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GTA VAM Project FINAL, Val Misra


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GTA VAM Project FINAL, Val Misra

  1. 1. | 1 v $24M Virtual Account Management Project Val Misra, US Senior Strategy Manager / Senior Project Manager November 2016
  2. 2. | 2 Content 1.  Background 2.  Objectives 3.  Deliverables 4.  Functional Impact Assessment 5.  Risks Identification & Assessment 6.  VAM Project – High Level Plan 7.  4 VAM Portfolios 8.  Measures of Success 9.  Training Program for VAMs 10. VAM Accounts Call Brief 11. Sales-force Call Events Process 12. VAM Project Process & Analytics 13. Next Steps
  3. 3. | 3 Background The Need To Manage The Long Tail/Unmanaged Accounts of the US TravelBound Business 1.  A detailed analysis of the TravelBound business conducted in Q1 2015 revealed that there is a large number of very small clients in our base that generate TTV/Revenue on a fixed, recurring basis 2.  The current account management model is based on face to face BDM roles that split the accounts by territory 3.  This model proved insufficient to cover effectively the whole base, creating a long tail of clients that are effectively unmanaged (4,239 unmanaged accounts generating $24M TTV/Revenue annually) 4.  Recommend to execute an Inside Sales function to manage all clients currently identified as belonging to the unmanaged ‘Long Tail’ of our client base 5.  Analysis of size and potential of clients identified what clients should be managed by the Inside Sales function 6.  There are enough clients to create 4 VAM portfolios 7.  The project and the team that will ensue from it have been recently renamed Virtual Account Management (yet to be confirmed)
  4. 4. | 4 Objectives Q: Why Do We Need A Virtual Account Management Project? 1.  The Primary Objective of the VAM Project is to a be a ‘A/B Test’ or ‘Proof of Concept’ for the VAM function for US TravelBound and increase TTV/Revenues for the ‘Long Tail’ Accounts •  The function will be run on a pilot basis only on two portfolios (pilot group) •  Two other portfolios (control group) will be left unmanaged •  At the end of the pilot, results will be compared between the pilot and control group •  A decision will be made on whether to progress to full implementation mode or whether the pilot should be ended 2.  The Secondary Objective of the Project is to prove the concept and build on the learnings with the intention of replicating this model to other regions (S. America, Europe, Australia) Out Of Scope This Project will not manage the VAM team moving forward on a BAU basis. Once the Project is Successful: 1.  A TL for VAM team will be hired 2.  The 2 BDMs will be moved to the TL 3.  The TL will hire 2 additional BDMs
  5. 5. | 5 Deliverables Q: What Are We Setting To Achieve With The Virtual Account Management Project? Work Stream Deliverable What it does Organization Create the VAM pilot team Hire, onboard, set up two VAM pilot BDMs Office infrastructure Space for VAM BDM Create in a future proof manner thinking of need for extra two BMDs and for TL Salesforce Set up of VAM in SF Setting up of BDMs, clients, end to end process, trigger setting Telephony Set up VAM team with telephony solution Identify best telephony solutions, set up and integrate to SF Marketing VP alignment Define what we sell, what is the value proposition of what we sell and whether we need to create call briefings Commercial Criteria to be an VAM client Define clear criteria on when a client should be managed remotely and when it should be managed face to face. Decide how often review should be made to move clients from one channel to another Reporting and Insights Set up a Customer Insights function Understand what clients to call, what conversations to have, space to capture call data in SF, process to utilise call data with other data in order to create more insights and more calls Evaluation and Deployment Evaluate success of pilot and decide on set up of Define measures of success, measure KPIs, evaluate results, decide whether to stop pilot, continue pilot but differently or to move to full
