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Teeth Problem in Old Age


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This presentation describes the common dental problems with increasing age focusing mainly on gum disease and replacement for single and multiple teeth.

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Teeth Problem in Old Age

  1. 1. Maximum people suffer from Teeth Problems with increasing age
  2. 2. There are several Dental Problems as we get older Gum Disease Missing Teeth Mouth Cancer Dry Mouth
  3. 3. If you have Cholesterol, High Blood pressure and diabetes then you are mostly likely to have Gum Problem because these all can indirectly affect your mouth. Gum Disease
  4. 4. How do I know if I have gum disease? 1) As it is often painless, many people may not know that they have gum disease. Not everyone has all these signs but You may have only one. Some common signs are: Bad Breath Loose Teeth or Tooth Loss Sore Mouth Bleeding gums Difficulty in Eating Yellow or Brown Tarter on Teeth 2) Your Best Defence is your DENTIST , Consult your DENTIST for cleaning and check up twice in a year.
  5. 5. Link Between diabetes & Gum disease
  6. 6. Link between blood pressure& Gum disease:- Medicine which are used for treatment of high blood pressure cause : Dry Mouth Alter Taste(Metallic Taste) Gums Over Growth – it can be due to some drugs like Calcium channel blockers.
  7. 7. Link Between diabetes & Gum disease Periodontal disease is often considered a complication of diabetes. Link between Heart disease & Gum disease:- Research indicates that having periodontal disease may actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  9. 9. You will loose the confidence while talking. It affects your appearance. You cant eat the food you love. Loss of Chewing ability because of missing teeth. Avoid Going out because of social embarrassment. You start Hiding Your Smile Because of Missing Teeth, How Missing Teeth can affect you ?
  10. 10. Removable Partial Denture Removable Complete Denture Treatment Don’t Hold Back a Smile Because of Missing Teeth, Eat your favourite foods again and smile confidently!
  11. 11. Dental Implants Dental Implant Supported Fixed Denture
  12. 12. Bridge
  13. 13. How to maintain your Oral Hygiene Brush at least twice a day, preferably after meals and snacks. Floss at least once a day to prevent gum disease. Warm water gargle/Mouth wash Visit your dentist regularly for oral examinations and a professional cleaning twice a year.
  14. 14. “Smile Begins Where Healing Begins”
  15. 15. Meet Our Leadership Team Dr.Sayma Memon Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology Masters of Science in Dentistry, Houston, USA Bachelors of Dental Surgery, Ahmedabad, India Dr.Sayma is having 5+ years of experience & has successfully operated 1000 implants. There are only 2 American diplomat in India & she is one from them
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