E Merge Wallet Ppt 2008 [New Start]


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Payroll Card and E- Wallet

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E Merge Wallet Ppt 2008 [New Start]

  1. 1. Electronic Transactional Payroll Delivery Software Virtual e Wallet Domestic & International
  2. 2. Manage your  Take your banking to a whole new level. money with ease  Think of Virtual Wallet and organization. as a high-definition view of your money — What makes Virtual Wallet so unique you’ll have a clearer (and essential) is what it comes with. There are tons of features you may picture of your usually take for granted built right in: finances and a better Payroll Delivery (No More Checks) Online Bill Pay, Overdraft Protection, understanding of your Reminders,, a high-yield savings account, even the ability to quickly financial status. Virtual transfer funds between accounts. Wallet puts the control And that’s not even getting into the good stuff like the Medical Program in your hands. & Credit Rebuilding Services.
  3. 3. Cash Management: The funds for each and all of the Virtual Cards (e-Wallet) are commingled and held in a single FDIC insured bank account. The Money Remitters settle the funds for the previous day’s activity via ACH and deposits the total dollars in our Bank Account created especially for the virtual cards. In turn, our HOST system manages all of the individual balances for each of the Virtual Cards and whenever the cardholder elects to spend their cash value with an authorized Biller with whom we may have a direct or indirect relationship, the value of the funds held in the Virtual Card are debited and then settled in time though our ―Payment Processing Gateway‖ system with each Biller by the way of an ACH transfer.
  4. 4.  Proprietary Platform Partner features include:  All system and business functions in-house  Direct connection to all major Our Virtual Wallet networks  Issuer certified by major networks As a quick introduction and background, the Virtual Card / e- Wallet is similar to any “Stored Value” product as it is not  Fault tolerant hardware really a “Bank Account” yet its behavior and platform characteristics are very similar to a bank account.  Large scalable platform The software we have created is capable of but not limited to  Redundant data centers managing such basic activity as shown below:  Alternate routed communication Just like a Bank Account, the e-Wallet can have the following attributes: facilities •It can be created and assigned to a customer.  Back-up generators •It can hold a Positive, or a Negative Dollar Value, referred to  24x7 On-site Control Center as the “Account Balance”.  24x7x365 In-house live •It can have a Dollar Value Added to it operator customer service •It can have a Dollar Value Subtracted from it
  5. 5.  Payroll stays in your account until dispersed from your bank account.  Payroll is instantaneous to employees account, From 1 to 1 Payroll Delivery million.  All Accounts are FDIC Insured No longer do you have to issues payroll  All Transactions are done in Real checks. Time No longer do you have to pay for  Employee can also load money from overnight delivery Services. any Wal-Mart ( Money Gram Location ) Cut your payroll cost up to 80%  W-2 Reporting also available on line No more issuing checks because of lost or stolen checks from your employee. No more payroll advances to employees going on vacation
  6. 6. 1. Employee can Download there money to a Payroll Debit Give your MasterCard In real time Employee’s 2. Employee May elect to pay all of there bills using our Bill Pay Choices 3. Employee May Elect to receive all there pay by requesting us to issue a paper check sent by US Our Systems allows your Mail. employee the choice of how he or 4. Employee May elect to Transfer she receives there payroll from funds to their Bank Checking or there employer. Savings Account from the Wallet We give the employee the 5. Employee May transfer part or all following choices on dispersing of there pay to another wallet or family member issued a wallet , there money from there wallet. anywhere in the world. 6. Employee can send money to any bank in the world via Wire Transfer
  7. 7. Integration of the e-Wallet & Card Management API to Merchant Website We have developed an extensive API (Application Programming Interface) that can be utilized by the Merchant to issue in real-time both e-wallet & MasterCard Debit Card accounts to their customers / Employees / members. The API will allow the following functionalities: Enroll Account Holder Issue e-Wallet Account Issue ATM Debit Card/ Domestic MasterCard Load Value to e-Wallet / MasterCard Debit Card Redeem Value from e-Wallet / Debit Card Check e-Wallet / Debit Card Account Balance Optional – Generate Statement of activity Optional – Change e-Wallet Status Optional – Change e-Wallet PIN
  8. 8. Hosting, Processing, and ASP Services Once the Merchant account has been established, initialized, and certified, the Merchant then can begin utilizing either the API interface or Web-Application to process transactions. As an Application Service Provider (ASP) and processor BEST Inc. will continue to support the merchant thus allowing for seamless processing and customer service tools that will enable the Merchant to offer their customers / members the most cost effective and efficient payment delivery system. Merchant utilizing Our Payment Gateway & e-Wallet / Card Management services will be able to enjoy the following benefits: Receive Guaranteed Payment notification and Data in Real-Time Reduce their cost of accepting payments Reduce the risk & losses associate with accepting payments through other methods. Capture customers who may not be banked or have reached limits on their Credit Cards Offer their customers a payment solution that protects their customer’s identity & privacy. Deliver products & services sooner than later, and in some cases in real-time.