  6. 6. | 6 Functional Impact Assessment Q: What Impact Does The Implementation of VAM Project Have On Different Business Functions? Function Impact Severity Mitigating Action SPD Changes in SF and maintenance of ongoing VAM project Low Client accounts to be updated with BDM coverage Sales Alert Sales teams of new BDMs and SF update in process Med-Low Send out email alert to Sales teams with updates Marketing Develop new strategies to target smaller accounts (long tail) Low Marketing to understand new clients and tailor strategy Revenue Management Greater options for existing accounts and new price models Med-Low Alert revenue management team of new client accounts in focus Operations May have new small account issues to handle, especially for host clients Low Alert operations in advance HR Hiring, on-boarding 2 new BDMs High-Med Decision: new hires, contract, internal lateral shift or secondment IT Updates in SF, Atlas, CBS (if project is successful) Low On-Going platform updates as client accounts progress
  7. 7. | 7 Risks Identification & Assessment Q: What Are The Potential Risks For The Project And On Possible Mitigating Actions? Risk Description Impact Probability Mitigating action Not Having The Team In Time There is the risk that recruitment may take longer than expected in order to find the right type of people H M Start recruiting now Try and find internal candidates where possible, also on secondment basis Consider agency personnel? Project Goal Definitions There is the risk that Senior Management and the US Sales team may not always be aligned on Project Objectives (A/B Test vs. Only Business Results) H M Have weekly meetings between Senior Management and US Sales team for strategic alignment, message and feedback Global Project Alignment & Coordination There is the risk that Senior Management in the UK and US may not align on many key Project issues H H Have monthly Steering Meeting to brief UK/US Senior Management and align on strategic direction, issues and feedback Technology There is a risk that setting up the required New Forms and Process in H M Start working on Sales-force forms immediately for planning and
  8. 8. | 8 WORKSTREAMS  AND  ACTIVITIES Set  up  project  governance Data  and  scoping Feasibility  assessment Organization Office  Infrastructure IT  Infrastructure Telephony Marketing Commercial Reporting  and  Insights Evaluation  and  next  phase JAN FEB 2017 APR MAY 2016 MARAPR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC VAM Project - High Level Plan Overall Status: Project is proceeding ‘Well’ as per schedule Milestones Achieved: 1.  US Senior Manager SPD hired – Val (Completed) 2.  2 VAMs hired – Alex and Camila (Completed) 3.  2 VAMs’ training program completed in US and London (New) 4.  4 VAM Portfolios completed (New) 5.  First ‘VAM Account Calls’ started Wednesday 27th September 2016 (New) 6.  Have a Go-No Go decision at the end of December 2016 for project extension (Future) 7.  Have Final US VAM Project results by May 2017 (Future) First  call   Go-­‐No  go  decision   Final  decision  
  9. 9. | 9 4 VAM Portfolios 4,239 Unmanaged Accounts to be Split into 4 Portfolios with 950 Accounts Each Analysis: 1.  TravelBound Account types: (i) Strategic Accounts (SAM): Most important to business TTV>$100K (ii) BDM Accounts: $20K<TTV<$100K, (iii) VAM Accounts: TTV<$20K, (d) Host Accounts: Work from home model, biggest opportunity, (e) Independent Accounts: Work independently of Consortia 3.  Criteria for 4 Portfolios: Even balance of no. of accounts and TTV across Portfolios, Importance to TravelBound business, Client IDs tied to SAM Accounts kept in same portfolio 3. Each of 4 Portfolios contains approx. 948 accounts and $5.8M TTV 2015 (Departures) 4. TravelBound Priority Accounts (tied to SAM/Host) strategically placed into Portfolios 1 & 2 (managed) 5. Portfolio 1: Camila managed, Portfolio 2: Alex managed, Portfolios 3 & 4: Unmanaged No. CCC Support Accounts In Scope (Unmanaged) Accounts’ Profile Account Types VAM Covered Accounts Total Accounts’ 2015 €TTV Total Accounts’ 2015 £TTV Total Accounts’ 2015 $TTV 4,239 < $20K 2015 $TTV SAM, Host, BDM, Independent All Account Types at Client Branch Level €23.23M £19.75M $24.25M
  10. 10. | 10 Measures of Success How Are We Going To Measure The Success Of The VAM Project? Item Number Analytical Measure 1. TTV of Pilot Group > TTV of Control Group by X% during the Pilot Period 2. TTV of Pilot Group in 2016 > TTV of Pilot Group in 2015 by X% 3. TTV of Whole TB Business in 2016 > TTV of Whole TB Business in 2015 4. RN of Pilot group > RN of Control Group by X% during the Pilot Period 5. RN of Pilot group in 2016 > RN of Pilot Group in 2015 by X% 6. RN of Whole TB Business in 2016 > RN of Whole TB Business in 2015 7. Net Margin % of Pilot vs. Control Group? Contribution of TB YOY Comparison? 8. Client Feedback? Virtual Account Manager? Customer Survey? Using of NPS?
