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Millions of Organic Views in 20 Minutes or Less By Jeff Martin


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From the Search Marketing Expo - SMX East Conference in New York City, NY, September 29 - October 1, 2015. SESSION: Being Found On The World's Second Biggest Search Engine: YouTube. PRESENTATION: Millions of Organic Views in 20 Minutes of Less - Given by Jeff Martin, @jeff_martin, VP, YouTube Audience Development - Touchstorm. #SMX #31A

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Millions of Organic Views in 20 Minutes or Less By Jeff Martin

  1. 1. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Jeff Martin, VP YouTube Audience Dev. Millions of Organic Views In 20 minutes (Or Less)
  2. 2. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Where’s The Proof??
  3. 3. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Where’s The Proof?? + Nearly a billion organic views on and off YouTube
  4. 4. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin For a video to maximize it’s visibility two areas need to be optimized: •  A video’s metadata/thumbnail •  A video’s performance in the ability to engage and accumulate a significant amount of watch time. Video Optimization
  5. 5. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin •  Keyword research – for YouTube •  An optimized •  Title •  Description •  Tags •  Closed captioned file •  Thumbnail Metadata Optimization
  6. 6. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin •  Google Keyword Planner •  YouTube Suggest / •  Google Trends for YouTube •  YouTube Search Results Keyword Research - Tools
  7. 7. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Keyword Research - Tools Video subject matter: House training a puppy
  8. 8. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Brainstorming/flushing out root keywords •  Top of mind words that if not used in a variation wouldn’t fully describe the content. Keyword Research - Tools •  More words will turn up during the process as well.
  9. 9. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Keyword Research - Tools
  10. 10. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Keyword Research - Tools
  11. 11. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Keyword Research - Tools This tool will mass crawl suggested search keywords saving much time.
  12. 12. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Keyword Research - Tools
  13. 13. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Keyword Research - Tools
  14. 14. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Dog Train a Dog House Train a Dog How to House Train a Dog Keyword Research – Chosen Keywords How to Potty Train a Puppy Potty Train a Puppy Train a Puppy Puppy
  15. 15. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin •  Use full keyword phrases to optimize early on for channels without a significant subscriber base. If a video’s performance takes off there is flexibility to adjust later to try to capture more. •  Optimize with most popular keywords left to right. This naturally helps when optimizing a broad angle and following up with the long tail to cover all your bases. Optimization - Titles
  16. 16. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin How To Potty Train a Puppy - How to House Train Your Dog How To Potty Train (House Train) a Puppy Dog Training Tips: How to House Train a Puppy Optimization - Titles
  17. 17. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin •  Use targeted phrases fully a couple of times. Do not force it. Consider using them in the opening and closing paragraph as this can be more natural. •  Write a script after keywords are chosen to allow for natural optimization in the closed captioned file. •  Include a subscribe link and a link to a video in a related playlist with some promotional copy to create longer viewing sessions (explained later). Optimization - Description
  18. 18. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin What to avoid at risk of having your video removed: •  Do not use the description for stuffing of gibberish or irrelevant text. •  Do not reference metadata. Even mentioning what the keywords/tags are for a video, relevant or not, is a violation of community guidelines. Videos removed seldom ever come back and you’ll have to start all over again. Optimization - Description
  19. 19. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin •  Begin by using the long tail and work your way to the more broad but stop short of single words. •  Use single word tags at the end. •  Include adjectives found in your keyword research. These commonly take the form of: quick, fast, simple, easy, etc. •  If you’ve got more adjectives than keyword phrases you might be overdoing it. •  Do not use irrelevant tags. The community in general is very focused on tags and will report your video. Optimization - Tags
  20. 20. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin •  how to potty train a puppy •  how to potty train a dog •  potty training a puppy •  dog potty training •  house training a puppy •  how to house train a puppy •  puppy Optimization - Tags •  dog •  potty •  train •  training •  house •  housebreak •  housebreaking •  quickly •  fast •  easy •  new •  tips •  product •  biz name
  21. 21. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Traditional SEO has two sides, on-page and off-page. YouTube’s two sides are on-page and performance. Performance metrics: •  Session Watch Time •  Video Watch Time •  Engagement (likes/dislikes, comments, shares, playlist adds and subscribes) •  Views Performance – Metrics
  22. 22. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Views – are of course valuable, but not for the number they add up to. Everything starts with a view. The more you have the more opportunity you have for raising the other metrics. Engagement – always lags significantly behind views which is why when a user pauses to take action it’s valuable. A connection was made. Performance – Metrics
  23. 23. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Video Watch Time – is paramount. It’s the total minutes of time spent watching a video. Google has modified both suggested videos and YouTube search to favor watch time. It’s very important to Google because in order to charge TV- like CPMs they need TV-like watch time. What it’s not: §  a measure of how much of a video was watched. §  a reason why videos need to be shorter and shorter. Performance – Metrics
  24. 24. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Performance – Metrics
  25. 25. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Session Watch Time – is the amount of total minutes watched a user watches your content and any other content during a session. The more your video contributes to these longer session watch times, the more competitive it will be. There is not a current way to effectively monitor this as it can span into 3rd party videos where that data is private. However, at VidCon this past June Google announced that they will provide some form of session level data. Performance – Metrics
  26. 26. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Watch Time takeaways: §  When completion rates are equal, a shorter video needs more views than a longer video to compete. §  The longer a video is, the more a challenge it is to retain the audience. §  Review rankings of competing videos in SERPs to understand the length of videos in use and their success. §  Adhere to YouTube production best practices to maximize watch time. Performance – Metrics
  27. 27. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin Session Watch Time takeaways: §  Use annotations and info cards inside the player to get users to the next video §  Link into playlists which naturally move users through a series of content. YouTube says playlists generate 30% more watch time than any other traffic source. §  Use a channel’s sections area to promote & drive users to curated playlists displaying the variety of content you have. §  Adhere to YouTube optimization best practices to maximize session watch time. Performance – Metrics
  28. 28. #SMX #31a @Jeff_Martin VideoAmigo Video Marketing Suite - Hundreds of thousands of classified channels - In-depth channel analysis and recommendations - Competitive intelligence - YouTube channel ratings - Automated YouTube search rank monitoring