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UPF Annual Report 2014

Highlights of the Universal Peace Federation's activities around the world in 2014.

On local, national, and global levels, interreligious councils provide a platform for people of diverse faiths to contribute their wisdom and work effectively for peace alongside representatives of government, business, and civil society.

UPF acknowledges the need for careful and measurable use of enforcement such as political, military, and civil power to sustain lasting peace. At the same time we strongly emphasize the pursuit of internal solutions that are essential to peacebuilding. UPF has been a leading exponent of “track two” diplomacy, with particular emphasis on the role and responsibility of religious and spiritual leaders to transcend historical self-interest and pursue the ideal of “One family under God.”

UPF is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. We support and promote the work of the United Nations and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Marriage, parenting, and the family are the foundations of sustainable human development and the building blocks of society. Educational programs present the personal and social benefits of marriage, promote a marriage-friendly culture, teach relationship skills, and encourage spiritual growth through relationships.

UPF's leadership conferences and seminars focus on the urgent need for new vision and leadership based on core values and universal principles of peacebuilding.

Service-learning programs bring together youth from different cultures and religions in order to promote mutual understanding and respect. Participants serve a community in need, visit religious and historic sites, and learn communication and team-building skills.

UPF Annual Report 2014

  1. 1. Highlights of 2014
  2. 2. UPF HighlightsWorld Summit 2014: Seoul, Korea
  3. 3. UPF Highlights Hon. D.M. Jayaratne, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, and his wife greeting Amb. Chung Tae Ik, Republic Korea
  4. 4. UPF Highlights World Summit 2014: Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel
  5. 5. UPF HighlightsWorld Summit 2014: Welcome Remarks
  6. 6. UPF HighlightsWorld Summit 2014: World Assembly
  7. 7. UPF HighlightsWorld Summit 2014: Keynote Speakers H.M. King Letsie III Head of State, Lesotho H.E. Amb. Noel Gordon Sinclair Deputy Chef de Cabinet, Office of the President UN General Assembly H.E. Zivko Budimir President, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina H.H. Tue Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, Head of State, Samoa
  8. 8. UPF HighlightsWorld Summit 2014: Keynote Speakers H.E. Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, Prime Minister Timore L’Este H.E. D. M. Jayaratne Prime Minister Sri Lanka Adi Koila Mara Nailatikau First Lady, Fiji Mrs. Lieom Anono Loeak First Lady, Marshall Islands
  9. 9. UPF HighlightsWorld Summit 2014: Keynote Speakers Amb. Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under- Secretary-General and High Representative, United Nations Mrs. Tunu Rehani Pinda Wife of the Prime Minister, Tanzania H.H. Whatumoana Paki, Maori Prince, Kiingitanga, New Zealand Hon. Orrin Hatch Senator, USA (video message)
  10. 10. UPF Highlights Guests at the Founder’s Memorial Luncheon
  11. 11. UPF Highlights Leadership and Good Governance Award Award presented to H.M. King Letsie III, Head of State, Lesotho
  12. 12. UPF Highlights Newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace
  13. 13. International Leadership Conference: Korea UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  14. 14. Japan-Europe Leadership Forum: Japan UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  15. 15. Eurasia-Europe Leadership Conference: Moldova UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  16. 16. Asian Leadership Conference: Thailand UPF Highlights