  11. 11. | 11 Training Program for VAMs Status: Completed Monday  29/8 Tuesday  30/8 Wednesday  31/8 Thursday  1/9 Friday  2/9 Monday  5/9 Tuesday  6/9 Wednesday  7/9 Thursday  8/9 Friday  9/9 Saturday  10/9 Camila   Monday  12/9 Camila   Tuesday  13/9 Camila   Wednesday  14/9 Camila   Thursday  15/9 Camila   Friday  16/9 Alex   Monday  12/9 Alex   Tuesday  13/9 Alex  Wednesday   14/9 Alex   Thursday  15/9 Alex   Friday  16/9 Camila  Monday   19/9 Camila  Tuesday   20/9 Camila Tuesday  21/9 Camila   Wednesday  22/9 Camila   Thursday  23/9 Camila   Friday  24/9 Alex  Monday  19/9 9:00-­‐9:30 9:30-­‐10:00 10:00-­‐10:30 Meet  with  Greta  Van   Houtven 10:30-­‐11:00 Meet  with  Flavia   Alzetta 11:00-­‐11:30 11:30-­‐12:00 12:00-­‐12:30 LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 12:30-­‐1:00 1:00-­‐1:30 1:30-­‐2:00 2:00-­‐2:30 2:30-­‐3:00 3:00-­‐3:30 3:30-­‐4 4:00-­‐4:30 4:30-­‐5 5:00-­‐5:30 **VAM  Project   Objectives,  Portfolios   Overview  with  Val  Misra Atlas  Training  with  Samy   Menashy RBS  Training  with  Patrick   Creary Marketing  Training   with  Carmen  Cedeno Marketing  Training   with  Bob  Ward LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH Operations  Training  with  Teisha  Seales Operations  Training  with  Michelle  FindlayVAM  Individual  Review   of  Training  Sessions Online  CVP   Training  (Double   Check  With   Stephanie  -­‐  online   tool) LUNCHLUNCH LUNCH Sourcing  Training  with   Laura  Humanez VAM  Individual  Review   of  Training  Sessions VAM  Individual  Review   of  Leon New  York Time  /Date Operations  Training  with  Stephanie  DiNatale Meet  with  Roberta   Rampazzo  (Zoom) Value  Selling   Training  Day  2 Salesforce/Atlas   Training  with Kati  Rautanen (Zoom)Operations   Training with  Gina   Cummings CVP  Training  with   Stephanie  Hultin (Zoom) Meet  with  London   SPD  Team-­‐  Vikram VAMs  Fly   Lon-­‐-­‐>NYLUNCH Presentation  &   Telephony  Skills   Training Value  Selling   Training  Day  1 London US  HOLIDAY VAMs  Fly   NY-­‐-­‐>Lon Roberta  Rampazzo   Morning  Breakfast   8am Value  Selling   Training  Day  1  9am Value  Selling   Training  Day  2 LUNCH Camila  Meet  with   Debbie  Donovan (1) Camila  Meet  with   James  Phillips   (1) Alex  Meet  with   Tommy  Ryder   (2) Alex  Meet  with   Debbie  Donovan (2) New  York New  York Camila  Meet  with   Tommy  Ryder   (1) Alex  Fly   NY-­‐-­‐>Pittsb Alex's  Shadow  a  BDM  with  Linda   Heckman  in  Pittsburgh Camila  Meet  with   Aimie  Johnson (1) LUNCH Camila  Meet  with   Grant  Hayes  (1) LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH Camila's  Portfolio   Accounts  with  Val   (1) Camila  Meet  with   Michele  Keally (1) Camila  Fly   NY-­‐-­‐>  DC Camila's  Shadow  a  BDM  with  Debbie   Spatola  in  Washington  DCLUNCH Alex  Meet  with   Michele  Keally (2) Alex  Meet  with  Aimie   Johnson (2) Alex  Meet  with  Grant   Hayes (2) Alex  Meet  with   James  Phillips   (2) Alex  Portfolio   Accounts  with  VAL (2) LUNCH US Meetings / Inductions US Sales Team (VP Sales & Marketing US/Senior Management, SAMs, Shadow a BDM 2 Days), Operations, Marketing, CVP Training, Sourcing, Finance, Atlas/SalesForce Training, Leon Courses Training London Meetings / Inductions SVP Global Sales & Marketing, London SPD Team, Webtrends Training, Value Selling Training 2 Days, SIP Training •  3 Week Intensive Program with firm-wide departments (New York & London) created and deployed
  12. 12. | 12 VAM Accounts Call Brief Status: Completed Example TIPS 1 Hi  'Agent  name',  my  name  is  ____________and  I  am  calling  from  Travel  Bound.  How  are   you?  .....I  am  your  new  Virtual  Account  Manager.  Do  you  have  a  quick  minute  to  go  over   your  account?    If  Yes?  (Proceed  with  Step  2)    If  No  follow  step  below  )  1.1                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Use  Agent  name  if  available                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Use  a  warn  positive  welcome  tone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tell  them  why  you’re  calling                                         Be  ready  to  answer  questions  about   your  role  (what  is  a  VAM?) How  much  do  you  know  about  TB? 1.1 Scenario  1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Great.    