  9. 9.  It’s Convenient. With Bill Pay you don’t have to leave your home to pay your bills. Payments can be sent by phone or online. By using Bill Pay to pay all your bills, you Our Employee Benefits no longer have to wait in long lines at check cashing centers to buy money orders or inconvenience yourself with Program, going to the post office to mail your No Cost To The Employer payments. It's Fast. Sending money through Bill Pay only takes a few minutes. If you send your payment electronically through EFT, your payment will be received within a few days. If your Bill Pay is a handy tool to help make payment is sent by a check, allow 5 sure you pay your bills on time (or, if you business days for delivery. It's Easy. To prefer, ahead of time). Simply set up all of setup a payment, all you need to provide is who and where you would like your your recurring bills with Virtual Wallet payment sent. Online Bill Pay, and when the day comes, they’re paid automatically. You can also  We have 9000 Bill Payers on our service make payments that aren’t monthly — so when used your payment will reach the such as sending checks to people (for biller in 24 hours electronically. Payments example, rent to your landlord or money can be setup for weekly, bi-weekly, to your parents) or making one-time bill monthly, bi-monthly, or every few months, helping eliminate the possibility of late payments. A great part of this feature is charges. Also, by using Bill Pay to pay that after you set up a one-time payment, your bills you eliminate having to pay for that person or business information is money orders or stamps. It's Guaranteed. saved for later use. Since we keep track of all your payments processed through Bill Pay, you can rest assure your bill is guaranteed to be paid. When a payment is sent Best Inc will email you a confirmation that your payment was successfully processed. You no longer have to worry about your payment being lost in the mail or loosing a cash payment on your way to a check casher.
  10. 10. Overdraft Protection  Overdraft Protection - A service  Our Overdraft Protection that allows the customer to use their MasterCard for an amount  1. Everyone is approved over and above the amount on their Card. Funds are transferred  2. Must use our Card Program from their line of credit or other designated account to their  3. Must use Bill pay Service MasterCard account as needed.  4. We only Charge $2.50 Dollars  Loan advances as approved by for every $ 20.00 Advanced. Best apply to any funds obtained from Our Lenders Bank that may  5. Cash Advanced directly to card, exceed the funds available on Repayment from next deposit to your Best MasterCard account. card, all or in payments Best would automatically advance funds onto your Best Card  6. Max advance is 300.00 account to cover items that would cause an overdraft  7. Must have been using our service / Card min of 3 months
  11. 11. Credit Builder  Get credit for your bill pay transactions.  Payment Reporting Builds Creditor will Build your payment history when you use compile your bill payment information and BEST INC Bill Pay Demonstrate your credit create a Bill Payment Score. OUR PROVIDER worthiness when applying for housing, credit, insurance, employment, and phone is a credit reporting agency just like Experian, It's simple – use BEST Bill Pay to pay all Trans Union, and Equifax, but it is the first to your bills such as rent, utilities, cable, give consumers a choice and an equal insurance, and more It's opportunity to show that they pay their bills on time. Also, unlike the other national credit  This is how it works: Activate BEST Bill bureaus, PROVIDER does not charge Pay and add the FREE Account Now consumers to view their own data, and does Credit Builder service. Every time you not sell mailing lists. Provider makes money make a bill payment with BEST Bill Pay, by selling credit reports for quot;permissible we will send your bill payment information to Provider, a national credit reporting purposesquot; under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, agency. Build a bill payment history to with a consumer’s authorization. demonstrate your credit worthiness when applying for housing, credit, insurance,  You will be able to log-in to our provider, employment, phone, and utility hook-up create a user name and password so you can by doing what you already to today - - review your personal file, add account paying your rent, electric, cable, insurance, and phone bills on time. Only information at any time -- all at no cost. Who Bill Pay transactions will be shared with may use the Provider’s information: Home provider. Regular debit transactions using loan associations like Freddie Mac and Fannie your BEST Prepaid MasterCard will not be Mae and Citicorp Mortgage use bill payment reported to our Provider. information as part of their decision making process for home loans. Soon, other companies including auto loan, credit card, and insurance companies may start using Bill Payment Scores to comply with the Nation's Fair Housing and Fair Lending laws.
