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Tablet computers for kids


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Tablet computers are great for kids. Easy and intuitive to use, fun and educational. But which type should you choose - a "learning" tablet or a "real" tablet?

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Tablet computers for kids

  2. 2. Tablet computers are ideal for kids       Easy and intuitive to use. Fun. Educational. An enjoyable learning experience. Affordable. Robust and hardwearing.
  3. 3. Learning or Standard Tablet?    Tablets prices have fallen dramatically. Not much price difference between the “toy” and the “real thing”. Some learning tablets might even cost a little more than a normal tablet.
  4. 4. Which Tablet To Choose? Learning Tablet     Specially designed for kids. Rugged design. Educator approved content, software, games etc. Kid safe. Standard Tablet    Faster and more powerful. Special kid’s apps, games and software available. Can be shared with older siblings and family members.
  5. 5. LeapFrog LeapPad2      Comes in pink or green. Front & rear camera. 5” touch screen. Access LeapFrog’s educator approved library 800+ games, apps, books, songs etc. For ages 3 – 9. Get more info ...
  6. 6. Kindle Fire HD     Use “Kindle Freetime” for a child safe environment. Subscribe to “Freetime Unlimited” for a host of kids apps, games, books, TV shows etc. Suitable for use by other family members. Fast and flexible – will grow with your child. Get more info ....
  7. 7. So Which Tablet To Choose?  For all but the youngest children, a standard tablet may be the best choice right now due to:  Falling prices  Increased speed and flexibility  Ability to share with other family members  Availability of child friendly apps, games, software etc. (much of which is free) Get more info on standard tablets ... Get more info on learning tablets ...
  8. 8. Tablet Cases & Holders For Kids    Whichever tablet you choose – don’t forget to get a suitable cover/case for children. These will keep the tablet safe – and enhance their fun and enjoyment! Available for different tablets – and with different cartoon themes! View tablet cases for kids on Amazon ...
  9. 9. Thanks For Reading Visit this site ... ... for more info on tablet computers