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Why choose a halogen oven


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Why choose a halogen oven? Are halogen ovens healthy? How do you clean a halogen oven? Find out the answers to these questions and more here.

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Why choose a halogen oven

  1. 1. Why Choose A Halogen Oven? What are the benefits of a halogen oven?
  2. 2. What CanHalogen Ovens Do For You?   Halogen ovens offer you the versatility of a conventional oven – but at cooking times which approach microwave ovens. Cook anything in a halogen oven that you would normally cook in a standard oven (but faster and cheaper)     Air fry food. Roast chicken, turkey and other meat joints. Bake cakes, pies, muffins, cookies. Defrost food or heat up pre-prepared meals.
  3. 3. Halogen Ovens Save You Time And Money  Faster cooking than a conventional oven.   Approx. one third of the time to cook a meal, compared to a conventional oven. Less time, and a smaller oven, means that less energy is used.  Typical energy savings are 75% when compared to a conventional oven. Energy consumption chart based on the Secura Range of halogen ovens.
  4. 4. How Do Halogen Ovens Work?  Halogen ovens use     Halogen heat Infrared waves Convection heating Your food is cooked quickly and evenly thanks to a fan which circulates the air and ensures even heating.
  5. 5. Are Halogen Ovens Healthy?    Halogen ovens cook food quickly in its own juice. You don’t need to add any excess oil or fat. You get low fat, healthy meals – cooked to perfection.
  6. 6. What Do I Get With My Halogen Oven?  You’ll get everything you need to get started:      High & low racks Extender ring to boost capacity Tongs Instructions/recipe book Solid and ventilated baking trays
  7. 7. How Do You Clean A Halogen Oven?  Halogen ovens are easy to clean.    Clean the glass bowl in your sink. Clean the glass bowl in your dishwasher. Use the special “cleaning cycle” just add water, detergent and turn the cleaning cycle on. Takes 10 minutes.
  8. 8. Halogen Oven vs. Microwave     Most people use microwaves for heating already prepared food up. Halogen ovens can cook anything that you would cook in a conventional oven. You’ll use your halogen oven for cooking (but you can heat/defrost in it if you like). Halogen ovens are more versatile than microwaves. View halogen ovens on Amazon...
  9. 9. Halogen Oven Benefits Summary        Easy to use. Fast. Energy efficient. Economical. Versatile. Fits on your countertop. Healthy cooking. View halogen ovens on Amazon...
  10. 10. Halogen Ovens – Further Info Thanks for reading. Visit this website for further information on halogen ovens.