Agent  name  ,  I  know  you’re  busy.  I’m  just  trying  to  check  your  calendar  availability   next  week  to  see  when  you  have  5-­‐10  minutes  for  a  quick  call.                                                                                                         Scenario  2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thanks   for  your  time,  Agent  name,  can  we  schedule  a  call  for  ___________?  or  when  is  the  best   time  for  you? If  agent  is  unable  to  speak  at  the   moment  quickly  try  to  find  out  when  is   the  best  time  to  call  back.   WE  HAVE  IDENTIFIED  YOU  AS  A  KEY  PARTNER  AND  WANT  TO  GROW  WITH  YOU.   WHAT  IS  IMPORTANT  TO  YOU/ARE  YOUR  KEY  DRIVERS?  (COMMISSION,  TRAINING,   MARKETING  SUPPORT,  CUSTOMER  RESOLUTIONS,  AGENT  INCENTIVES,  ETC.).  CVP  IS   RESPONSE  TO  KEY  DRIVERS CVP  IS  RESPONSE  TO  KEY  DRIVERS I  would  like  to  follow  up  on  a  past  issue  with  our...  (e.g.  transfers  service).  Were  you   satisfied  with  the  outcome?  What  can  we  do  to  avoid  this  kind  of  issue  in  the  future? We  would  like  to  thank  you  for  your  current  business  and  possibly  explore  new  ways  to   increase  them.  In  what  areas  do  you  feel  we  could  assist  you?   I  noticed  a  huge  drop  in  revenue  YOY  and  we  would  like  to  find  out  what  is  the  reason   behind  it  and  if  there  is  anything  we  could  help  you  to  get  back  on  track. Go  over  our  effective  selling  technology  available  to  you,  our  POS  is  very  user  friendly  and   highlights  top-­‐picks  and  recommended  hotels  with  offers  and  discounts  built  into  the  final   cost,  making  it  easier  to  put  together  a  trip  including  transfers  and  tours  to  generate  a   higher  profit  for  your  agency. Go  over  our  extensive  cross  selling  options  to  increase  sales  and  new  dedicated  crisis   management  team,  which  gives  you  peace  of  mind  when  booking  your  clients  vacations We  would  like  to  tell  you  more  about  our  exciting  new  products  and  current  promotions,   we  just  contracted  dozens  of  airport  lounges  around  the  world  and  we  believe  this  could   be  a  great  selling  point  for  your  clients.  Or  if  there  is  any  area  where  you  need  help  please   let  us  know.   As  I’ve  noticed  you  are  only  approx.  10  bookings  away  from  reaching  your  next   commission  increase.  We  currently  have  great  promotions  in  Rome  and  I’m  sure  we  can   put  something  together  to  get  you  to  your  target  by  the  end  of  the  year. (1)  CHOICE  that  delights  your  travellers                                                                                                                                                                 •  I  noticed  you  booked  several  reservations  to  Cancun  in  the  past,  did  you  know  we  now   have  over  7K  beach  properties  and  expect  to  have  10K  by  the  end  of  the  year?                                         •  Did  you  know  what  we  have  over  8500  tours  around  the  world  in  600  cities?                                                   •  Did  you  know  we  have  contract  with  over  5K  luxury  hotels?                                                                                                             •  Did  you  know  we  have  250  deals  added  daily  to  our  site? (2)  TECHNOLOGY  for  effective  selling                                                                                                                                                                       •  We  have  an  award  winning  website  loved  by  100K  agents                                                                                                     •  Fast  with  an  average  search  time  of  3  seconds                                                                                                                                         •  Instant  bookings  and  Instant  confirmations (3)  SUPPORT  on  hand  when  you  need  it                                                                                                                                                               •  Did  you  know  about  our  24/7  Global  support  for  your  travellers?                                                                                     •  Did  you  know  about  the  2-­‐hour  cancellation  waiver?                                                                                                                       •  Issue  prevention (4)  EXPERTISE  to  drive  your  business                                                                                                                                                                             •  Dedicated  business  Development  Manager                                                                                                                                                     •  Years  of  industry  Knowledge (5)  COMPETITIVE  REWARDS                                                                                                                                                                                                             •  Commissions  discussion •  Attractive  commercials  (collaborations,  engagements)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     •  Travel  Agent  discount  program Acknowledge  ALL  KEY  DRIVERS/recap  the  main  points  of  the  conversation  (past  issues,  product   training,  concerns) Schedule  a  follow  up  call  depending  on  the  needs  of  the  client Escalate  any  issue  if  necessary   Come  up  with  Client  Plan  (follow  through  on  first  call  with  second  call  via  CVP)   Use  a  GREAT  opening  sentence  to   brake  the  ice  and  start  the   conversation                                                                       Identify  the  areas  of  need  (training,   product,  website,  past  issues  etc.) 3 Client  Value  Proposition  (have  a  cheat  sheet  ready) Find  a  way  to  incorporate  the  CVP  into   the  conversation                                                             Identify  which  of  the  pillars  the  client   could  benefit  from   4 Closing Summarize  the  information  collected   from  the  call  into  Salesforce State  Your  Compelling  Reason  for  your  call  and  ask  questions 2 Action Introduce  yourself,  position  your  company,  and  establish  rapport Try  to  Schedule  a  future  appointment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Leave  your  contact  information,  Email,  Telephone  etc.                                                           Try  to  find  out  who  are  the  main  drivers,  key  contacts •  Call Brief aligned with US Sales Senior Management •  Call Brief will be tested and adapted as per calls with accounts •  Conversations driven around: ‘What are your key drivers/What is important to you and how can we service you?’ •  Conversations on any issues will be resolved incorporating the CVP 5 Pillars: Choice, Technology, Support, Expertise, Customer Rewards
  13. 13. | 13 Sales-Force Call Event Process Status: Completed •  VAM Accounts will be pre- logged into SF in Batches in order of VAMs calling accounts: (1) Small Independent (2) Large Independent (3) SAMs (4) Host •  VAMs will log client conversations and feedback into SalesForce whilst on the call •  Weekly/Monthly reports will be generated to analyze
  14. 14. | 14 VAMs Process Flow VAM Prioritizes Accounts in Batch by TTV and selects Account to Call Research   Account    -­‐  Salesforce     Review    -­‐  Data/Account   Plan    -­‐  Top  Booker   Contact   Call   Account   (telephony)   Travel     Agent     Answers   -­‐  Intro   -­‐  Key  Drivers?   -­‐  Issues?   -­‐  Schedule   Follow-­‐Up   Call   Send  Post-­‐ Call  Email   Log  into  SF   Create  Account  AcLon   Plan  addressing  Key   Drivers  /  Issues   Send  Email  with   AcLon  Plan  Steps   (Offers/PromoLons)  &   Call  Account  to   Discuss   Log  into  SF   Send  Pre-­‐Call   Intro  Email   -­‐  Leave  V-­‐ message   -­‐  Send  Post-­‐call   email   requesLng   Lme   Call  Account  next  day  or  within  the  week   No   Answer   Log  into  SF   1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   10.   9.   4.   5.   6.   7.   5.  
