The Pefrect Fiji Honeymoon


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The Pefrect Fiji Honeymoon

  1. 1. WELCOME WWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM Australia & New Zealand Scuba Diving in Fiji James King WWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM
  2. 2. Table of ContentsSection Description Slide No.1 Introduction to Fiji2 Yasawas 33 Mamanucas 45 Nadi 56 Coral Coast 66 Thank youWWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM
  3. 3. Fiji Dive OverviewIf variety is the spice of life, then Fiji is divings red hot chilli pepper.Trying to sum up the special appeal of these waters is like packing a bag for an epicjourney through four seasons - or editing years of underwater video into just 30minutes of tape! There is simply no way to fit everything in.Of course, most people know Fiji as the soft coral capital of the world and thats true!But soft corals are only symbolic of Fijis complete story. The soft corals vibrant coloursand giant size, the diversity of fish and invertebrates that live among their branches,the dramatic changes they undergo in an ancient rhythm of survival with the tides andcurrents, and the many types of underwater environments in which they thrive. Yes,Fijis remarkable soft corals embody all the elements that make Fijis reefs soexceptional. Drama and diversity, brilliant lavish panoramas, deep water rich withfood and hiding places for the mysterious and rare Fijis marine realm is as dynamicand splendid as nature can be. WWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM
  4. 4. YasawaThe Yasawa Group is undoubtedly the most appealing of the Fiji Islands for beachlovers and water enthusiasts. The stunning chain of islands extends from theMamanuca Group. Snorkelling is fantastic and scuba diving is good, more so formarine life than for the soft corals. WWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM
  5. 5. MamanucasClosest to international airport Quickly accessible by aircraft or ferry. Variety ofhotels and resorts for all budgets. Barrier reef surrounds giant protected andshallow lagoon. Beautiful beaches and sunny, dry weather. Excellent facilities forbeginners and learners. Experienced divers can dive the ocean side of the barrierreef and passages through itWWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM
  6. 6. NadiNadi, including Denarau Island, is the gateway to Fiji and sits on the western side ofViti Levu. It has a population of more than 10,000 and because of its proximity to theinternational airport, it essentially caters for tourists. Facilities includeaccommodation of all kinds, restaurants, nightlife, duty free shopping, sightseeingtours and inter-island cruises.WWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM
  7. 7. Coral Coast The Coral Coast begins 15 kilometers south of Nadi town. Various dive sites include vertical walls festooned with soft corals and gorgonia fans and fish life on the outside of the main reef and in the passages. The area has earned a justifiable reputation as one of the worlds top dive destinations Spectacular stretch of coastline either side of Sigatoka and down to Pacific Harbour top resorts and hotels plus several budget options.WWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM
  8. 8. Thank You I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your time and I would encourage take the time to visit Six Star Holidays for luxury holidays. Six Star provide idea honeymoon ideas , give them a try and make your holiday a dream come true.WWW.UNIQUEPLACES.COM