  17. 17. International Leadership Conference: Uruguay UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  18. 18. Conference on Justice and Solidarity: Paraguay UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  19. 19. Special Leadership Conference: Kenya UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  20. 20. Central African Regional Conference: Gabon UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  21. 21. Peace Education Conference: Nigeria UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  22. 22. Seminar on Principles of Peace: Albania UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  23. 23. Conference on Values and Governance: Canada UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  24. 24. American Leadership Conference: Washington DC, USA UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  25. 25. Japanese Tea Ceremony for Diplomats: Washington DC, USAUPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  26. 26. Japanese Tea Ceremony for Diplomats: New York City UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  27. 27. Conference for Malaysian Parliamentarians: Hawaii, USA UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  28. 28. Character Education Training: Indonesia UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  29. 29. Peace Education for School Principals: Nepal UPF Highlights UPF Highlights
  30. 30. Conference: “The Role of Religion in Promoting a Culture of Peace”: UN in Vienna UPF Highlights Conference on “The Role of Religion in Promoting a Culture of Peace”: UN in Vienna
  31. 31. Interfaith Peacebuilding: Israel UPF Highlights
  32. 32. Interfaith Forums: Jerusalem UPF Highlights
  33. 33. Interfaith Clergy Conference: Philippines UPF Highlights
  34. 34. Interfaith Forum: UN Information Centre, India UPF Highlights
  35. 35. Students Rally for Interfaith Harmony: Bangladesh UPF Highlights
  36. 36. Interfaith Forums: Canada UPF Highlights
  37. 37. UPF Highlights Reading from Sacred Texts: Washington DC, USA
  38. 38. Interfaith Prayer Vigil: Ireland UPF Highlights
  39. 39. Promoting Interfaith Understanding: Germany UPF Highlights
  40. 40. UPF Highlights Interfaith Program in the Central Mosque: Norway
  41. 41. UPF Highlights Youth Interfaith Forum: UK House of Lords
  42. 42. UPF Highlights Interfaith Campaign for Human Dignity: Brazil
  43. 43. Interfaith Ceremonies: Bolivia, Canada, Iceland, Lithuania, Malaysia UPF Highlights
  44. 44. Interreligious Assemblies of Clergy and Youth: Nigeria UPF Highlights
  45. 45. Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Brazil Canada Colombia Czech Republic Ecuador Germany India Indonesia Israel Japan Malaysia Moldova New Zealand Nigeria Norway Philippines Russia United Kingdom United States
  46. 46. UPF Highlights Conference Promoting Dialogue on the Korean Peninsula: Russia
  47. 47. UPF Highlights Conference on “Peace in DR Congo”: UN in Geneva
  48. 48. UPF Highlights Forum on De-escalation on the Korean Peninsula: UN in Geneva
  49. 49. Interfaith Forum on Syria: Vatican City UPF Highlights
  50. 50. Towards Peace and Reconciliation in Syria: UN in Geneva UPF Highlights
  51. 51. All-Sides Conference on Syria: Austria UPF Highlights
  52. 52. UPF Highlights Peace and Security Forums: Washington DC, USA
  53. 53. Peace & Security Forums: Jerusalem UPF Highlights
  54. 54. Peace Forums: Japan UPF Highlights
  55. 55. Forum on Youth and Extremism: France UPF Highlights
  56. 56. UPF Highlights Peace Council Established: Serbia
  57. 57. Seminar at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: DR Congo UPF Highlights
  58. 58. Campaign for National Unity: Nigeria UPF Highlights
  59. 59. Parliamentarians Peace Council Inaugurated: Nepal UPF Highlights
  60. 60. Peace Seminar: Malaysia UPF Highlights
  61. 61. Forum in the National Congress: Peru UPF Highlights
  62. 62. ARGENTINA: Awarding prizes in UPF-Argentina’s annual international poetry contest on the theme “Roads and Bridges for Peace” Winners of International Poetry Contest: Argentina UPF Highlights
  63. 63. A Vision of One Family Under God: Nicaragua UPF Highlights
  64. 64. Promoting Peace: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Russia, Solomon Islands, Thailand UPF Highlights
  65. 65. Observances organized by UPF Albania Argentina Australia Azerbaijan Bolivia Cambodia Canada Central African Rep. Colombia Costa Rica DR Congo Ecuador Estonia France Germany Iceland Indonesia Israel Italy Japan Lithuania Malaysia Marshall Isl. Moldova Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Peru Russia San Marino Solomon Isl. Sri Lanka Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago USA
  66. 66. UPF Highlights Africa Day Celebration: New York City
