Rutledge wins race with Scion FR-S


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The Scion FR-S took the spotlight at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race! Rudledge Wood took first place overall. Find out more about the race and the N Charlotte Scion FR-S!

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Rutledge wins race with Scion FR-S

  1. 1. Rutledge Wood wins Toyota Pro/Celebrity Racein Scion FR-S!Although we already knew that the N Charlotte Scion FR-S was an amazing sports car, this wasproved when Rutledge Wood drove this vehicle into first place at the Pro/Celebrity Race! Woodsis a Fox Sports commentator and the host of the History Channel’s Top Speed. Celebrities andpros driving these N Charlotte Scion made for a very interesting race!There was some tough competition, as this year’s race was nose to nose! Woods fell behindearly in the race, but eventually came back and passed everyone up for the win. He won at$10,000 donation from Toyota to his chosen charity Victory Junction. Toyota will also donate$5,000 to Racing for Kids for each participant. Adam Carolla, last year’s winner, took first placefor the pros.The N Charlotte Scion FR-S hits the tracksAlthough Woods won the checkered flag, he couldn’t have done it without the N Charlotte ScionFR-S! This new Scion was named the official vehicle of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, which isthe first time a rear-wheel-drive sports car was chosen to be the designated race car! Each ofthe 25 race cars were prepared identically for all of the racers, but some changes were made tothe Scion FR-S in N Charlotte to get it ready to race in the big leagues One of the mostimportant changes was the added strength giving them 210 horsepower! Special equipmentwas also added for better performance like a Centerforce single disk racing clutch, frontMacPherson struts and rear double wishbone suspension! To continue the transformation,Toyota Racing Development features were added including:
  2. 2.  Stainless steel exhaust for better performance and to give it that heart-pumping sound! Coil-over shocks and springs for better absorbency when hitting a bump. Great brake kit including Hawk Performance brake pads for high quality braking. Performance air intake to increase the aerodynamics. Larger 18-inch wheels to support the speed these race cars go!Scion FR-S in N Charlotte gives you performance!Even without these changes, the Scion FR-S will give you the performance you need! It has 200horsepower, which is not too far off from the race cars used in the big event. It also gives youthe option of an automatic or manual transmission. Adding to the amazing performance of thisnew Scion is its lightweight design and four-cylinder front-mounted boxer engine that allowsuperior maneuverability! Also, like the versions used in the races, this sports car is rear wheeldrive, giving it better handling.This vehicle is the shining star of the Scion family, providing consumers with quality andaffordability! It has a starting MSRP of only $25,255 for the manual and $26,355 for theautomatic. All of the features also come standard, so you know you will get everything you needwithout paying more!Check out this new Scion for yourself at Toyota of N Charlotte! We have a large selection herefor you to choose from! We also sell genuine Scion parts and accessories! We’re located offI-77 on exit 23. Call our internet sales department to set up an appointment with a salesspecialist at (888) 883-3797. We look forward to seeing you here!Google