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Quality vs Quantity

  1. /34@yegor256 1 Yegor Bugayenko
 Joker 2018
 St.Petersburg, Russia
 20 October 2018 Quality vs. Quantity
  2. /28@yegor256 2 The Gist: Mistakes must be forgivable, not enough code—not.
  3. /37@yegor256 3 Zerocracy
  4. /37@yegor256 4 @yegor256 1.9K
  5. /37@yegor256 5
  6. /37@yegor256 6
  7. /37@yegor256 7 3rd Volume
 Summer 2019
  8. /37@yegor256 8 @yegor256news
  9. /34@yegor256 9 Quality?
  10. /34@yegor256 10 Bad Guys?
  11. /34@yegor256 11 Can We Improve?
  12. /34@yegor256 12 “A good programmer will produce fault-free code, while a bad programmer will produce code that is fault- ridden.” Good Coder = Less BugsWrong!
  13. /34@yegor256 13 “Some people mistakenly refer to software defects as bugs. When called bugs, they seem like pesky things that should be swatted or even ignored. This trivializes a critical problem and fosters a wrong attitude. Thus, when an engineer says there are only a few bugs left in a program, the reaction is one of relief. Suppose, however, that we called them time bombs instead of bugs. Would you feel the same sense of relief if a programmer told you that he had thoroughly tested a program and there were only a few time bombs left in it? Just using a different term changes your attitude entirely.” Bug = Time BombWrong!
  14. /34@yegor256 14 Fear Driven Development
  15. /34@yegor256 15 “If you’re scared of making changes, you can’t make something dramatically better, or do that big code cleanup. Maybe you can’t even deploy the code that you already wrote and tested, because it feels too scary. You just want to stick what’s sort-of-working, even if it’s not great.” “Fear makes you a worse programmer” Julia Evans,
  16. /34@yegor256 16 Tech Debt Stale Branches Boring Stress
  17. /34@yegor256 17 Fix the Process, not People
  18. /34@yegor256 18 Blame-Free Environment
  19. /34@yegor256 19 Repository Production Staging Programmers End-Users Testers Pipeline
  20. /34@yegor256 20 1 Reject It! Repository Production Staging
  21. /34@yegor256 21 “Each stage of a build pipeline is looking for reasons to reject the build. Tests failed? Reject it. Lint complains? Reject it. Build fails integration tests in staging? Reject it. Finished archive smells funny? Reject it.”
  22. /34@yegor256 22 Liquibase Green/Blue
 Deployment CI/CD
  23. /34@yegor256 23 2 Repository Programmers Quality Wall
  24. /34@yegor256 24 Checkstyle PMD FindBugs xcop JaCoCo enforcer(s) anti-duplicates xTests warnings
  25. /34@yegor256 25 3 Testers, Not Approvers Repository Production Staging Testers
  26. /34@yegor256 26
  27. /34@yegor256 27 4 Crash Fast Production End-Users Programmers ?
  28. /34@yegor256 28
  29. /34@yegor256 29 5 Encourage Bugs Repository Staging Programmers Testers Reports
  30. /34@yegor256 30 $$$ Zerocracy We pay per each bug reported
  31. /34@yegor256 31 Pull Requests, or Bugs, or…
 You Are Out!
  32. /34@yegor256 32 Speed, not Quality
  33. /34@yegor256 33 6 Educate Money People Bosses Programmers ProductionReports
  34. /34@yegor256 34 It’s impossible :(