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CreateML Demo: Train Machine Learning Models


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CreateML Talk at the London Test Automation in DevOps Meetup.

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CreateML Demo: Train Machine Learning Models

  1. 1. CreateML OR AI Tools for iOS App Testing? Shashikant Jagtap Twitter: Shashikant86 Blogs:
  2. 2. Topics •What is AI and ML •How AI-based tools test iOS Apps •Challenges in Testing iOS Apps with AI/ML •What’s is CreateML & How to Train ML Models with CreateML •CreateML - Demo
  3. 3. What is AI and ML Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
  4. 4. Why QA Needs AI/ML? DevOps QA with the pace of CI/CD is impossible Continuous DeliveryContinuous Deployment
  5. 5. How AI/ML Help QA? AI will help existing QA Efforts Code-less Planning-less Flaky-less human-less? Infrastructure-less
  6. 6. AI/ML Tools •Mabl • • •Functionize •Appliance •TestCraft •Bitbar •Applitools •Many more + coming soon …
  7. 7. How AI/ML Tools Test Web Apps? •Provide web app URL and test login credential •AI tool will crawl your web app and reports broken link, JS errors •Auto Generates Scenarios and Perform Journeys •Give Feedback from CI Server •No Code, No Infrastructure. Trainable Virtual QA Engineer
  8. 8. How AI/ML Tools Test Mobile Apps? •Provide pre-built app binary (IPA, APK) •AI tool will install app on devices •Auto Generates Scenarios and Perform Journeys •Reports issues, crashes. Generate Screenshots & recordings •Give Feedback from CI Server •No Code, No Infrastructure.
  9. 9. iOS App Testing •Unit Testing ( XCTest) •Integration and Network Testing (XCTest, Fitnesse) •UITest (XCUITest, Appium, Calabash) •Non-functional testing •Heavy Manual Testing
  10. 10. Role of AI in iOS Testing •Reduce the burden on controlled testing •Free up time for exploratory testing •Great Coverage in limited time •Works well for faster feedback
  11. 11. Challenges •iOS Deployment and Build Process •Apple Ecosystem •Training Models for iOS Apps •App Extensions
  12. 12. Welcome CreateML •Apple’s framework- Train ML Model •No need to learn TensorFlow or IBM Watson •Just few lines of Swift and data to train models
  13. 13. What You Need •maOS Mojave •Xcode 10 •You are set!
  14. 14. How To Train Models •Collect Training and Testing Data •Open Xcode Playground-macOS template •import libraries and start Training Models
  15. 15. How To Train Models
  16. 16. Save Accurate Model •Once achieved desired Accuracy •Save the model (.mlmodel) •Use this model for CoreML •No Need to Learn other ML tools
  17. 17. What Can Be Trained •Images •Tabular data (CSV, JSON) •Complex data if you are ML expert
  18. 18. Can CreateML Test iOS Apps •Images —> Visual Validation Testing •JSON -> API Testing of JSON Responses •Let’s Explore that into the Demo
  19. 19. It’s All About DATA
  20. 20. CreateML- Demo
  21. 21. CreateML
  22. 22. Question?