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Register-Star: 'Library’s Goal' July 2012


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Register-Star: 'Library’s Goal' July 2012

  1. 1. Barbara ReinaFor Hudson-Catskill NewspapersTuesday, July 17, 2012VALATIE — Design concepts for the future home of theValatie Free Library were counted among an elite selectionof sustainable visions featured at the United Nations’Sustainability Initiative, The Future We Want/Rio+20,summit in Rio de Janeiro last month.The plan for the new library, along with providing morespace, is aimed at low energy use and sustainability.Building Designer David Bienn met with a reporter recentlyat the library’s future home, the historic Steam RailroadFreight Barn on Kinderhook Street in Valatie. building was built in the 1890s on River Street next to theAs designer, Bienn said that the future library concept is a railroad tracks and later relocated to Kinderhook Street in“near-net zero” energy usage building. the 1930s.“The planned green building project will align resource use Valatie Free Library Board President Erica Balon said, “I amwith ever-green practices, including the installation of very excited to give my full support for the Valatie Freeskylights and photovoltaic solar panel technology, with the Library project.” She added, “David Bienn has spentgoal of attaining net zero energy usage,” Bienn said. numerous hours with various members of the community to develop a sustainable library plan for a building we can growAccording to Bienn, “the strategies that we are applying to with for years to come.”move the Valatie Free Library into the range of net zeroenergy usage will allow the building to sustain itself and be Co-chairwoman of the library’s “The Library We Want”more self-sufficient.” capital campaign Lori Yarotsky said “the community is overwhelmingly excited” about the project.Utilizing solar power technology goes hand-in-hand with netmetering, affording solar panels to soak up energy She said that the library serves a population of 4,400,transformed into power from the sun, sending it into the grid including residents of rural Kinderhook, Kinderhook Lake,which is purchased back from the grid only when needed, Valatie and Niverville. It’s part of the Mid-Hudson Libraryaccording to Bienn. “New York is very progressive in utilizing metering,” Bienn said. Yarotsky said that the present library location on ChurchAlthough the new building is being designed to incorporate Street has 600 square feet of usable space. The new buildingmodern technology, Bienn said, “I’m very sensitive to will offer space three times that of the present library. Thepreserving the cultural identity, the roots,” of architecture. new site rests on a half-acre of land with a parking lot andBienn said he strives to “preserve and enhance what is handicapped accessible entrance.already there.” The first annual summer dinner dance gala to benefit theThe new location, previously the home of the Hummingbird library will be held on August 11 at the Niverville Fire HouseGift Shop, was acquired by the library for $125,000, said Pavilion.Valatie Free Library Board Vice President Randall Schmit. The