  15. 15. | 15 VAMs Batches by Accounts VAMs Are Calling Accounts In Order of Batches, Batch 1 & 2 = Training/Test Phase Batch No. Priority Type of Account Total Number of Accounts 2015 TTV % Of Total Completed VAM1 VAM1 % Completed VAM2 VAM2 % Completed Time Spent Batch  1   Low   Small   Independent   1,244   $1.8M   23%   628   Top  9.5%   616   Top  13.5%   3  Weeks   Spent   Batch  2   Med   Medium   Independent   474   $3.8M   0%   224   0%   250   0%   -­‐   Batch  3   Med  –  High   Large   Independent,   Small  SAM   120   $0.25M   0%   72   0%   48   0%   -­‐   Batch  4   High   Large   Independent,   Medium  SAM   45   $0.4M   0%   18   0%   27   0%   -­‐   Batch  5   Very  High   Large   Independent,   Large  SAM,   Large  HOST   15   $5.4M   0%   6   0%   8   0%   -­‐   TOTALS   1,898   $11.65M   MAIN OPPORTUNITY
  16. 16. | 16 Dashboard, Salesforce Analytics Tracker New Dashboard Created for Tracking Events Made per Day/Week by VAM1, VAM2
  17. 17. | 17 Analysis, Salesforce Analytics Tracker Dashboard Analysis: 2 Business Week Period of Mon 10/10/2016 – Fri 21/10/2016 VAM1 No. of Events for Batch1 Accountsà   •  17 Events logged per the week of Mon 10/10/16 – Fri 14/10/16 (Average Events per day = 3.4 Events per day)   •  37 Events logged per the week of Mon 17/10/16 – Fri 21/10/16 (Average Events per day = 7.4 Events per day)   •  54 Events logged per the 2 weeks (10 days)   •  Average of 5.4 Events per day   •  19% Batch1 Completed (small independent accounts – testing/training period)     VAM2 No. of Events for Batch1 Accountsà   •  32 Events logged per the week of Mon 10/10/16 – Fri 14/10/16 (Average Events per day = 6.4 Events per day)   •  52 Events logged per the week of Mon 17/10/16 – Fri 21/10/16 (Average Events per day = 10.4 Events per day)   •  84 Total Events logged per the 2 weeks (10 days)   •  Average of 8.4 Events per day   •  27% of Batch1 Completed (small independent accounts – testing/training period)     Combined Average Events logged for 2 VAMs over 2 week period: 13.8 Events per day  
  18. 18. | 18 Events Tracking Events Analysis: 2 Business Week Period of Mon 10/10/2016 – Fri 21/10/2016 Event Activities VAM1 Camila % of Total Events VAM2 Alex % of Total Events Total Events 54 100% 84 100% First Call Spoke to Agent 5 9% 22 26% Good Call? (received Key Drivers / Issues) 1 2% 22 26% Call No Answer 33 61% 57 68% Left Voice Message 11 20% 7 8% Email Sent 20 37% 32 38% Return Call Received from Agent 1 2% 2 2% Follow-up Call Made & Spoke to Agent 0 0% 2 2% Highlights   •  VAM2 completed 1.5X the number of Events as VAM1 à VAMs need to make more calls and log more Events •  Each time VAM2 got the TA on the phone, he was able to get good feedback: Key Drivers & Issues (26% each) •  >60% of the time, VAMs were unable to get TAs on the phone (Average 36% success rate of getting TA on phone) •  38% of the time, VAMs sent Emails to Accounts (after call)
