Prepare for common car emergencies with Toyota of Orlando


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Toyota of Orlando is explaining how you can prepare for common car emergencies while in your new Toyota! Check out our safe driving tips!

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Prepare for common car emergencies with Toyota of Orlando

  1. 1. Prepare for common car emergencies with Toyota of Orlando!
  2. 2. Driving can be so unpredictable, which is why you always want to prepare for the worst! We wish we could guarantee that nothing would go wrong while driving your new Toyota in Orlando, but there’s only so much we can do! Of course, our Toyota come equipped with some of the best safety features and come with one year of Roadside Assistance to help defuse issues; however, you have to prepare yourself for possible emergencies!
  3. 3. Tips for out-smarting common car emergencies in your Orlando Toyota No one wants to encounter an emergency while driving their new Toyota in Orlando; however, sometimes there’s just no avoiding it! This is why it’s a smart idea to prepare yourself for any car emergencies that come your way. With the right preparation, you can outsmart these common emergencies while in your new Toyota! This is why our Toyota dealership in Orlando is explaining some of the most common car emergencies and how you can be ready with car safety tips!  An overheated engine is a common problem many drivers have to deal with on a daily basis. This is something you want to have checked our right away at our Toyota Service Center; however, it becomes an emergency when your car catches fire! As soon as you see your vehicle catch fire, you should pull over and evacuate the car immediately. Fire can cause the engine to explode, which is why you don’t want to try to put the fire out yourself and you should get everyone a safe distance from it! Immediately call 911!  Another mechanical issue that can go wrong in any vehicle, including our new Toyota in Orlando is brake failure – especially when you don’t take care of necessary brake service. Although this is a
  4. 4. scary experience, this is definitely not the time to panic. First, you want to take your foot off the acceleration to help slow you down. If you drive a manual, you should shift your car into first gear. Then, you can use the emergency brake and try to pull over onto the side of the road to avoid putting any other drivers in danger.  There are a lot of bodies of water here in Central Florida. If your new Toyota in Orlando ever started sinking in water, it’s important to keep calm! First, you want to try to open a window and climb out before the car becomes submerged. If you find your vehicle is sinking too quickly, you want to wait until the car is filled with water and the pressure is equalized to open the door and escape. Stay safe while on the road in your new Toyota! These are just a few extreme cases of car emergencies. For more tips on how to prepare for emergencies in your new Toyota, visit the Toyota of Orlando website. Your safety is always our number one priority! You can also visit us at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia or give us a call at (888) 725-3520 for details about our new Toyota! Google