  12. 12. INCREASE YOUR CREDIT SCORE BY 80 TO 100 POINTS AFTER ONE YEAR OF USING OUR BILL PAY SERVICE Our Provider will only release your bill payment information with your permission to authorized Provider subscribers who have a quot;permissible purposequot; under the FAIR Credit Reporting Act to view it. How can paying bills help qualify for a loan? As an example, a consumer may be eligible for an FHA loan if that consumer can demonstrate they have 12-months of consecutive on-time bill payments that include a housing payment such as rent or a mortgage, and at least 3-other bills such as electric, cable and phone. Credit Builder is an optional service that is made available to you at no additional cost as part of the BEST bill payment service. Credit Builder is only a service that provides your payment history to our Provider, a national credit reporting agency. Credit Builder does not repair your credit record, credit history or credit rating. It also does not provide advice or assistance for the improvement or repair of your credit record, credit history or credit rating.
  13. 13. Credit Restoration Services  Credit Restoration: This service is designed to  Debt Settlement: This service can help you correct or delete derogatory information settle BAD Unsecured Debts (Credit Cards, contained on your credit reports with the 3 Personal Loans, Medical Collections) for an major credit reporting agencies (Trans Union, average of 25-65% of what you owe and allow Experian, and CSC a.k.a. Equifax). If you you to pay your settlements over a 12, 24 or have information contained on your credit up to 36 month period of time, providing you reports such as: Late Payments, Collections, with the ability to make affordable monthly Judgments, Tax Liens, Repossessions, payments that can fit into your budget and get Charge Offs, Foreclosures, or Bankruptcy rid of your Bad Unsecured Debts. This Items that you believe may be inaccurate, service can also eliminate harassing creditor misleading, outdated, obsolete or no longer phone calls, help you to avoid Bankruptcy and able to be verified, Credit TRAX, with your potentially save you thousands of dollars in authorization, can request that the creditors attorney fees, penalties, interest, late fees and credit reporting agencies investigate the and even principle. In order to qualify for the validity, accuracy and/or ownership of these E MERGE Debt Settlement program, you accounts. If the accounts you have must have at least $8,000 in unsecured authorized us to dispute on your behalf are debt. Quick Note: This program does not found to be inaccurate or unverifiable, they settle debts that are in good standing, debts are required by law to be corrected or deleted on loans or lines of credit that are backed by from your credit history. Each item deleted or collateral such as: real estate, automobiles or corrected can potentially raise your credit other forms of personal property or debts that scores, potentially saving you hundreds and you have already been sued over or have a even thousands of dollars in interest, down judgment against you for. This is the best, payments and insurance premiums. most affordable and proactive way to resolve your past debt problems, to avoid additional penalties or potential legal action.
  14. 14. Introducing the Future of Affordable Medical Benefits  Talk to a Doctor...Right Now!  TelaDoc is built on three key principles:  TelaDoc Medical Services is a national  1. Accessibility network of licensed physicians who diagnose routine, non-emergency,  TelaDoc consulting physicians are medical problems via the telephone. available 24/7/365 via telephone. TelaDoc consulting physicians recommend treatment and prescribe  Consults are typically conducted within medication (when appropriate) over the one hour of the request and telephone 24/7. You can access the guaranteed within three or it is free! service wherever you happen to be: your home, office, hotel room, or vacation campsite.  2. Affordability  An estimated 70-75% of all primary  Flat $35 fee per consult - comparable care medical cases can be diagnosed to co-pays and far less expensive than over the telephone. TelaDoc has the cost of a primary care or urgent created a more cost effective and more care facility office visit ($80-$200). convenient way for employers and employees to access quality medical  3. Convenience care.
  15. 15. Medical Benefit Con’t  Scheduling a consult is as simple as pointing and clicking or dialing a phone.  Portable personal health record allows individual management of health profile.  TelaDoc is a cost containment service and a $35 value-add service for self insured companies, uninsured, and under insured organizations.  Employer Benefits  Reduces healthcare costs  Increased productivity  Reduced absenteeism  A new, proactive health benefit for employees  Improves HSA benefit satisfaction  Enhances wellness program
  16. 16. Loading Your e Wallet Your Wallet can be loaded at the following Locations. 1. Employer 2. Money Gram Locations ( All US Wal-marts) 3. All Banks US & International (Wire Transfer) 4. You may Load from your Checking or Savings Account 5. From Your Bank Accounts
  17. 17.  E Merge Financial Business Solutions Please Contact LLC Us NOW!  NewStart Inc Agent Office Call Toll Free www.emerge.global.com (888)-239-5558 Ext. 1 Local # (303) 719-3106 Contact Mr. Dean Golden dean.golden@gmail.com