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Stanton Optical Stockton California


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Stanton Optical Roseville carries over 3,000 different discount designer eyeglasses for men, women, and children, and popular brands of contacts like Acuvue, Air Optix, PureVision, SofLens and Proclear

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Stanton Optical Stockton California

  1. 1. Learn About Anti-Reflective Lenses at Stanton Optical There are many options to choose from when picking out prescription eyeglasses. Frame style, shape and type of material are just a few choices you have. You also have different options to decide on when picking out the lenses for your new glasses such as special coatings. An anti-flective coating is one of the more popular premium lens options. Benefits of Using Anti-Reflective Lenses A key benefit of using AR lenses is they help reduce the glare from the headlights of oncoming traffic while driving at night. This problem can be exaggerated on a rainy day making anti-glare coating eyeglasses even more attractive for night driving. Glasses with anti-reflective coatings are also perfect for anyone spending long hours in front of the computer screen. The reduction in reflective light helps reduce eye fatigue, one of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. ● Reduce eye fatigue from computer vision syndrome ● Eliminate glare from overhead fluorescent lighting ● Reduce night vision glare from oncoming traffic ● Improve vision when watching TV and playing video games ● Improve your appearance by reducing glare reflecting off front of glasses How are Anti-Glare Lenses Made? Anti-reflective eyeglasess prevent light that hits the back of your glasses from bouncing back into your eyes, a major cause of glare. Eyeglass anti reflective coating and other premium coatings are added to your lenses by trained technicians in an optical lab.
  2. 2. Once the lab techs receive your lenses, they will meticulously clean them to properly prepare them for the addition of any coatings you ordered. Then they are placed in a special machine where the AR film is deposited on the surface of each lens. The anti-reflective chemical coating is actually fused, or baked on the lens, a process that can take several hours to complete. The coating is usually applied to both the front and back of the lens, although in the case of sunglasses it is only added to the back surface. Tinted, polarized, mirrored and photochromic lenses may also help reduce glare. But those options are really better suited for sunglasses, not everyday eyeglasses worn indoors. AR Lenses Used in Many Optical Devices AR coatings are often used on optical devices such as telescopes, binoculars and camera lenses. AR coatings are extremely hard and durable, similar to a scratch resistant coating. The eyeglass anti-reflective coating increases light transmission in plastic lenses by up to 99% compared to around 92% transmission in non AR coated lenses. High-index materials, such as polycarbonate lenses, reflect even more light than standard plastic lenses making AR coatings even more of a necessity. Older anti glare eyeglass lenses were difficult to keep clean but with the addition of premium lens coatings this problems has been reduced. Premium lens coatings including oleophobic (anti-smudge) and hydrophobic (water repelling) options help prevent water, grease from fingerprints and dust from building up on the surface of the lenses. These lens coating options can be applied to both glass and plastic lenses.
  3. 3. Cleaning Glasses with AR Lenses The ideal way to keep your lenses clean is to rinse them with warm water then use a microfiber cloth to dry off the glasses. A small drop of dish soap can be used, if needed, to gently cleanse the lenses. Avoid the use of towels, paper towels or napkins when cleaning your glasses as these materials can scratch the surface of the lenses and ruin the AR coating. And remember to always store your glasses in a protective eyeglass case when you aren’t wearing them. Visit Stanton Optical Stanton Optical can add anti-reflective, and other premium lens options, to your glasses at our state-of-the-art optical laboratory. Go to the Stanton Optical store near you for a great selection of quality eyeglasses at everyday attractive prices. Visit our special offers page to view the latest prescription eyeglasses deals and reduced pricing on our premium lens coatings. Stanton Optical Disclaimer This data sheet is for informational purposes only. STANTON OPTICAL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY DOCUMENT. Contact our Marketing Department for Additional Information Stanton Optical Corporate Office 3801 S. Congress Ave. Palm Springs, FL 33461 (561) 459-3263