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stimulated bio- imitative communication. promotion positive impacts narrative inquiry ict tourism industry properties. bakelite reinforcement phenolic resin rubber oxidative stress. clarias gariepinus glyphosate robot. topography teleoperation servo controllers drive-train quad- wheeled robot slide collar strain gauge ackermann steering length of stay. risk factors propensity score burns weight change. water absorption rate flexural strength compressive strength carbonation digester. sludge inoculums chicken droppings waste food cattle dung degradation bio-fertilizer biogas vicat’s apparatus. partial replacement drying shrinkage concrete pozzolans compression strength. properties granulation fly ash waste insertion/assembly forces optimal interference contact von mises stress failure prediction friction rubbing hyper-elasticity sealing systems plastics composites automotive industry exhaust emissions (pollutants) reduction fuel economy weight reduction metal to plastic conversion ptimization marble-like effect. crystal growing crystallization glass-ceramic physical principles. dark energy dark matter standard model the beautiful the true physical philosophy hannan-quinn criteria bayesian information criteria akaike information criteria box-jenkins method murder arima model forecasting crime evaluation. aqueous-methanol extract fresh ripe fruits pepper fruit dennettia tripetala genes. down syndrome double helix base pair chromosomes dna statistical genetics numbers in life visualization atlas bibliometrics citespace distance measurement greece financial comparison photovoltaic park tree cultivations agricultural lands galápagos. intervention strategies tropical islands water supply indicators multi-criteria decision analysis hydro-chemical facies groundwater salinity cations anions agar alginate biodegradable film bio polymer seaweed three-dimensional diffusion model. least square method nonlinear differential gaussian diffusion model heavy metal pollution attitude and practice. knowledge unintentional injuries elderly drug delivery etc. tissue engineering biomaterials biodegradable polymer mann-whitney u. congestion situation spline interpolation actual traffic capacity lane occupancy online contracts. cybersecurity blockchain protocols globalization governance technology degradation /reduction rate. biodegradation chromium dielectric constants electrical resistivity raman scattering microstructure ceramics philosophy. metaphysics parapsychology ufo science cosmology astrophysics biophysics physics dioxime esters. unsymmetrical synthesis geometric isomers environment. microorganism bioremediation chlorpyrifos pollution pollutant persistent neurotoxicity acetyl cholinesterase pesticide food preservation bioactive packaging materials antimicrobial activity of eo essential oils iterative method non–singular kernel necessary condition optimal control fractional derivative static coefficient of friction. sphericity angle of repose coefficient of static friction engineering properties axial dimensions countermeasures. privacy security threats internet of things modelling of nano-structure formations mathematical modelling savings consumption construction materials structural concepts reinforced concrete buildings base isolation malignant cells functionalization single walled carbon nanotubes (swcnts) cancer chemotherapy logic in the philosophy of science mathematics education philosophy of mathematics proof theory temporal logic general logic logic methodology of mathematics general topology general algebra general mathematics foundations of mathematics applications of set theory set theory silicon solar panel. dye sensitized solar cell design substituting equation solve temperature antipyretic aspirin brewer’s yeast acalypha wilkesiana equation. negative binomial challenges. cloud delivery models benefits of cloud computing cloud computing napoleona imperialis. palynological anatomical geo accumulation index amaranthus hybridus talinum triangulare gongronema latifolium edible plants b-school. information school i-school universities association academics information centre information foundation natural dye plasmonic silver nanoparticles spr smokers. diabetes ikwerres ogonis cardiovascular risk factors silar. natural pigment zno nanoparticles academic programme. knowledge management documentation science technological field information field computer science is information studies troughing. surcharge system performance belt conveyor angle of inclination cellulose acetate. dielectric properties polymer-matrix composites eastern niger delta choba new calabar river water pollution sediments heavy metals absorption rate. naoh solution co 2 absorption packed column quasi-poisson regression. negative binomial regression fertility status children ever born medium effects. solvent shell molecular addressing fret energy transfer molecular optoelectronics guinea pigs hypolipidemic effect rosemary gentamicin curcumin dyslipidemia yield. yield components leaf area stem girth plant height defoliation maize eastern uganda volcanic sediments characterization concentration well logs eleme abnormal pressure reservoir characterization remote sensing preparedness natural calamities disaster management electric resistivity electric conductivity spectroscopic azo dye azo/hydrazone mixture index wiener integral processes haar wavelet wiener square processes pumpkin pod fuzzy control. edm holding tank biowaste community and information administration management information management people index of geo-accumulation enrichment factor base metals mineralization bedrocks streams parameters physico-chemical signal-to-noise ratio (snr) loss. receiver operating characteristics (roc's) fluctuating targets spurious targets clutter edges cfar detection weather parameters. incidence parasitization helicoverpa armigera hubner campoletis chloridae uchida chickpea diclofenac sodium phytoconstituents anti-inflammatory activit inflammation comparative effect buchholzia coriacea choosing mordant. spearman rank order correlation natural dyeing multi-criteria decision making wind speed. radial basis function model efficiency mean absolute percentage error correlation coefficient multi layer perception artificial neural network arduino uno embedded system. hybrid electric vehicle in-wheel motor model validation dc motor nigeria the quantization moulds of euclidean geometry. the ancient - greek special problems (dmf) – water mixtures. crystal volume electrostriction volume van der waals volume molar volume densities it is possible to reduce the maximum time response this research paper aims at investigating disturba force fluid schrödinger equation turbulence navier-stokes equivalent circuit dc conductivity cpes composite si january effect. beta firm size tunisian stock exchange dimethylsulphoxide loss factor computation classification. iris data radial basis probabilistic neural network kernel function determinants and socio-demographic reproductive age maternal health quantum mechanics quantum decoherence quantum coherence point a to point b particle of time orbitron orbetene matrix implicate order holomovement hidden variables fragmentation fourth law of thermodynamics f atomic orbital explicate order ether discontinuous linear equations david bohm creation of duality continuous linear equations safety. evacuation cellular automata networks. tcpcrypt transport layer protocol tcp s. aureus sensitivity resistance antibiotics multiple three phase inverter. chb thd mechanical properties. isophthalic resin vinyl ester polyester rice straw fiber
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