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Our clients use TLM to save 20-30%


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Telecoms lifecycle management has fast become the means to make telecom cost reductions; prepare for business change and to manage risk when making decisions to invest in telecoms infrastructure.

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Our clients use TLM to save 20-30%

  1. 1. What are your corporateobjectives for telecoms?
  2. 2. How important are these objectives? • Identify all charges?Reduce cost? • Become more efficient? • Merger or acquisition?Be prepared? • Business change? • Purchasing new systems?Manage risk? • Optimising your network?
  3. 3. Have you read the stats? • Telecom costs typically equate to 3.6% of companies P&L spend • 50% of large enterprises don’t know what they are spending • 10-12% invoices are incorrect yet 85% of are never checked • Between 15% and 35% of all fixed telecoms assets are surplus to requirement • 35% of mobile calls are not business related Sources: Gartner and Aberdeen Research
  4. 4. Why is this? • Difficult to identify and manage costs • Lack of complete information, tools and dedicated resources • Staff are increasingly mobile and offices decentralised • Lack of centralised management • Lack of proof that best value is being sought from network providers
  5. 5. Help is at hand to … • identify your telecoms estate • correct billing errors • improve pricing and contract terms • optimise voice capacity • manage the full telecoms lifecycle
  6. 6. but is TLM for you?• Telecom spending in excess of £3m p.a.?• Manage voice, mobile and WAN?• Require greater visibility and control?• Multi-site, international operation?• Recent merger/acquisitions?• Multiple service providers?• Decentralised operations?• Want to benchmark telecom providers?• Have an acceptable-use mobile policy? If so, we can help you …
  7. 7. TLM is not …• an annual audit• a sales proposal to change providers, for their benefit• taking over your telecoms operation• performing tasks that your staff handle now
  8. 8. so what is … Telecoms Lifecycle Management?It is the people, processes and technology required to provide continuous,visibility and control over telecom expenditure so that a client can trackprecisely what services they are purchasing and how much they are beingcharged for them.TLM covers all aspects of telecommunications spend:-  inventory management  usage management  order management  contract management  supplier management  dispute management  invoice management  sourcing management
  9. 9. Success stories One European DIY chain was advised to increase their telecom service providers from one to eight. They reduced costs by 24% and improved service levels at the same time. Making a recommendation to a High St retailer to deploy VoIP across just 20% of their stores they succeeded in gaining 80% of the benefit but with lower capital spend and lower operational risk.
  10. 10. If so …Interested?Need to knowmore?Require a Call: 0843 289 6046White Paperor case study?