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DIY Car Care


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Interested in saving some money? Are you a mechanic at heart? Check out this guide from us at Toyota of Orlando on essential tools you'll need for DIY car care.

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DIY Car Care

  1. 1. DIY Car Care Toyota of Orlando
  2. 2. Why go to a shop when you’ve got a garage? ■ When it comes to auto service, the experience is either great or it isn’t. More than likely, it isn’t. Repairs, oil changes, tire rotations, it’s all run of the mill stuff to keep your car standing on all four of its tires. ■ The expenses are bad, but it also eats up valuable time from your day. Overall, unless you visit an auto service center like Toyota of Orlando’s, auto service is a real bummer. ■ But, have you ever tried taking care of some of the smaller car service jobs at your house? If this sounds appealing to you, check out this guide on tools to help you get started from us at Toyota of Orlando now!
  3. 3. 1) Headlamp/Work Light ■ If your garage doesn’t have ample lighting, you could find your car care routine a little left in the dark. ■ Get yourself a headlamp or accessory work light to make things easier to see.
  4. 4. 2) Air Compressor ■ There’s nothing worse than driving on deflated tires and there’s also nothing worse than waiting to use an air pump at a gas station. ■ A Orlando Toyota air compressor can get your tires reinflated so you can get back on the road without having to visit a gas station.
  5. 5. 3) Short Screwdriver ■ When you’re working in tight spaces in your car’s engine compartment, things can get a little difficult to reach, even with longer tools. ■ To help you get to the tight spots in your Orlando Toyota during your DIY car care job, use a short or “stubby” screwdriver.
  6. 6. 4) Jack Stand ■ If you plan on working on anything in the undercarriage of your Orlando Toyota car, you’re going to need a jack stand. ■ This is should be an essential part of your car care kit and you should always have one hand in your trunk in the event that you need to install a spare tire.
  7. 7. 5) Socket Wrench Extensions ■ Nearly everything that screws into parts of your car’s parts can be unscrewed and rescrewed using a socket wrench. However, you’ll likely need extensions and different extensions to help with the length and angle of your tool.
  8. 8. Car Care made easy at Toyota of Orlando ■ While it’s ambitious to do car care at home, it can get pretty challenging. If you have any questions or need help with a particular project, feel free to swing by our auto service drive and ask one of our expert technicians. ■ You can find us at 13429 Statesville Road and we’re open seven days a week.