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York Herald, 2014 Issue No. 13


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York Herald, 2014 Issue No. 13. Visit us. The York Herald is produced by Board of Supervisor, Phillip Bazzani and covers news about Gloucester county.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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York Herald, 2014 Issue No. 13

  1. 1. November 6, 2014 A publication for the good citizens of the York District and Gloucester County” Issue No. 2014-­‐13 The York District Herald After all … It’s Your Tax Money! What went on during our 11/5/14 meeting … A Upcoming Hearing on the Hazard Mitigation Plan on December 2 We will be having a public hearing on Gloucester’s Hazard Mitigation Program. This program allows the County to purchase properties (flooded during hurricanes) with Federal tax money and designate these properties as open space forever – that is, no one can ever develop the properties again. The effect of this Federal program is that it takes properties off the tax roll, which puts a further financial strain on revenues for the county and it will cost the county more to maintain these sterile properties. That financial strain, in turn, puts more of a burden on us, the taxpayers. I strongly believe the County should not be in the real estate business. Come to the Colonial Courthouse on December 2 and voice your opinion. Ordinance Revisions Regarding Animal Welfare and Control The Board unanimously (6-1) deleted Section 3-18 of our ordinance dealing with animals left in enclosed vehicles. The problem is that it does not contain clear exceptions for cattle/livestock and poorly defines “vehicles”, “stress”, “enclosed” and “unattended”. Virginia has adequate animal cruelty laws on the books dealing with companion animals. Many farmers and horse owners told me this onerous ordinance would place an undue financial burden on them to air condition their livestock carriers during summer months if it is literally enforced. I am also urging my colleagues to agree to include language for the management of feral cats which currently pose health and safety issues here in our County. There are ways to manage these animals without burdening the taxpayer. I believe laws for undomesticated wild cats should be the same as for dogs. Our ordinances are basically lenient on that issue. In my view, feral wild cats not treated for rabies and other diseases pose a significant danger to adults and children. New Multi-Family Housing in Gloucester We had a public hearing on the construction of 218 luxury apartments mixed with businesses located just behind the Stagecoach Market. The development, called Carriage Point, will have green space, a clubhouse/swimming pool and mixed businesses. Gloucester County ordinances currently do not allow multifamily housing, which would allow professionals (teachers, sheriff deputies, healthcare workers) to work and live and spend their money in the county. Studies by the National Association of Homebuilders show that multifamily residents pay more in taxes and have fewer school children on average than single-family houses; therefore, subsidizing our schools and other county infrastructure. Such housing will also provide an opportunity for young people to live and stay in Gloucester who cannot otherwise afford the long-term financial commitment of buying a home. Many people work here, but live and spend their money across the Coleman Bridge. More money spent in the county means more demand for businesses, more businesses will attract other businesses into the county, more businesses means more tax revenues, more tax revenues means less taxes you have to pay. All of us on the Board support this project because of the economic benefits it provides to the County. Aligning the Effective Date of Real Estate Taxes to Our Fiscal Year I presented a proposal to align the effective date of our real estate taxes to the fiscal year. So, rather than having it effective on June 30, it will become effective on July 1 – the start of the Fiscal Year. Year after year, revenue surpluses get rolled over to the next fiscal year with the effect that some of this money gets spent before it’s rolled over. Such spending is not readily apparent without some deep drilling into our books and records. This proposal will force the County to accurately forecast revenues and make our books and records more transparent to the Board and to you, the taxpayer. Several counties in Virginia have adopted this policy – we should too! View my presentation at this link: Next Scheduled Meeting The next scheduled meeting for the Board will be on November 4. Please come out and participate, speak out, hold us accountable; be a part of the decision making process! Ladies and Gentlemen: My goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed. Therefore, please send me your email address at so you too can get a copy of this Newsletter. And please forward this Newsletter to your friends and family! PHIL BAZZANI – YORK DISTRICT SUPERVISOR