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Visure Requirements Product Sheet - Visure Solutions


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Visure Requirements Product Sheet - Visure Solutions

  1. 1. www.visuresolutions.com Flexible process supportFlexible and complete Visure Requirements becomes the process backbone, representing all the requirement related artifacts, their relationships and their interactionsRequirements Engineering with the users. It helps standardize and enforce the RDM process across the organization, formalize a common requirements specification structure and handle changes throughout the lifecycle.Need to take controlof your requirementsspecifications?There is more pressure than ever to deliverquality products on time and within budget.Software and systems development isexperiencing an exponential growth incomplexity while processes are becoming moreiterative to reduce time-to-market and cost butat the same time guarantee the highest level ofquality. Image 1: Graphical requirements structure and workflowOne tool for the Collaborationcomplete requirements Visure Requirements becomes a tailored tool for each role, withifecycle specific views ofbinformation, which may come from several sources and through different interfaces. It helps establish a role-based process, communicating and sharing both needs and solutions inside and outsideVisure Requirements is a flexible and complete the company, and organizing projects and product portfolios.requirements engineering lifecycle solutioncapable of streamlining your requirementsprocesses, allowing more effective collaboration,increasing quality, supporting requirementscapture, analysis, specification, validation andverification, management and reuse.Benefits Systems and Software Engineers: “With Visure Requirements I can take control of my Requirements Specification, providing a better response to changes, and reuse Image 2: Requirements document view existing assets.” Quality Product and Project Managers: “Visure Requirements allows me Visure Requirements helps avoid pitfalls and mitigate risk each step to reduce development time and of the way, from writing better requirements and prioritizing needs provide a faster delivery while to providing the industry’s best change impact analysis capabilities. reducing rework.” Quality Managers: “Visure Requirements plays a key role to improve the overall quality of the application.” Business Analysts: “With Visure Requirements we can write more exact and complete requirements, allowing the delivery of correct Image 3: Test case management systems the first time and on budget.” 2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Requirements is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.
  2. 2. Integrated Visure Requirements integrates process support, collaboration and quality in a single, centralized platform, fostering reusability.QuotesBanco Espírito Santo- Paula Brandão“Thanks to the quality of VisureSolution’s Visure Requirementstool, ESI has automated itsrequirements with the objective Feature listof facilitating the everyday life of its Manual and automatic requirements captureemployees.” Requirements elicitation from different sources Modeling of the problem domain model to Requirements capture understand the problem Contextualize requirements with the problem Requirements analysis domain modelKUKA Laboratories GmbH- Dipl.-Ing. Sascha Kolb Perform a semantic analysis over the Semantic analysis requirements“With versatile products such as Modeling of the relationships between theKUKA robots, there are many Solution specification system (textual and graphical representationdemands from different sources, eg. of the features) and the external entitiesexternally from customers, in theareas of industrial manufactu­ ing r Full end-to-end traceability between the Validation of the specificationand medical technology, laws, elementsstandards and guidelines, and Verification and acceptance tests Definition of acceptance tests and fit-criteriainternal demands with respect to User oriented management for attributes,the development of such strategies Requirements Management workflows, traceability, filters and viewsand risk analysis. This diversityrequires a systematic review and Requirements traceability Complete traceability end-to-endbundling of technical requirements Project management Project and product organizationfor the product as well as theprocesses involved. Visure Powerful reporting of project information Report generationRequirements is a powerful tool dashboardsthat supports this.” Establish a variant and product line Product lines and variants support management process Support the simple reuse of non-functional Reusability support requirements and tests as well as complex processes for product families and variantsContact Complete configuration management for Configuration management individual elements versioning specificationVisure Solutions Headquarters and specificationsAvda. de los Labradores, 1 Interoperability with most popular design, test,Tres Cantos, Madrid 28760 Integrations with other tools project, user management tools, and open+34 91 806 17 13 APIs and PluginSDK for customizationinfo@visuresolutions.comwww.visuresolutions.com 2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Requirements is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.