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Toyota of Clermont hears of new technology updates


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Want a vehicle that has the latest technological innovations? Toyota is working on developing new features such as partially self-driving autos, but our new Toyota dealer near Orlando will have amazing vehicles for you to choose from right away! Experience the Toyota Entune System or Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive technology in a new Toyota near Orlando!

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Toyota of Clermont hears of new technology updates

  1. 1. Toyota of Clermont hears of new technology updates!Toyota has long been working on creating autonomous vehicles, also known as partiallyself-driving autos. Our new Toyota dealer near Leesburg recently hard that one of thesevehicles is already being tested, though! The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)uses short wave radio signals to communicate with vehicles, and to get a lay of the landto help avoid collisions. This technology has already been tested overseas in Japan, butthe self-driving technology is now being tested at a closed course in Michigan! Anofficial release date for businesses and the public to access this invention has not beenrevealed, but we’re excited to hear of this progress and the possibility that self-drivingcars might be appearing on the road in the near future. If you’re looking to have accessto the latest technological innovations today, though, there’s no reason to wait. Many ofthe transportation options we’ll have on our lot will feature amazing technologicalfeatures. In fact, our sister store, our Orlando Toyota dealership, has many vehicles onthe lot that you can experience fantastic technology in today!Take convenience on the road in your new Toyota Ifyour goal is to stay relaxed while you’re on the road, then you might want to considergetting the Toyota Entune system, which can be found in many vehicles at our sisterstore, and we also anticipate featuring vehicles that offer this option. Why is Toyota
  2. 2. Entune such a great feature to have access to while on the road? It definitely takes thestress out spontaneous adventures! Whether you want to avoid heavy traffic or need thelatest weather information, the real-time updates you’ll receive while you’re drivingthrough the Toyota Entune system in your new Toyota near Orlando takes the guess-work out of every trip. Getting information on-the-go is also easy since you have accessto the Internet through Bing, and many other exciting features too!New Toyota near Orlando highlights innovation!Obviously new inventions are always making an appearance. In fact, another relativelynew invention you can enjoy in a new Toyota is the Toyota Hybrid Synergy DriveSystem! This technology that’s found under the hood in many new Toyota, such as the2012 Toyota Prius c near Orlando, is definitely ground-breaking. It not only helps limitthe amount of toxic emissions that are released into the air, but it also helps driversenjoy fantastic fuel-efficiency. Technological innovation can be found in practically everynew Toyota – the only hard part is choosing the auto you love the most!We can’t wait to open our doors and provide you with fantastic transportation optionsthat have seemingly un-limited technological features. Don’t hesitate to swing by ourlocation to see the progress we’re making! We’ll be having our grand opening beforeyou know it, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. We’re located between CountyRoad 27 and the Florida Turn Pike off of State Road 50. In the meantime, don’t hesitateto call our sister store with any questions you might have at (888) 725-3520. We knowthey’d be more than happy to help you out!