  19. 19. | 19 Key Drivers & Issues Breakdown Batch1 Small Independent Accounts : 2 Business Week Period of Mon 10/10/2016 – Fri 21/10/2016 38%   31%   15%   15%   Key  Drivers  for  Accounts  (%  Share)   Agent  IncenFves   Commission   MarkeFng  Support   27%   33%   0%   20%   20%   Issues  with  TravelBound  (%  Share)   Choice   ExperFse   Technology   Support   CompeFFve  Rewards   Small Independent Accounts •  Agent Incentives is the #1 Driver for Accounts (38%) •  Commission is the #2 Driver for Accounts (31%) Small Independent Accounts •  Expertise is the #1 Issue for Accounts (33%) •  Choice is the #2 Issue for Accounts (27%)
  20. 20. | 20 Events Key Drivers/Issues Commentary Example of VAM Account Commentary Logged into Salesforce Type   Subject   Account Name   Start   End   Last Modified By   Comments   Sales Phone Call   Intro Call (1A - Non HOST/SAM - small)   MUSIKER TRAVEL   10/31/201 6 4:00 PM   10/31/2016 4:20 PM   Alejandro Dejesus   Excellent call with Arthur Giordano, top booker at the agency. He advised he has always wondered why no one from TB contacted him in the past few years but he is happy to have someone now. The agency production increased from $100+ to $6000+ YOY. The agency main destination is Europe and he is already booking hotels, transfers & sightseeing with us. Advised him of our airport lounges choices as well. He would like to be included in all campaigns, promotions and any information he could get to help grow the business. He had an issue in the past with a hotel but the issue was sorted out in a timely manner. Overall he loves the website, our rates, promotions. He is very happy with us. His main mono destination is Italy. Advised him of our contract with context tours and will send out the walks of Italy tour flyer along with current 2% promo, TA discount form and my contact details. Scheduled follow up call   Sales Phone Call   Intro Call (1A - Non HOST/SAM - small)   JANUS TRAVEL INC   10/31/201 6 4:50 PM   10/31/2016 5:04 PM   Alejandro Dejesus   Spoke to Mark Janus, top TB booker. The main focus of the agency is cruises, we are currently doing pre/post and transfer. Similar to other calls, agent was not aware of our view only site. Once I explained to him and how it works, he was very impressed about it and hope this will help him keep the sightseeing additional revenue in house. He loved the concept! Advised of our shore excursion tours starting at the ports in several European cities, again, he was not aware of this. Sent out my contact details, promos, view only site, walks of Italy tour etc.   Sales Phone Call   Intro Call (1A - Non HOST/SAM - small)   LAND O LAKES TRAVEL, INC   10/25/201 6 4:22 PM   10/25/2016 4:22 PM   Alejandro Dejesus   Spoke to Melody Davis, Agency owner. Introduced VAM role. melody advised business is currently down. They currently do not have any bookings with TB this year. Due to elections many people are not booking at all. Sent out 2% promotion and my contact details.  
  21. 21. | 21 Project Next Steps Next Steps 1.  Pre-set Account Batches & Call Event Form in SalesForce (process) 2.  Send out Intro emails to VAM accounts 3.  Start first calls to VAM accounts 4.  Test and adapt the Call Brief 5.  Execute remaining VAM Account calls 6.  Understand calling capacity for future planning 7.  Establish/test reporting techniques for VAM accounts 8.  Finalize A/B Test for Portfolios 1,2 vs. 3,4 (Proof of Concept Test)