Why Reclaimed Flooring


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Many people question is really reclaimed flooring powerful, will it last? Purely, indeed it'll as well as remain to last. Genuine strong reclaimed flooring is much sturdier compared to the majority of brand new strong hardwood flooring distributed on the current market.

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Why Reclaimed Flooring

  1. 1. Why Reclaimed Flooring?Advantages-Reclaimed softwood or hardwood floors includes: reclaimed European oak, reclaimed Frenchoak, Reclaimed English oak, reclaimed pine, reclaimed pitch pine, reclaimed Douglas Fir,reclaimed, teak, reclaimed strip, and reclaimed parquet. The important point being thatbecause of their age, many years go these old trees and timbers were slow grown timbers, thusthey were and still are tougher and higher quality old wood flooring than the trees growntoday. People ask is a reclaimed flooring strong, will it last? Simply, yes it will and it willcontinue to last. A real solid reclaimed floor is more durable than most new solid hardwoodfloors sold on the market today.All species of reclaimed, antique oak flooring present us with good examples. We hear toomany horror stories at the reclaimed flooring co involving cupping new solid oak flooringimported from abroad mainly China. We hear very few regarding correctly treated, reclaimed &salvaged oak boards. This is because of the correct moisture content within the reclaimedhardwood, antique, salvaged, old oak boards. Wide plank oak flooring can also present moreproblems but if carefully laced by an experienced reclaimed flooring floor fitter, then the risksof cupping are minimal.The quality of these old, antique oak floorboards can be inspected simply by looking into thegrain patterns and tightness within the wood floor. If the wooden oak floor has a dense grainthat feels extremely hard to touch with your finger nail, if the moisture content is between7-10% and if all careful wood floor fitting trade rules (under floor heating included) areconsidered, there should be no problem. Reclaimed hardwood, solid antique oak flooring &under floor heating can present problems if the wood floor is not supplied correctly or thewood floor fitting has been completed incorrectly.
  2. 2. Popular Reclaimed Flooring Options - Light Tones, Strip FlooringReclaimed Solid wood flooring is our passion; our company name states just that. There isincreasing demand for Reclaimed flooring because of the Eco friendly times we live in, we havemany reclaimed flooring options to suit any tastes and budget ranging from £18.50- £200.00per m2. Maple and Birch strip flooring is a hard wearing and classic option for durable,reclaimed flooring that will not break the banks.Reclaimed Maple Flooring: Maple is a fine-grained wood with a smooth texture. Most of thereclaimed Maple you will see will have been lifted from dance and gym halls; as a result it willtend to have a thick layer of lacquer and often a dark appearance. Sand backs those layershowever, and you are looking at a very light wood.Without stain Maple has an incredible shine when finished, and is excellent for making a roomlook bigger and feel warmer by reflecting the natural light.Reclaimed Beech Flooring: Beech is a gorgeous wood in its natural form, with so many variantsin tone, and a gorgeous sound under foot. Anyone who has ever been to a modern sports hallwill most probably have seen beech wood flooring, because most sports floors in UK arecreated using Junkers Beech.Environmental issues:
  3. 3. Then you have the fact that reclaimed flooring is Eco-friendly; recycled floors that would haveotherwise gone into land-fill, and each one saving trees from being cut-down to make newwood flooring.