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Letter of Recommendation


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Letter of Recommendation
Dec 20, 2008

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Letter of Recommendation

  1. 1. GOLD COAST FUNDING,INC. n - m - - re re re December 2008 10, Regarding: RecommendationLetter To WhomIt Mqt Concern: Mr. ScottLambertus has beenworlcingqs an Associatewith Gold Coast Funding, Inc. for the last two years. His duties are to procure loans, process the loans, stay in constant contact with his clients and bring the wholeprocess to a succesdul conclusion. Mr. Lambertus is very production oriented,focused on his task at hand, that produced top resultsfor our compqny. He has been well compensatedfor the last years, in spite of this deteriorating real estate market. Mr. Lambertus has beenct very valuable asset our company. to cerely, Maurice Cohn Owner/Broker . . SUITE'390 lRVlNE,CAL|FORN|A92612' (949)263-8570 (949)252-0133 FAX: tSS52MncARTHURBLVD,