  67. 67. UPF HighlightsSpeaker: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  68. 68. UPF HighlightsAfrican cuisine and entertainment
  69. 69. UPF HighlightsAlliance of Civilizations Forum: Indonesia
  70. 70. UPF HighlightsAlliance of Civilizations Forum: UN in New York
  71. 71. UPF Highlights Forum on “The Family as the Driver of Social Development,” UN in New York
  72. 72. UPF Highlights 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family: UN in New York
  73. 73. UPF HighlightsForum on “Say No to Exploitation”: UN in New York
  74. 74. UPF HighlightsUN Women for Peace: UN in New York
  75. 75. UPF HighlightsLeadership & Good Governance Award Dr. John Ashe, President of the UN General Assembly, 2013-14
  76. 76. UPF HighlightsWorld Food Day: Nigeria
  77. 77. UPF HighlightsUN International Day of Friendship: Argentina
  78. 78. UPF HighlightsUN International Day for Tolerance: Estonia, Russia
  79. 79. UPF HighlightsHuman Rights Day: Czech Republic, France, Peru
  80. 80. Conference on Family Values: UN in Geneva UPF Highlights
  81. 81. Conference on Family Values: Czech Parliament UPF Highlights
  82. 82. Interfaith Marriage & Family Blessing Festivals: Philippines UPF Highlights
  83. 83. Interfaith Marriage & Family Blessing Festivals: Thailand UPF Highlights
  84. 84. Interfaith Marriage & Family Blessing Festival: Indonesia UPF Highlights
  85. 85. Interfaith Marriage & Family Blessing Festival: Nigeria UPF Highlights
  86. 86. UPF Highlights Honoring Couples for Faithfulness in Marriage: DR Congo
  87. 87. UPF Highlights Forum on the Family: Zambia
  88. 88. UPF Highlights Forum on Faith in the Family: Italy
  89. 89. UPF HighlightsForum on the Family: Germany
  90. 90. UPF Highlights Parents’ Day Forum in the National Congress: Peru
  91. 91. UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION Albania, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Cambodia, Czech Republic, DR Congo, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, UK, US, Zambia
  92. 92. Programs organized in Austria Burkina Faso India Japan Peru
  93. 93. Religious Youth Service: Georgia UPF Highlights
  94. 94. Religious Youth Service: Honduras UPF Highlights
  95. 95. Religious Youth Service: Moldova UPF Highlights
  96. 96. Religious Youth Service: Philippines UPF Highlights
  97. 97. Religious Youth Service: Sri Lanka UPF Highlights
  98. 98. Religious Youth Service: Washington DC, US UPF Highlights
  99. 99. Youth Symposiums: Austria, Russia UPF Highlights
  100. 100. Youth Achievement Awards: UK House of Lords UPF Highlights
  101. 101. Youth Leadership Training: Sweden UPF Highlights
  102. 102. Making Paper Cranes for Peace: Ukraine, Moldova UPF Highlights
  103. 103. Free Medical Clinics: Cambodia and Nepal UPF Highlights
  104. 104. International Youth Convention: Indonesia UPF Highlights
  105. 105. Building a House for an Impoverished Family: Sri Lanka UPF Highlights
  106. 106. Aid to Earthquake Victims: Thailand UPF Highlights
  107. 107. Aid to Syrian Refugees: Lebanon UPF Highlights
  108. 108. Offering Food to Displaced People: Nepal, Nigeria UPF Highlights
  109. 109. HIV / AIDS Education and Food for Orphans: Lesotho UPF Highlights
  110. 110. Student Peace Clubs: India, Nigeria UPF Highlights
  111. 111. Books Shipped from France to a University Library in Congo UPF Highlights
  112. 112. Peace Education for Youth: Ethiopia UPF Highlights
  113. 113. Cleaning Campaigns: Japan, Zambia UPF Highlights
  114. 114. Planting Trees for Peace: DR Congo, Trinidad & Tobago UPF Highlights
  115. 115. Planting Trees for Peace: Argentina, Russia, UkraineUPF Highlights
  116. 116. Sports for Peace Tournament: Italy UPF Highlights
  117. 117. Children’s Peace Cup: Switzerland UPF Highlights
  118. 118. Play Football for Peace: Australia, Russia UPF Highlights
  119. 119. Peace Soccer Tournament: Nigeria UPF Highlights
  120. 120. Super-marathon: Promoting Dialogue in Baltic Nations UPF Highlights
  121. 121. Sochi Olympics: Young Russians Promote Goodwill UPF Highlights
  122. 122. Light of the Christmas Star Festival and Concert in Finland and Sweden UPF Highlights
  123. 123. Bike Ride for Peace: Azerbaijan UPF Highlights
  124. 124. Africa-Australia Friendship Cup: Australia UPF Highlights
  125. 125. For more information visit