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 27 Rex Black: “Suppose, though, that you could estimate the total number of bugs in the system under test. Or, perhaps you could measure the bug-finding effectiveness of your test system. There are three techniques for solving these problems…”
  28. 28. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 28 Time Scripts Bugs
  29. 29. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 29 Guess ExperienceBudget
  30. 30. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 30 4 Testers must be rewarded for the bugs they find.
  31. 31. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 31 Yegor Bugayenko: “The best way to motivate testers to find more and better bugs is to pay them for each one.”
  32. 32. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 32 Price Quality Time
  33. 33. /35@yegor256 Zerocracy 33 Cem Kaner: “The best tester isn’t the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses the most programmers. The best tester is the one who gets the most bugs fixed.”
  34. 34. /35@yegor256 34 @yegor256
  35. 35. /35@yegor256 35 @yegor256news