Photos from Pernambuco


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Photos from Pernambuco

  1. 1. USAID/Brasil – João Parreiras The Una river rests higher than usual due to heavy rains that resulted in destructive floods
  2. 2. USAID/Brasil – João Parreiras What was a local school is now a pile of rubble after the floods destroyed even government buildings
  3. 3. USAID/Brasil – João Parreiras Most houses in Água Preta were completely destroyed by the flooding
  4. 4. USAID/Brasil – João Parreiras Water filters, hygiene kits, and other supplies are inventoried before distribution
  5. 5. USAID/Brasil João Felipe Parreiras from USAID/Brazil oversees the arrival and distribution of donated materials
  6. 6. USAID/Brasil – João Parreiras People affected by the floods gather at this distribution point to receive supplies